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Found 1 result

  1. ☆ Hello! I can't do new paragraphs as I'm on a nintendo, so sorry for any errors! xD OK... let's get started! ☆ // Hannuki - Female / 13 / Long brown hair / Blue eyes / Friendly / Funny // Ani - Female / 13 / Short blonde hair / Green eyes / Friendly / Funny // ☆ Picture this scene: A normal, standard classroom. Desks. Chewing gum underneath the drawers and chairs. Well, gum everywhere, actually. And bored pupils. Really bored. Girls twirling their hair, boys playing hand football with a really dry, round blob of blu tac. So let's begin. ☆ // Hannuki - or Ki, as people call her - glances around the room cautiously. As nobody was looking, she slowly wriggled her right hand into her pocket, feeling the cool plastic under her fingers. Ki carefully pulled the tamagotchi out of her pocket. Just as she was about to feed Mametchi, Anabelle, the kid sat next to her, kicked Ki's chair. Ki gasped as the tamagotchi flew to the other side of her table. Anabelle smirked. // The teacher turned around, about to ask who made the thumping sound (she presumed it was the boys playing with the blu tac), as Ani coughed loudly. She was at the other end of the room to Ki, so the teacher didn't see the tiny little pink gotchi. // "Do you have something in your throat?" the teacher asked sarcastically, even giving an eye roll. // "Sorry miss," apologised Ani, quickly glancing in Ki's direction. The tamagotchi was back in Ki's pocket, fed and only with a tiny scratch mark. // The grumpy, and kinda old teacher waddled back to her desk. (Yeah, the teacher's the sort of person who wears old lady shoes and buys things from TV books.) // Ki smiled an "OMG YOU JUST SAVED MY LIFE AND MY TAMA'S LIFE!!!" smile at Ani. Ani grinned back. // "So... what was that?" Ani asked Ki when class was over. // "It's a tamagotchi," Ki replied, pulling her pink tama mini out of her pocket. // "Cool!" Ani exclaimed. "And whaddoes it do?" ☆ Writing this as a skit. xP ☆ Ki: It's like a virtual... pet... thing. Ani: Oh. Ki: Yeah. Ani: I like the colour. Ki: Thanks! Ani: So... whaddoes it do again? Ki: You feed it, look after it... *discovers that Mametchi just pooped* and clean up after it's... Ani: Pooped? Ki: Yeah! *presses A* Ani: Wanna hang out in the park later? ☆ And back to a story again. ☆ Ki smiles, before replying, "Sure! Wanna get milkshakes?" // "I'd love to!" Ani jumps, nodding her head enthusiastically. "Bring Smol' Dude?" // "You mean Mametchi?" asks Ki, holding up her mini. // "Wut? But yeah. IT'S CALLED MITCHY SOMETHIN' OR OTHER?!" Ani screeches. // "MAMETCHI." Ki says firmly. // "K... you bring... Itchy, I'll bring money." Ani says uncertainly. // "Ooh, bring £10 and drink money!" Ki exclaims. // "Why?" // "Haha, you'll see!" ☆ Annnd dere. The next chap is when *SPOILER*! See ya... next... chapter? Welp, bai! ☆