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Found 15 results

  1. Just a fanmade Tamagotchi song I came up with. Together, me and you We can make our dreams come true I guarantee we can be Eternally happy Your heart and soul, with mine Connected across distance and time I vow I will stand by Until the day I die And even after that day, I will never be far away Somewhere in the sky so blue I’ll be watching over you This is what friendship means A powerful bond between two beings Laughter and trust and harmony This is the meaning of Tamagotchi There will come a time to face your fears But I’ll be there to wipe away your tears A cosy hug as warm as the sun As we share the light with everyone No matter what happens as life goes on, I’ll be there for you all along Sometimes you’ll want to be left alone But nothing will tear the bond we’ve sewn Memories to last longer than forever Your eyes shining more than any treasure Your smile giving me all the joy I need Soaring high like a dove being freed This is what friendship means Much more valuable than it seems A priceless treasure to both you and me This is the meaning of Tamagotchi This is what friendship means More special than your biggest dreams Joining together in unity This is the meaning of Tamagotchi
  2. This is where we take the sentence "I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas" and change each vowel sound to something else, like in this cheesy kid's song: But try to think of much more weird and random changes than in the song Only one line per post! You can make up a new one after someone else posts. I'll start to help give an example!: I like to flort, flort, flort, florples and bornornors.
  3. Somewhere, someway Somehow, someday... I'll make my wishes come true I don't know what I have to do But I will try my best to smile Following my dream the whole while All I've wanted since my first breath All I'll want until I reach my death Is to find the life that's right for me And learn what truly makes me happy I still haven't reached the end of the road Not sure where I am, don't know where I'll go I've made many friends along the way I just have to chase my dream, day by day What kind of destiny is in store? I'll be searching forevermore I want to learn the purpose of my life And while I'm at it, I'll reach for the sky Somewhere, someway Somehow, someday... I'll finally find my destiny. Waiting right there for me.
  4. Normal Version: Special Version: Personally I prefer the special version. It sounds cuter with Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi singing along with Lovelin.
  5. I miss... I miss... I miss... I miss the way the sunshine blazed through the clouds I miss the flowers that bloomed on both sides of my path I miss the shade of blue in the great sky, up so high I miss the sound of gentle wind rustling the tall grass. What happened to that special feeling I felt? Butterflies in my stomach at your very thought What happened to all the happiness we shared? A smile, a giggle, whenever we talked. Now the sun is just a illusion that was never true The flowers have all wilted and I can't find my way The sky isn't there, no matter how far I look The grass is gone, never to return another day I miss the love, I miss the joy, I miss the life The butterflies have flown into the dark. There's no such thing as happiness. There's just an empty void in my heart. I miss you I miss me I miss the way it used to be I miss me I miss you I don't know what to do
  6. Here's just a random rubbish poem thing I wrote and I don't even. ▁▂▃▅▆▇ If I had died yesterday ▇▆▅▃▂▁ If I had died yesterday How would things be now? A different today It doesn't matter how You'd wonder where I'd gone You wouldn't yet know my fate You'd want me to come back But it would be too late When you find out I just know you'd cry I'd miss you too I never wanted to die And forever after my death Things would never be the same All my friends grieving for me A gravestone with my name If I had died yesterday You'd be full of sorrow A different today And a different tomorrow Each day my heart still beats Is a blessing, a miracle so true I don't need heaven just yet I already have one with you
  7. Who else remembers the official Tamagotchi song?
  8. Okay, here's a REALLY personal poem that most likely nobody would understand and it's way too complicated to explain. But I'm posting it anyway and I regret nothing! Enjoy...even though it won't make sense to you! After the Storm ~ By Eternal Mametchi Fan After the storm, The clouds part to let the sunshine through. In that ray of light, I can see my dreams coming true. I think of my journey And all the friends I've met along the way. Memories never fade We'll see each other again one day. After the storm, The flowers grow and bloom again. Petals on the breeze, The journey has not come to an end. Lessons to learn There are things I'll never understand. Confusion, sadness But things will be OK if you hold my hand. After the storm, I want to find you again, waiting for me. Tall grass blowing Green fields as far as the eye can see. Happiness returning Just as I thought all hope faded away. You by my side It was always meant to be this way... After the storm, Everything is the way it's always been The sun is rising This is the brightest dawn I've seen. After the storm, The clouds part to let the sunshine through. In that ray of light, I can see my dreams coming true.
  9. We Can Stop the Sadness A cheesy song for my Tamagotchis and my cats even though cats aren’t Tamagotchis.. And my friends too, I guess. I’m trapped in a vortex of misery. I need someone to pull me free. That someone could only be you. Hold my hand, you know what to do. I need you to stop the tide of tears. I need help to overcome my fears. I can’t survive this on my own. Please help me feel I am not alone. You’ll be in my heart forever and always. Think of happiness and peaceful days. We can do anything, you and me. We can stop the sadness, my Tamagotchi. My life has turned as dark as night. But you can help put things right. Tell me just how much you care Say that you’ll always be there. Don’t give up, your heart is calling. We can stop the tears from falling. The sun will rise and shine again. The storm of grief will surely end. You’ll be in my heart forever and always. Think of happiness and peaceful days. We can do anything, you and me. We can stop the sadness, my Tamagotchi. Even though all hope seems gone, It’s been in our hearts all along. Just keep hoping, try to smile. Stay by my side the whole while. I know that we can do it together. Put an end to the sadness forever. It won’t be easy, but we will try. Chase the clouds to reveal blue sky. You’ll be in my heart forever and always. Think of happiness and peaceful days. We can do anything, you and me. We can stop the sadness, my Tamagotchi. We can stop the sadness, you and me.
  10. hello! so anyways i was listening to the radio one day i heard this song ''don't you worry child''. it was sung by a guy and they played it too much and i HATED it. so sevral months later i was looking at some night core music and i found it again so i thoute i would listen to it again and see what it was like in night core form. i found out it the version was sung by a girl and i liked this ver WAY better then the first one i heard so it is like my fave son now! here it is: i do not own this video so anyways that you for your comments and likes! ( if you do like and commen) and i would like to thank you just for looking!
  11. Ok, So I've played this game in real life and it's very fun so I decided to make it on here. I haven't seen any similar games. Here's how it goes: The first person will think of a word, let's use "rock" as an example. They have to think of a real song (no made-up ones, and please try to stick with more popular ones) that has the word rock in it, such as Old Time Rock and Roll. They write rock and post it. The next person has to guess a song that has the word rock in it- it doesn't have to be the same song as what the first person thought up- it could be I Am a Rock. That part is just to make sure the person doesn't suggest a totally weird, crazy word that would never be in a song. Here's an Example: Person One: Dirty (thinking Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap) Person Two: "Dirty Dancing in the Moonlight" by Katy Perry So yep. Hope you guys think it's fun! :-) (Also, please no suggesting bad words for this... let's try to keep it PG, though many of today's more popular songs aren't... :/ ) Oops! Forget to start it; misery
  12. Ode to Tamagotchi Nobody seems to care about me Except for my Tamagotchi. Nobody would ever understand, Except for the pet I hold in my hand. People ignore me, They leave me all alone. But as long as I have my Tamagotchi, I'll feel right at home. When I have nobody to trust, And nobody to trust me, I can always rely on my best friend-- My loyal, caring Tamagotchi. So even when I'm feeling down, I can't help but to smile, Knowing that my Tamagotchi Will stick with me the whole while...
  13. my fave song is Stereo Love by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina. what's yours, Tama fans?
  14. Madonna has released the first single off her upcoming album, M.D.N.A, called "Give Me All Your Luvin'! The song features both M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj. What do you all think about it?
  15. So, this is like word association, but with song titles. Someone says a song title, then the next person says another song title with one of the words from the first one, e.g. P1: A Song - A. Singer P2: Song About You - Ann Artist I'll start. Should've Said No - Taylor Swift