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Found 2 results

  1. I stumbled across this on Amazon UK, and whilst they don't appear to be in-stock yet, I figured that it was worth mentioning here; It's a Tamagotchi-shaped Bluetooth speaker. A product-photograph of the back of the unit shows the typical Bandai/Wiz copyrights, along with one for a company called Teknofun, who must be the manufacturer. I haven't come across these before, so right now I'm assuming that it's something that's being released for the holiday shopping season.
  2. So I just bought my very first Tamagotchi iDL in English from a local online shop. I'm new to this whole tamagotchi thing (but I had a tamagotchi once, a dino blah blah.) So, I'm new to iDL's and I just had it like 3 or 4 weeks ago. I was just a bit worried that the sounds of my iDL is a bit too low. I've seen a lot of Youtube vids on iDL's and their speakers sounded pretty loud. Could it be a problem on mine? I never noticed it earlier than just a few days from now, since I always had its sounds turned off to conserve battery (and I actually use them during classes, lol). I don't really think it's a factory defect or anything, but I just wanted to note that when it was delivered to me it was packed in a plastic packaging, just the box itself (no extra box, no bubble wraps.) I'm actually kinda freaking out about it since it could be the obvious reason. I kinda have a bit of knowledge on technical stuffs like these, but I don't have the courage to open it up yet, because I might just make it worse, and the cost for this thing isn't a joke! Please help!! D: