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Found 2 results

  1. For those of you who know about the classic Tamagotchis, you'll notice that they're not as pink and sparkly and stuff as the current ones. Bandai originally designed Tamagotchi for both genders, then said that Tamagotchi was "more suitable for girls" as a "practice for nurturing children" and designed Digimon for boys. Although I'm a female, I am a dog so I don't really know aboot this, but I think that both of these pets are perfectly fine for both genders, and I'm kind of mad at Nintendo for assuming that only boys play Pokémon (of course the professors asking your gender is pretty weird). Also, don't you think that having something that regularly dies or leaves isn't a very good "practice for nurturing children"? Sorry that this is so long.
  2. Today as I was browsing the web, I saw an article about the "10 most dangerous dog breeds". Curiously, I clicked on it. After reading through dogs 1-9, I paused, filled with dread. I had no doubt about what which breed was "Number 1". I clicked and there it was, a picture of a pit bull. At first I thought, 'Surely the article will stand up for the pit bull as with the other nine breeds?' The other nine "aggressive breeds" had some kind of backing. Whether it was because of their size, or loyalty to their owners (guard dogs), almost each of the previous 9 breeds had some sort of defense. But looking through the pit bull's page (if you could call it that, it was only like, 3 sentences long), there was no defense, no backing what so ever. It just said the pit bull had 66 fatalities associated with it, and it was known for it's extremely aggressive nature. I was shocked and appalled. "Extremely aggressive nature?" shouldn't there be a more detailed explanation? Many people think of pit bulls as super-predators who only lust for blood. But that is just W-R-O-N-G. Yes, some pit bulls do have aggressive tendencies, but is that really a reason to hate the entire breed? In shelters, most of the euthanized animals are pit bulls and feral cats. A lot of people have heard of the Michael Vick dog-fighting case, where over 2 dozen pit bulls were rescued from "Bad Newz Kennels", the dog-fighting operation where Vick pitched his dogs out against another person's dog. The losing dog was often killed. Vick admitted killing about 6 dogs, by drowning, electrocution, or simply slamming their bodies into the ground until they died. Some people would believe this is a reason to hate pit bulls, because they are so popular among dog-fighters, and are often ruthless in the ring. Why would the pit bulls fight so hard, if not because of their natural thirst for blood? Because pit bulls have no thirst for blood. What makes them fight so hard in the ring is their undying loyalty to their owners. These dogs will stop a nothing to please their masters, but dog fighters have taken advantage of this to train them to kill. Some states have even banned pit bulls! Now that you think about it, saying every pit bull is a ruthless killing machine is like saying every muslim is Osama bin Laden. And that's not true, right? Many of the "Vicktory Dogs" have been adopted, and have been rehabilitated to become more friendly. Every era has it's "scary dog", first the baying bloodhounds, then the German Shepherds in WW2 who became associated with the Nazis, and now, it is the pit bull. We can only hope that this comes to an end, and pit bulls are seen for the loyal animals they are.