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Found 7 results

  1. So who here brings their tama babies to work? I'm 23, I work as a cashier at Petco, and I keep my 4U in my pocket while i'm working. On monday it'll be my new mix's first time out! I mostly pull it out on my break, and sometimes my co-workers will ask what it is, or they'll say something like "Oh, my daughter had one of those!" I'm kinda shy so I usually try to keep it to myself.. Not because I think it's silly but because I have no idea what they'll think or say. Do you take your tamas to work with you? Share your stories!
  2. So this is like the 1 Word Story, except you must reply with only one letter!!!! I'll start! --- T
  3. Hey everytama, MametchiWarrior here! This topic is the place to post all of your embarrassing tamagotchi stories! For me, One day I was in class (I was in 5th grade) and we were taking a test. Everyone was quiet, I was almost finished. I had my tama in my pocket unpaused and not silenced. I brought my test up to my teacher, and suddenly....BEEP BEEP, BEEP! BEEP BEEP, BEEP! I froze in my tracks right in front of my teachers desk. My teacher asked me if it was my phone and asked me to take it out. I took my V4.5 out of my pocket to give to my teacher. My teacher looked into her hand at the V4.5, and said, and I quote "What is this?" I said "A T-Tamag-gotchi...." Now, all of the kids in class eyes were on me. One kid said "Tamagootchi's are for little girls!" (no the double o's werent a spelling error) So I was on the brink of tears. Everyone started laughing and I could tell my teacher felt bad for me so she said "What's a tama-gotchi?" I said "Its a virtual pet thing..." She let me do what I had to do with it, pause it, and put it on her desk for the rest of the day. I took the walk of shame back to my desk. I know that story isn't so embarrassing, but at the time, it was. So what are your guys embarrassing tama-stories? Feel free to post 'em down below! -MametchiWarrior
  4. Hi! My name is Catherine Caudwell and I am a researcher in the School of Design at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. I would like to invite Tamatalk community members to participate in my PhD research project. The Stories Tell Objects Project aims to understand the role that storytelling plays in people's interactions with electronic companions - such as Hasbro’s Furby - and the relationships we form with them. Participation includes responding in writing to various images and videos, and/or completing 2 short questionnaires. It should hopefully be a fun and creative exercise! If you would like to learn more, or are interested in participating in this study, please visit: I would greatly appreciate any input from fans of electronic companions and virtual pets. Thank you for your attention and consideration. Kind regards, Catherine Caudwell PhD Candidate School of Design Victoria University Wellington 6011 New Zealand
  5. Come tell your true stories that have happened, whether its been a crazy stalker or a ghost!!! OoooooOOooooo!!!
  6. well, i suppose most of us have grown up with a special pet or animal that we loved. and for most of us, these animals may have moved on into a different life. feel free to share your stories, and have us all feel a bit of your love for them as well. as well, if you remember a story of maybe a little bird or animal you helped nursed back to health, feel free to share it. here's mine. when i was maybe 5 or 6 i got a dwarf hamster. i named him silver for his lovely gray, soft coat. he was a very calm and nice hamster, and i loved playing with him. he lived in a small little cage behind the dining room table. every day i would get up and play with him, feed him, and put him in his rolling ball. it was so funny to look at, this little teensy silver hamster racing around the house in a little plastic ball! sometimes i would even take him up to my room in his rolling ball and show him around my room. he prob'ly didn't really mind. then one day i came down [this was probably 1 or 2 years later] to play with silver and my dad was crouching by the cage. i asked what he was doing and he said that silver wasn't moving. that sentence was probably the worst thing i had ever heard. he asked me if i wanted to hold him. one more time. i didn't want to, i was grasping on to my shirt so tight, and tears were streaming down my face. i remember running to the living room and collapsing onto the couch. i didn't even want to look at my little silver, that little hamster who brought me so much fun. i look back on this and i realize he was a hamster. usually most people don't really think hamsters are very good 'friends', or anything. but gosh, silver was amazing, and i'm so happy i had him. RIP silver. <3 as of now i have two guinea pigs named muffin and jane. they are adorable and so nice, as well as a bit skittish. but i love them and they're so funny. the only thing i'm worried about is that i got them in grade 3, when i was 8. they were probably 2 or 3 by then. now i'm in grade 7, and they're about 7 or 8, which is the desired age of a guinea pig. i really hated when my family joked about eating them when they die, so i hope they live just a year longer.
  7. The best story wins a free picture for thier profile. (any character from any tamagotchi version.) <----------- HIGHLIGHT TO SEE! It must be at least 1 paragraph long. The due date is April 5th..The winner will be announced April 10th. Good Luck!