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Found 29 results

  1. ☆ Hello! I can't do new paragraphs as I'm on a nintendo, so sorry for any errors! xD OK... let's get started! ☆ // Hannuki - Female / 13 / Long brown hair / Blue eyes / Friendly / Funny // Ani - Female / 13 / Short blonde hair / Green eyes / Friendly / Funny // ☆ Picture this scene: A normal, standard classroom. Desks. Chewing gum underneath the drawers and chairs. Well, gum everywhere, actually. And bored pupils. Really bored. Girls twirling their hair, boys playing hand football with a really dry, round blob of blu tac. So let's begin. ☆ // Hannuki - or Ki, as people call her - glances around the room cautiously. As nobody was looking, she slowly wriggled her right hand into her pocket, feeling the cool plastic under her fingers. Ki carefully pulled the tamagotchi out of her pocket. Just as she was about to feed Mametchi, Anabelle, the kid sat next to her, kicked Ki's chair. Ki gasped as the tamagotchi flew to the other side of her table. Anabelle smirked. // The teacher turned around, about to ask who made the thumping sound (she presumed it was the boys playing with the blu tac), as Ani coughed loudly. She was at the other end of the room to Ki, so the teacher didn't see the tiny little pink gotchi. // "Do you have something in your throat?" the teacher asked sarcastically, even giving an eye roll. // "Sorry miss," apologised Ani, quickly glancing in Ki's direction. The tamagotchi was back in Ki's pocket, fed and only with a tiny scratch mark. // The grumpy, and kinda old teacher waddled back to her desk. (Yeah, the teacher's the sort of person who wears old lady shoes and buys things from TV books.) // Ki smiled an "OMG YOU JUST SAVED MY LIFE AND MY TAMA'S LIFE!!!" smile at Ani. Ani grinned back. // "So... what was that?" Ani asked Ki when class was over. // "It's a tamagotchi," Ki replied, pulling her pink tama mini out of her pocket. // "Cool!" Ani exclaimed. "And whaddoes it do?" ☆ Writing this as a skit. xP ☆ Ki: It's like a virtual... pet... thing. Ani: Oh. Ki: Yeah. Ani: I like the colour. Ki: Thanks! Ani: So... whaddoes it do again? Ki: You feed it, look after it... *discovers that Mametchi just pooped* and clean up after it's... Ani: Pooped? Ki: Yeah! *presses A* Ani: Wanna hang out in the park later? ☆ And back to a story again. ☆ Ki smiles, before replying, "Sure! Wanna get milkshakes?" // "I'd love to!" Ani jumps, nodding her head enthusiastically. "Bring Smol' Dude?" // "You mean Mametchi?" asks Ki, holding up her mini. // "Wut? But yeah. IT'S CALLED MITCHY SOMETHIN' OR OTHER?!" Ani screeches. // "MAMETCHI." Ki says firmly. // "K... you bring... Itchy, I'll bring money." Ani says uncertainly. // "Ooh, bring £10 and drink money!" Ki exclaims. // "Why?" // "Haha, you'll see!" ☆ Annnd dere. The next chap is when *SPOILER*! See ya... next... chapter? Welp, bai! ☆
  2. / First of all, I can't do new paragraphs on this machine, so I'll be doing a double strike (//) instead. Ty for reading! / // The red backpack fell to ground with a thud. Zi picked it up. She kept the bag on top of her wardrobe, in case of emergencies. After hurriedly pulling open the bag's chunky zip, a slightly bashed red apple was thrown inside, along with a stolen pair of binoculars, an anorak, a Swiss Army Knife and a few more items. Zi tugged the zip shut. // Stuffing her walking boots onto her bare feet, Zi pulled on the backpack and opened her bedroom window. She glanced back. Her bedroom door was locked shut. // Zi paused for a moment, before walking over to her writing desk. On a pad of yellow sticky notes, she scribbled a short message to her parents; "Mum & Dad, I'm sorry, but I need an adventure. XX". // Putting down the pen, Zi walked over to her open window. Taking a deep breath, she whispered to herself, "I'm Zimala Georgina Blake and I'm gonna be okay. I need adventure." A small tear dripped down her cheek. Smiling sadly, she turned to see the picture of her smiling parents by her bed. They smiled up at her innocently, oblivious to her plans. Turning back to the window, Zi crawled outside carefully, her green eyes shining brightly with the thought of adventure. // Closing the window quietly, Zi climbed down the large oak tree that was by her bedroom window. At a metre above the ground, she jumped, landing safely on the ground. // "I'm finally free," Zi whispered, before checking she was wearing her watch. Zi began to run down the street, not looking back. // Her first adventure was coming soon in a fantasy world of Disney dreams. / Sorry for any errors, etc but I can't read what I've written as I'm on a nintendo, so... yeah. /
  3. This is a team story in which Tamagotchi characters share a journal together and write in it. You can make any character write a journal entry, including characters that have made previous journal entries! Also, multiple characters are allowed to write in the same day. I'll start! 22 April, 2015 Hey, Lovelitchi here! This is our brand new group journal. Mametchi came up with the idea so that we could share our experiences with all our Tama-Friends! Today started off with me helping my mom at Tama Cafe, followed by a busy day of acting and performing. I'm glad I have some time off for now, but it's not over just yet! Tonight, Melodytchi and I are going to perform a Happy Happy Harmony concert. I can't wait! ~ Lovelitchi
  4. Kind of like the one word story, but this time, you can only say one sentence! Anything can happen in this story as long as it's within the TamaTalk rules. I'll start. It was a bright and beautiful morning as the sun rose into the blue sky, spreading sunshine and warmth on the land below.
  5. -The Life of Doggie Biscuit and Egg- 1. Doggie Biscuit Hi, my name is Doggie Biscuit, and I am a female Malti-Westie-Shih-Poo (a mixture of Maltese, West Highland White Terrier, Shih Tzu, and Poodle). That photo is me! See how cute I am? Having connections within PETA, I pre-ordered a pair of 3D-printed polymer opposable thumbs, enabling me to play Tamagotchi! If you don't believe the part about the thumbs, just Google "peta opposable thumbs for dogs". Anyways, my male human bought me a Silver Blue Tamagotchi Friends device. The device was handed to my human, and the person who gave it to him said: "Here are the three eggs you are eligible to choose from for this device. They are all vacuum frozen for a few days already, and when thawed, it will hatch in around a minute." I grabbed the one closest to me, which happened to be the striped one. The guy at the counter wrapped the egg and the device in a package. Back home, I sat on my haunches and stared at the egg. After exactly sixty seconds, it burst open. I howled. The baby thing was a fluffy blue cloud, with two eyes, a pink mouth, and two stubby little... um... arms, or legs. The device beeped. On the screen, it said "Aokumotchi". It was pretty cute, but it would grow into something else, so I couldn't just call it Aokumotchi. "I'm going to call you Egg," I announced. 2. Egg The first thing I can ever remember is darkness. Total darkness, without a hint of light, was how my life began. I tilted my head, and it hit something brittle. I somehow felt that I should push, and I did. A fissure appeared, and with it there was light. Light! I stretched towards the beautiful and terrifying brightness, and all at once, some thing shattered, and I stood wonderingly in the light. Then, I heard the first words in my life: "I'm going to call you Egg." One thing about us Tamagotchis is that we, like baby chickens and ducks, imprint. This means that we will be loyal to our first master at birth for life, unless we are mistreated. Therefore, the first thing I saw, a drop-eared, cream coloured, furry creature emitting those words and staring at me, had already become my only leader ever since.
  6. The Coyote's Howl __________________________________________ Chapter 1: The Fire Gate It was almost sunset. A coyote pup popped its head out of the den. 'Mama,' squeaked the pup. 'Can I go play with Moonlight outside?' 'Yes, but stay near the den and don't go further than the Fire Gate.' reminded the mother. 'Of course I will, Mama!' replied the pup. Moonlight, the pup's sister dashed out of the den. 'Rrr,' exclaimed Moonlight. 'I'm going to get you, Stargeaz!' 'You'll never defeat me!' Stargaez hissed. The siblings tumbled onto one another playfully. Soon they got tired of wrestling and decided to go exploring. 'Ouch!' Moonlight cried in pain. She stubbed her toe on a rock! 'What's wrong, Moonlight?' asked Stargeaz. 'Nothing,' replied Moonlight. 'Hey, where are you going? Mama said not to go further than the Fire Gate!' Sure enough, Stargaez was struggling to get over the Fire Gate, a fallen tree with red moss on it. 'Aren't you curious about what's beyond the Fire Gate? Daddy can do it, Mama can do it, so can we!' shouted Stargaez. 'No!' screamed Moonlight. But she was too late. Stargeaz was already on the other side of the Fire Gate! Stargaez howled with excitement. Moonlight didn't dare to go across the Fire Gate, otherwise she would be breaking the rules too! Moonlight knew that she couldn't go and fetch her insane brother, so she ran towards the den. Finally, she arrived at the den. Hylde, their mother was napping with the other pups, Sun Fur and Wind. 'No wonder she didn't hear us!' thought Moonlight. She ran to her mother's side and nudged her. Hylde blinked herself awake. 'Yes, Moonlight,' yawned Hylde. 'Where's Stargaez?' 'That's the problem, Mum. Stargeaz has gone across the Fire Gate!' cried Moonlight.
  7. I've pictured a scene: a plump, old lady sitting in her armchair and holding out a yellow Tamagotchi P's, saying: ‘My dear Kira, my best friend, we'll be together till the end’. She walked out of her dressing room and headed to the living room of her tiny house. ‘Today is a ceremony day! You turn 50 years old! ‘she said to the Tamagotchi. ‘You’re an old lady now, but you still look wonderful, like you’re still 20! Let’s party like you party in Dream Town! I wish I could throw you a parade. People here wouldn’t understand. They say it doesn’t have feelings if it doesn’t live in real life. But You, Kiraritchi, are a part of a world called TamaPlanet. You exist in my world thanks to technology. You indeed exist. I raised you, you gave me joy. ‘ She said and suddenly closed her eyes and became silent. After 5 minutes Kiraritchi beeped for food, but the old lady wasn’t there. Her soul was in the Angelgotchi Heaven. Her body stayed still, with the yellow Tamagochi in her hand.
  8. Hey everytama, MametchiWarrior here! This topic is the place to post all of your embarrassing tamagotchi stories! For me, One day I was in class (I was in 5th grade) and we were taking a test. Everyone was quiet, I was almost finished. I had my tama in my pocket unpaused and not silenced. I brought my test up to my teacher, and suddenly....BEEP BEEP, BEEP! BEEP BEEP, BEEP! I froze in my tracks right in front of my teachers desk. My teacher asked me if it was my phone and asked me to take it out. I took my V4.5 out of my pocket to give to my teacher. My teacher looked into her hand at the V4.5, and said, and I quote "What is this?" I said "A T-Tamag-gotchi...." Now, all of the kids in class eyes were on me. One kid said "Tamagootchi's are for little girls!" (no the double o's werent a spelling error) So I was on the brink of tears. Everyone started laughing and I could tell my teacher felt bad for me so she said "What's a tama-gotchi?" I said "Its a virtual pet thing..." She let me do what I had to do with it, pause it, and put it on her desk for the rest of the day. I took the walk of shame back to my desk. I know that story isn't so embarrassing, but at the time, it was. So what are your guys embarrassing tama-stories? Feel free to post 'em down below! -MametchiWarrior
  9. Hello sorry this is so late! Unfortunately, my dream did not continue ( ), but I will write a part 2 anyhow! Note: here's the link to the 1st part of the story: --- Several minutes passed. Then what seemed like hours passed, and all the while the monster's health bar did not move a single inch. Or centimeter. Or millimeter. "We have to stop!" I cried suddenly, exhausted and worn out. "It's just too strong!" Just then, a roar loud as thunder shook the Earth. It mocked an evil laugh, and it sent shivers up my spine and goosebumps up my arms. It also made me pause and stand still for only a few seconds, but that was enough for a giant, claw-like hand to pick me up. "AGH!" I screamed as loud as I could. "LET ME GO!" I kicked my legs and flailed my arms against the creature's paws. They were green and slimy and composed entirely out of different sized blocks, with the thumb being one small block. Nevertheless, its hold was tight and firm. It let out another roar/laugh. "Ha ha ha! You should be smart enough to know what happens whenever someone says that." I cringed. I knew what he meant. He was thinking of letting me go, as in dropping me so I would fall to my death. Yet he didn't. "And you are right!" he continued. "I am too strong! Mwa ha ha ha!" His grip tightened, constricting my waist. Immediately, a memory flashed through my mind. I never played Minecraft--you can guess why--but I remembered what a friend had told me about the monsters in it: the reason why they only come out at night? Expose them to sun and they'll burn up. I called for my brother, hoping he might hear me. "Hey!" I shouted. He turned and looked up. "Get sunlight!" He stared at me confusedly. "What do you mean? There isn't any!" He motioned at the cloudy night sky, then started approaching the creature, apparently worried about me. "No!" I breathed. "Don't come near it! I'm fine!" I thought quickly. "Get fire!" He nodded at rumaged through his satchel. Soon, he took out a matchbox, lit one, and shouted, "Now what?!" I shrugged. "Just . . . throw it at him!" He did as he was told, but suddenly and swiftly, the monster blew it out before the flames could touch his undead skin. "Ha ha!" he laughed/roared. Then, out of the blue, when I blinked, we got swept away back to the hotel. I gasped. Our armor and weapons disappeared, and so did my gun. I groaned, though another idea came to my mind. In the center of the room, a large, black, cast iron cage sat, a twirling zombie inside. I gasped again. "The spawner!" I exclaimed. "We have to destroy the spawner!" I pushed back the hideous creatures, barely dodging their touches. I finally reached the spawner. As hard as I could, I lifted back my leg and shot it forward, kicking the cage against the wall and busting it open. I guess it wasn't cast iron after all. Green, smelly smoke was released from the spawner, and it disapated, leaving the cage empty. I heard a loud shriek, and suddenly all the monsters around me poofed into smoky forms, just like the zombie in the spawner. I breathed a sigh of relief. The creatures were gone, and the whole hotel seemed to become brighter, happier. The light bulbs brightened, and the ominous feeling disappeared. The manager ran up to us, he had heard all the racket and noise, and he heartily thanked us for finally ridding the building of the creatures. The spawner, he said, was invented by a mad scientist, and nobody thought to destroy it. It was never visible before the giant monster appeared. I sighed again. It was now time to leave, our mission was done, and even though it was monster-free from then on, it was known to me as the Zombie Hotel.
  10. Okay, so um, this story is based off a dream I had today. Unfortunately, my mother woke me up before I could finish it. But if I continue the dream when I go back to sleep tonight, I will write another part. And even if I don't, I'll make up an ending. Note: the dialogue in this is not exactly how it was in my dream. --- "Ugh!" I exclaimed, groaning. "Why do we have to go again?" This was my biggest fear of all, going back to that horrifying place. My college-aged brother (which I do not have in real-life) shifted on the old couch we were sitting on. "I told you, the hotel needs our help." For some reason, the sofa was in front of a small, not luxurious hotel. It looked like a Holiday Inn, but it seemed much more scary. "Yeah," agreed my mother (who was herself). "They contacted me," my brother put in, "saying that their doors wouldn't stay closed. Any you know what happens when the doors aren't closed." I shrugged. I remember the fact that when people were in their rooms, they kept their doors closed, so monsters couldn't get in. The problem must've explained why the normal-looking, glass doors of the hotel kept opening and closing on their own, as if ghastly ghosts were to blame. And honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. "Come on," he said, standing up. Even though he seemed eager, I could tell he was nervous. As she got to her feet, I knew mom was, too. "No." I shook my head. I didn't want to die. I wasn't going to die. Especially at the hands of a monster. I distractedly gazed around me while autumn leaves swirled through the sky, being carried by the wind. I knew they were beautifully colored red, orange, and yellow, but the darkening sky made them look black and almost invisible, just like the wretched creatures that stalked the insides of the wretched building. When I came back to my harsh reality, I saw my brother standing near the doors, chatting with the bellhop. He kept pushing them close whenever the flew open, which was often. Whenever it did, they giggled, as if they were on a picnic. Finally, bro and mom went inside the hotel, waving and smiling micheievously at me, with the bellhop leading the way. I knew they were taunting me. I folded my arms across my chest and firmly planted my butt on the worn couch, not planning to move a single inch. I narrowed my eyes as they went through another pair of doors, into what I called the arena. But seconds later, the wind howled viscously, and the full moon emitted eerie vibes, and no matter how much it pained me, I reluctantly stood up and rushed inside. The arena wasn't as scary as I thought, just like the last time. There weren't that many monsters, maybe just a few zombie dogs pacing back and forth across the tile floor, their dirty, grimy, dried-blooded paws making pit-pat sounds. Yet, I constantly looked around the room, being careful not to touch any of them; because if one came in contact with your skin, you'd be dead in an instant. I always was curious why the creatures always resembled the monsters from the hugely-popular game Minecraft, and wondered why people would want to stay at the hotel in the first place. It was surprisingly popular, and I could only guess it was for thrill-seekers. Most importantly, I wanted to know how the monsters even got there in the first place. Questions aside, I saw a tiny concierge desk to the left of me, and to the right, there were rows or large, wooden bookshelves filled with all sorts of used knickknacks. The manager greeted us warmly, even though he reminded me of a skeleton. His face was long and bony, and his body was tall and skinny in his tuxedo. His gelly black hair was only a ring around his head, and his eyes were black and big, with circles under them, as if he hadn't gotten any sleep for days. I wondered if he was a zombie in disguise. "Good evening," he said icily. "And welcome." With his hands behind his back, he motioned at the plastic, white-sepia colored, gun-like contraption hanging around me on a strap, like a cross-body bag. "Guns. Ha. Children these days." I was going to correct him, though I decided not to. "What is it called?" he questioned. Immediately, a memory filled my mind. I was in my bro's workshop, sitting at a table wearing stained aprons on. I remeber him saying that tau was the answer to building the monster-zapping gun. I was about to ask him how two multiplied by 3.14 could make it work, but I never got the chance. Once I came out of my trance, I hesitated, trying to remembered what he called them. "Lenticular . . . something," I replied, shrugging. The skeleton man nodded gravely and showed us to our rooms. After we got settled in, we went downstairs to look at the flea market, which was what the shelves of stuff were. There must've been over a million things. Old China vases, intricately-carved boxes, and tattered blankets lined one of the walls, with racks of other stuff in front of them. My mom seemed very interested in everything, staring at each object for a long time and even picking one up. "What are you doing?!" I screamed. "Don't touch anything!" She shook her head and said, "Don't worry. It's fine." I sighed. This was boring and dangerous. For some reason, bro didn't bring his gun, so I kept patting mine, making sure it was still there, as if it would disappear at any moment. Minutes later, I heard a familiar, sinister groan. I peeked down one isle and saw what I first thought was a zombie. My eyes widened, and fear rushed through my body. "Zombie!" I exclaimed. It must've heard me, because it was looking at something before it turned its green head and lurched towards me. It wasn't a zombie, yet a creeper. A fact that didn't particularly help. With adrenaline rushing through my blood, I shakily placed a sweating hand on my gun. I raised it to eye level and aimed. I clicked the trigger. Yet nothing happened. Shear panic entered my brain. I ran as fast as I could to my brother. "Help!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, shoving the empty gun at his face. "It's out of pellets! I forgot to reload it before we left the house! Please tell me you have some more!" "Yep," he answered. He opened up his black satchel, reached inside, and took out some sheets of newspaper. "Here." He handed them to me. I was just about to roll them up and put them in my weapon when I heard the creeper coming closer. It had only four, short legs, but it was surprisingly fast. "Run!" I screamed. My brother gasped. "Mom! Hurry!" My mother looked in our direction, completely unaware of what was happening. She paused for a moment, took one last glimpse at an object, then raced towards us. We ran through the twisting mazes of junk and shelves, passing several more monsters, including a broad-shouldered zombie. All the while, I was peeking at my gun, reading the instructions printed on the side that stating it could hold only three newspaper pellets at a time. I tried stuffing the newspaper into it, but it was no use--it kept moving too much. At one point, the creeper was so close to me that I could feel its hot, terrible breath on my neck. Its horrifying groan was louder than ever. I was glad they didn't have any arms, because if they did, it would've reached out and caught me. Eventually, when we got out of the flea market, we headed towards the lounging area, directly towards a small, worn, oak table with a chubby family sitting at it. Hoping the monsters had lost track of us, we approached it, our breathes hard and deep. "Oh," said my brother, noticing there was only a stool and a chair. "I don't have to sit," I said. So, he and mom sat down, while I layed the newspaper on the table. Suddenly, somehow, they immediately turned into tiny, brown, icing-less pastry rolls. I didn't seem to notice, and neither did anyone else. Once I finally got them into the gun, I knew it would automatically shape them into hard, little balls. Unfortunately, my hoping did not work, and the terrible creatures caught up with us. I gasped. Then, before I knew it, I was transported to a weird, fantasy video game. The monsters had turned into a single, undead, last-level boss, and it was a giant. The people at our table had turned into the players, now with a full set of armor and weapons, their bodies slenderized. We all began attacked the monster at once. Arrows flew around me, humongous swords slashed through the air. Wands casted spells, nevertheless it seemed to be taking forever to defeat the creature. Minutes later, when I fired a blue, expoding arrow at the it, it bent down and stared at me, as if I was the only person around him. He murmured something meaningless, yet I can't remember what it was. He stood back up. We continued our assault. --
  11. So, when I read the super-funny topic posted by EMF called "TamaTalk Town," I thought, hey! Maybe I should reopen that topic! But then I wanted to do something a little different. So, that's what THIS topic is about. Just because TamaTown is now disbanded, why can't we continue the awesome adventures of the tamagotchis? First, I'll write a paragraph or two about what's happening in TamaTown. The next player does the same, and soon our favorite virtual-world will be revived! okay sorry that was a bit too dramatic. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once upon a time, when everything was perfect in TamaTown, a sudden rumble shook everything. The houses collapsed, the trees fell down, and tamagotchis began to panic. "OH MY GOSH!!!" screamed Makiko. "WHAT'S HAPPENING?!! HELP! MY CURLS ARE BEING FRIZZED!"
  12. CHAPTER ONE The moon shone like walking donkeys, making Rainbow Dash afraid. She grabbed a wet map that had been strewn nearby and massaged it with her hooves. "Look Rainbow," growled Pinkie Pie, with a noble glare that reminded Rainbow of cold-blooded rabbits, "I hate you and I want sadistic revenge." "This map isn't mine!" said Rainbow. "Why are you talking like that to me?!" replied Pinkie in a different voice. "I'm annoyed!" replied Rainbow. "Now get your skinny ears out of here before I hit you with this wet map." Pinkie Pie looked relaxed, her party cannon raw like a tense, tight toy. Rainbow could actually hear Pinkie's party cannon shatter into thousands of pieces.
  13. My series, Kitty and friends, or T.A.O.K.A.F, is a book series I wrote back in 2014. It talks about Kitty and her sister Lily going on adventures in Kitty City. That is it. PREVIEW: "Kitty, follow meeeee!" Lily screamed. She and Kitty were at the mall, and the area they were in was the food court. "OK!" Kitty screamed back. Kitty sometimes thought Lily was annoying, but the two were good friends. Lily ran to the giant flower in the play area, and Kitty got ready to cringe. Lily started climbing on the flower, and Kitty just had to close her eyes. Lily's underwear was showing, and she was making a scene. Kitty really hated it when she did that.
  14. I hope this topic hasn't been created yet. Anyway, just wondering, how did you discover Tamatalk? I found out about it when I was researching for my v4.5. I was searching around for details and info on Tamagotchi connection versions. And I came upon one topic. Then I checked out the whole website. I constantly lurked around TamaTalk, until one day, someone whispered to me (in my head) to sign up on TT. And I did. The end. Lol. Wbu?
  15. I've wanted a color screen Tamagotchi ever since I found out about them. I knew that it would have to be a miracle to get one though. I live in Poland, where access to products not from Europe is very restricted. I couldn't possibly order anything by myself from Ebay or Amazon. Which was a shame because I had my eyes on a 37$ Tamagotchi P's. The day after I found it, I figured out I could get that Tamagotchi if I asked my uncle T. who lives in Ireland. I immediately became excited from the idea. He was at work when I messaged him, so he read my message 2 hours later. But he agreed to paying for my Tamagotchi which would be then delivered to where I live. Our relations are good, he bought me the tablet I use to go on TamaTalk for my birthday. It was a Saturday and he replied at 7:30pm so he said he decided to order it the next day, on a Sunday. I waited impatiently to get a sign from him that it was ordered. When he said he did it, I was so happy and excited. I felt like hugging the whole world. So my waiting began. On Monday the Tamagotchi was sent to me. As I'm writing this it's a Sunday and a week has passed since it was ordered and sent. Having the parcel shipped to me should be pretty time-consuming since it goes straight from Japan. Plus sides of this situation I'm in exist, I might at least learn to have some patience. I don't know when it arrives, most probably early May or middle May. I must be vigilant. This much is for now, I will keep it updated week after week and after the parcel is here.
  16. Could you tell me what you think of this thing I wrote? It involves my OC Tyler and I had just made it up on the spot, but I ended up really liking it.
  17. It's only in Japanese but it's still a beautiful movie! It's a million times better than the first and I love it so much. Have you seen it? It's so touching and Happy is ADORABLE!
  18. So, I've been writing this story called Atlantis. Jack Falson's father has been researching strange carvings and scriptures, each tying ancient cultures together, as if something, or someone, had aided in their creations. Jack, after learning of his Father's untimely death in Mexico, embarks onto a journey to continue his father's research, discover the secrets to why Humans are here, to learn of where we came from, and to discover why all the signs point to somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle- a lost world known as Atlantis. Here's the Prologue: --- Atlantis: Prologue I was asleep in my bed, dreaming that I was running through meadows of illustrious colors unimaginable. I looked into the distance, and I saw a boy, who was reaching for an apple in the tree in front of me. I was going to help him, but then the tree moved, yes, moved! 3 I thought to myself, ‘Funny. A giving tree,’ and then flew off into the stars. I lay down softly on a bed of nebulas, as the world evolved around me. I watched asteroids fly by, and I saw little bursts of lights- almost like fireworks- from stars exploding into oblivion. It was terrifying, and yet, majestic. As I watched this spectacle transform, a woman joined me in observing the phenomena that is our Universe. I looked into the woman’s eyes, as she did into mine. She had illustrious emerald eyes, and flaming orange hair. I gently caressed her cheek. It was soft. It felt as if it never aged a day from birth- as if it never felt sorrow, or stress, or any of life’s poisons. We lay there for what seemed to be hours, just us two, floating in the vast reaches of Space. Sadly, even the longest sleep must come to an end. I had awoken to a loud explosion far off in the distance. I got out of my bed, groggy, and approached my bedroom window. In through the window shone this bright orange and yellow light- like fire. I looked outside, and all seemed to be fine, until I saw it. I squinted my eyes, and, with horror, I looked into the distance on the horizon, and saw a mushroom cloud of dust and dirt and whatever it had pick up in it’s path. It seemed far enough away at first, yet it was growing in size fast. Soon, I saw houses only 20 blocks away being torn apart like paper and cardboard. It got hot fast, like someone turned the heater to the max- even hotter! The burst of dust and debris grew close fast, and only grew closer with every passing second. “So… this is how I die?” I questioned, as I sat on my bed, writing my final goodbye note. I knew the blast was far enough away that my house would be destroyed, and that I’d be killed as it fell on top of me. That’s why I wrote the note- so that should anyone find it and read it, they will know about my legacy. They’ll learn about the secrets hidden for so long from the world- the secrets of Atlantis, and our Ancestors.
  19. Hi there Peeps!!!!!!!! This is a competition for who can come up with the BEST name for a Tamagotchi Story! If you win then you will be mentioned to Sailor Rosette, Admin and TamaMum! AND you will have a forum topic simply for you!!!! Lets get started!
  20. I'm not too sure if this is the right place, but I made a story like tamagotchi tumblr. link removed Just looking for a bit of feedback and some followers I guess.
  21. One day Mametchi was walking along the walkway when something hit him.(literally)All of the sudden he had an idea! Life seemed boring at this time. He would invent something fun. Something exciting. He would invent the TAMA COMPUTER!He ran the rest of the way to his house and started sketching.
  22. Make a story using only book titles! (Please read the rules before posting) Rules: It has to be the whole title and I'm not sure if you need to put proper capitalization. I'm also not sure if it's necessary to put quotation marks or say who wrote it but it might be considered plagiarism or something so let's put it just in case. (someone please clarify this) The titles should connect to form a sentence, ok? Don't just put random book titles that don't even contribute to the story or it might get confusing. Please do not post titles with bad words and stuff. (you know what I mean) So, let's start the story! "It's raining pigs and noodles" (by: Jack Prelutsky) Or maybe: "It's raining pigs and noodles" by: Jack Prelutsky (if you put the author's name at the bottom is it better?)
  23. I run down the hall, but even as I turn into the kitchen this thing is waiting for me. Nothing makes any sense anymore, it's not physically possible for any living creature to be able to do this. Why am I even bothering to try and run? The doors are sealed anyway. There's a point where enough is just enough. I realise I don't even care anymore. This thing seems to exist only to torment me, and over these last few days it's done a bloody good job of that. But enough is enough, if this thing thinks I'm going to go quitely, it's dead wrong. I raise my pistol once more and fire at that dark form again. This time, I don't stop, not until I've fired every bullet I have. Eight shots, nothing that size could survive this. But I know that it won't have done anything. I was wrong, it did do something, it made it worse. A lord and obnoxious voice fills my head. "THAT WAS A MISTAKE, ALIX". I scream as it lunges foward, showing its true face. I open my mouth in horror and disgust as I stare at it. It smiles. Suddenly, everything is . I scream, but the doesn't stop. is everywhere. I try to claw my own eyes out, but I now realise nothing can possibly stop . My own body begins to tear itself apart. My physical form dissolves under the gaze of . My soul is torn from my body, and as it dies I enter a room. Completely nondescript. At first I think this is hell, but I quickly realise that this is something even worse, trapped deep within us all. I am alone, and as I look around I can only see one thing. :) :) If you couldn't guess this is meant as a parody of some creepypastas. I know there are a few people who will jump on the "omg hes trollllllllllin" train but I'm aware of what trolling is and this isn't it sory buddy. It's meant to be amusing by being disturbingly bad, kbro?
  24. Hi! This past year we had to write a picture book in school. I really liked mine and thought I might share it with you guys. Unfortunately, there are no pictures. Hope you enjoy and please give me feedback! (Note: Copied and pasted from the Word document I saved. I did not just type all this. ) The day was a bit cloudy, but not like a rainstorm. The Smith family was taking a walk down the streets of San Francisco on this particular cloudy California day, on their way to the bookstore. “I can’t wait to get to the bookstore!” exclaimed Steve, an excited seven year old boy. “Calm down or you’ll trip yourself!” said Serena, a twelve year old girl, as she flipped her brown hair behind her. “Don’t worry kids, we’re almost there!” smiled their mother. “Yep!” said their dad. “We just have to turn this corner.” They turned the corner to see quite a surprise. There was a flash of green light. All of the sudden a chicken was standing before them. A giant one, at that. “Oh hello there. Pardon me if I frightened you,” the chicken said in a British accent. The Smiths just stood there, open mouthed. “Oh yes. I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Fred Bob the second, from the planet Bawk. I have a black belt in karate from the Chicken Dojo, and I simply adore hot dogs! In a whole wheat bun. With mustard only. Pleased to meet you,” he said. Four words came out of Mr. Smith’s mouth. “You’re a… giant… chicken,” he said. “Yes. I know that. Anyway, I think you would be able to help me. You see, I am not very familiar with your planet. I need to find the very finest, most delicious hot dog. I am quite sure that you would be knowledgeable about this topic,” Fred Bob smiled hopefully. Steve stepped forward. “Okay buddy. Take off the suit,” he said, and pulled at Fred Bob’s feathers. “AAAAAAAGGGGGHHH!!!!!!” screamed Fred Bob. “I say! Young man, what on earth do you think you’re doing?” “So you are real,” gasped Steve. “Cool! Of course we’ll help you!” “Wait! But-“began Mr. Smith, but Fred Bob interrupted. “Great! So, lead me to the nearest hot dog joint!” “Well all right, but you can’t go around like that. You need a disguise,” Serena said. “Got it covered,” replied Fred Bob. He whipped out a small black case. Fred Bob quickly dug inside the case and in a flash of chicken feathers was completely transformed. He wore a moustache and a suit, and a top hat that covered his head. “How do I look?” asked Fred Bob. “Handsome,” said Mrs. Smith. “Then to hot dogs we go!” cried Fred Bob. “Well,” said Mr. Smith. “The nearest restaurant that serves hot dogs around here would be George’s.” “Let us pay them a visit!” said Fred Bob. The odd group walked down the street. The bell on the shop door jingled as they entered the shop. They plopped down in a booth. Fred Bob pecked at the napkins. Serena elbowed him. “I say! Whatever did you do that for?” exclaimed Fred Bob. “Stop it! You’re supposed to be a human!” Serena hissed at him. Their waiter approached the table. Serena quickly covered Fred Bob’s mouth before he could cluck at the waiter. “Hello,” said their waiter. “I’m Tony and I will be your waiter today. Would you like to-“ Fred Bob cut him off. “Yes we would like to order one hot dog with mustard!” he yelled. “Uh… that’s it?” asked Tony. “Um… and some French fries,” said Serena weakly. “Okay,” said Tony, and he walked away from the table. Tony soon returned with Fred Bob’s hot dog and a plate of French fries. “Okay Fred Bob. Time for the critical taste test,” sighed Serena. Fred Bob took a bite and chewed. Steve squirted ketchup on his fries. Everyone held their breath. “YUCK!” Fred Bob stuck out his tongue. “This is the most sour mustard I’ve ever tasted! I’m leaving!” he cried. Mrs. Smith quickly put the money on the table next to the half-eaten hot dog and caught up with the others. Fred Bob was yelling at the manager. “You, sir, are a disgrace! You call that a hot dog? Well the definition of a hot dog is a juicy red delicious thing with delightful condiments! And what you presented me with was-“ Serena dragged him out the door before he could say anymore. The great hot dog search began. They led Fred Bob to almost every hot dog restaurant around, but there was always something that made the dogs imperfect. One was too chewy, another too soft. They were either too hot or too cold, too fresh or too old. Finally the exhausted family collapsed at a frozen yogurt café for a break. “Ugh, I’m so tired,” cried Steve as he nibbled on his chocolate flavored yogurt. “I know,” sighed Fred Bob. “But I just can’t seem to find the perfect one.” “I have an idea,” said Serena. “I always think that something you’ve cooked from home tasted best. Why don’t you try making your very own hot dog?” “Splendid idea!” exclaimed Fred Bob. “Let’s go to the supermarket to get our ingredients,” said Mrs. Smith. They arrived at the supermarket. “Well Fred Bob, get your hot dog stuff,” said Serena. Fred Bob dashed through the store, picking up the frozen hot dogs, whole wheat buns, and mustard, not to mention a soda to drink. Once they had checked out, they hurried to the Smith’s house. “I can’t wait to get home!” Steve exclaimed. “Then I can introduce you to my pet potato!” As soon as they got into the house, Steve rushed to his room and returned cradling a small potato in his hands. “Meet Steve Jr.! He’s ninety six years old!” “Oh dear. I’ve never met an elderly potato before,” said Fred Bob. “Don’t worry. He doesn’t bite,” exclaimed Steve. “Fred Bob, I got the stove heated up! Come on and cook your hot dog!” called Mrs. Smith. The Smith’s taught Fred Bob step by step how to make a hot dog. He cooked it up in a frying pan and carefully placed it in a whole wheat bun. Then he squirted the mustard on in a squiggly line. “Okay, go on and taste it,” smiled Serena. Fred Bob bit into it. A grin instantly spread across his face. “It’s wonderful!” he exclaimed, and proceeded to make a few more for the road. “That’s it? You found your perfect hot dog?” asked Steve. “Yes indeed my friends! Thank you very very much!” said Fred Bob happily. “So you have to go back to your planet now?” asked Serena. “I am afraid so,” he replied. “Goodbye! I shall visit again soon!” In a flash of green light, Fred Bob the second and his hot dogs disappeared. “I’ll miss him,” sighed Mrs. Smith. “Uh-huh,” said Mr. Smith. “Me too. But someday he’ll visit again, and we’ll make him a whole hot dog feast,” smiled Serena. “Yeah,” agreed Steve. Steve Jr. agreed too.
  25. well, i suppose most of us have grown up with a special pet or animal that we loved. and for most of us, these animals may have moved on into a different life. feel free to share your stories, and have us all feel a bit of your love for them as well. as well, if you remember a story of maybe a little bird or animal you helped nursed back to health, feel free to share it. here's mine. when i was maybe 5 or 6 i got a dwarf hamster. i named him silver for his lovely gray, soft coat. he was a very calm and nice hamster, and i loved playing with him. he lived in a small little cage behind the dining room table. every day i would get up and play with him, feed him, and put him in his rolling ball. it was so funny to look at, this little teensy silver hamster racing around the house in a little plastic ball! sometimes i would even take him up to my room in his rolling ball and show him around my room. he prob'ly didn't really mind. then one day i came down [this was probably 1 or 2 years later] to play with silver and my dad was crouching by the cage. i asked what he was doing and he said that silver wasn't moving. that sentence was probably the worst thing i had ever heard. he asked me if i wanted to hold him. one more time. i didn't want to, i was grasping on to my shirt so tight, and tears were streaming down my face. i remember running to the living room and collapsing onto the couch. i didn't even want to look at my little silver, that little hamster who brought me so much fun. i look back on this and i realize he was a hamster. usually most people don't really think hamsters are very good 'friends', or anything. but gosh, silver was amazing, and i'm so happy i had him. RIP silver. <3 as of now i have two guinea pigs named muffin and jane. they are adorable and so nice, as well as a bit skittish. but i love them and they're so funny. the only thing i'm worried about is that i got them in grade 3, when i was 8. they were probably 2 or 3 by then. now i'm in grade 7, and they're about 7 or 8, which is the desired age of a guinea pig. i really hated when my family joked about eating them when they die, so i hope they live just a year longer.