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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone! I finally figured out how to upload pictures (this thread was originally asking about that-) I'm new here and the first thing I want to do is to create a tama log! Upon seeing other people's log, I enjoy them very much and feel so inspired to do my own! I made this little journal noting the progress of the bootleg 168 in 1 virtual pet that I have accidentally adopted and dearly named Tom! Of course, this was an old log. I previously posted these on Reddit and on the Tamagotchi FB group (he’s quite well-loved by a lot of people there too!). So I decided to post about Tom on Tamatalk because I think people here might like to read about Tom and his saga This log first started as a joke but later on (and even till this day) I had actually grown a deep attachment to this special bootleg virtual pet named Tom. Anyway, enough of the intro- Now I present to you, The Tom Saga: The Misadventures of a 168 in 1 Virtual Pet!
  2. Hi! I'm Rita and I'm currently running a Tamagotchi V5! I wanted to start this log today because my first generation is going to be having a kid tonight (I'm going to go to the matchmaker here in about two hours) and that'll be really exciting I think! My history with Tamagotchi's is- short. I never had them as a kid, but I got into them pretty recently. I bought a Tamagotchi M!X because at the time I didn't think I would care for the classic black sprites but now I adore them. I tend to be an impulsive spender and am working on expanding my collection, I'm trying to get a 4 or a 4.5 and a music star right now. That aside though, I only have my pink anni mix and a cotton candy V5, and I love them to pieces Anyways, so, in the meantime while I wait for the matchmaker I figured I would go ahead and post some things! I have taken pics of my babies from before I was even on TamaTalk and thought of doing a log and today at school too because, I just wanted to get people acquainted with my kiddos! So, here we go I guess? I'll start putting my pics on a different post, but. I'm excited to be doing this! Hope you guys are too. Since I'm real chatty I'm going to leave comments on, I'd love to hear what y'all think.
  3. ~Introduction!~ Welcome all, to "Rayman and Chama's Tamas"! Today, we are discussing our little child, Ly, from our nifty Floral Print V3. Unfortunately, we sort of took bad care of her and she evolved into Pirorirotchi. We felt upset, but we hope she'll become a Tamagotchi that suits her personality. Maybe a nice Kuchipatchi, perhaps. We'll see when she becomes an adult. I can hardly wait! How about you, Chama? I can hardly wait either, Rayman. It's all about care! I wonder if she will evolve into Kuchipatchi, since she is about 61 pounds in weight. Here's an in-depth story of Ly, the Pirorirotchi! ~Ly's In-Depth Story: With Rayman and Ly~ I'd like to welcome our first guest of this in-depth story, Ly! Thank you, Rayman! I am happy to be here! It's my pleasure. Now, as me and Chama were talking, what do you think you might become after all the care we tried to give you? Well, I might become a Tamagotchi that might be based on what kind of care you gave me. I know I am a little chubby, but I don't care. I'd love to become a Kuchipatchi or any other character! We'll see what happens in two days, my little lady! If you become the Tamagotchi of your dreams, we'll post it right here on "Rayman and Chama's Tamas" for all viewers to see! We'll see you next time on "In-Depth Stories of Tamas!", Tama Fans! ~Thanks for Watching!~ Thanks for watching the first episode of "Rayman and Chama's Tamas". We'll see you next time with all-new events and evolution news! Good-bye, and have a Tama-riffic day! See you next time!
  4. This is my first Tama log and I'm starting off with a Music Star. He is on third generation I missed the first two for Tamatalk. Please Don't Reply. OK, on I'll start off on first generation. Sorry, photos were too tricky to get on my log!?! I named my boy Jake. He grew into Kuribotchi. then he grew into Nonopotchi . Then into Shimashimatchi and he married Makkiko and had a boy. I named him Sam and he grew not a Kuchitamatchi, then he grew into Hinotamatchi, then to Dorotchi and he married Kunoitchi and had a boy ( AGAIN) And now.. I called him Ray. I fed him baby food and milk. I cleaned his poop and treated him medicine. Later, he grew into a Kuribotchi. I was bored and played heaps of games and he grew into a Kikitchi. I practiced a lot and then I fell asleep. The next morning Ray grew into a Mametchi. He went to practice with his band and nonopotchi and ICHIGOTCHI grew into Kuchipatchi and Memetchi ( YAY THE MAIN TRIO) They passed the judges the first time and Ray won 10000 Gotchi points and bought a lobster to celebrate( He was smiling when he ate he lobster). And that is it, I will post more later Stats: Hungry OOOX Happy OOOO Year 2 30 lbs Pop Music Instrument: Drum Kit..Memetchi: Guitar... Kuchipatchi:Piano Toy: Robot Stress 23 Tone 470 Rhythm 481 Original 594 Band name Hype Gotchi Points 16400 Gen3
  5. Hi there! In a couple days I will be starting up this new log with the babies of my 3rd generation There will be photos (if I can figure out how to post 'em) along with daily entries for both tamas. I will have a baby boy & girl, names will be posted soon. See you on Monday!
  6. Hey, guys. Just came across this section, and decided well, why not? So, here I am, making a 'gotchi log (I don't like the word 'tama' so I use 'gotchi instead ). I currently am running 2 V2s... because that's all I have! I've been on eBay trying to get some cheap V3s, V4s and V4.5s (I thought I should go through each stage, considering I've only ever played with V1s and V2s, and I wouldn't want to miss any), but currently no luck. If that does change, I guess I'll post here with information: that's what it's for, right? Anyway, I'm not going to reset my 'gotchi's and start from the beginning with this log, I'll just tell you what I had before hand and what they are now. TAMAGOTCHI TYPE: V2. SHELL COLOUR: Pink with tropical flowers. GENERATION: 1. NAME: Lexi. GENDER: Female. STAGE: Adult - 6 years. CHARACTER: Furawatchi (adult). PAST CHARACTERS: Shiropuchitichi (baby), Hitodetchi (toddler), Young Mametchi (teen). TAMAGOTCHI TYPE: V2. SHELL COLOUR: Red with white arrows. GENERATION: 1. NAME: Rhea. GENDER: Female. STAGE: Adult - 4 years. CHARACTER: Ginjirotchi (adult). PAST CHARACTERS: Shiropuchitichi (baby), Marutchi (toddler), Ringotchi (teen). Rhea grew up today from teen to adult and has only just become a Ginjirotchi. I was suprised, because I got out of college only to find her a grown up, and a good one. With Lexi, I'm waiting for the matchmaker to come. Hopefully that'll be tomorrow as she'll be 7 years old. Lexi is 35lbs and Rhea is 55lb because I wanted to see if this made a difference in what character it gave me. However, now I'm going to make Rhea fit and healthy again. I've been playing heading with her all day. And Lexi has always been a healthy 'gotchi, since she was hatched. Anyway, update when I have any interesting info. Thanks for reading. -Larigotchi. x