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Found 74 results

  1. The screen went funky after I dropped it, and showed two baby boys before I could reset or download once I got the screen on. I tried putting new batteries in and now it just won't turn on at all. Does anyone know of any way or anyone I could send this to to try to fix it? I believe it's the wires but I'm not positive.
  2. I purchased my Tama-Go used with no figures. I just purchased the Mametchi figure with the rainbow faceplate. When I connected the figure it only has the Game option and one game (cradle). The instructions that came with it (unopened/new) says it has a toy shop and two games, neither is cradle. I purchased this figure for the toy shop. Do I need to unlock these somehow or am I missing something? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello, this is Hanikamitchi. If you have a Tama-Go and are not sure what happens if you overfeed your Tamagotchi at the adult/senior stage or are just afraid to try it, then this is what happens: If you max out their weight, they will bloat up! They will just sit down on their fat li'l butt and refuse to do anything! What do you do? You go to the medical box and give it a "laxative". It will always be cured in one shot, but it will poop everywhere! Clean it up, and don't try this at home! You will know if their weight is maxed out if the scale reads 99 lbs. Hope this helped!
  4. I just purchased a used Tama-Go without any of the figurines. What are your thoughts on this model? Will I have to purchase the figurines to have fun with it? I really don't like the look of them setting on top. I saw it for only $12 USD, in great condition, so I got it before doing much research! I did see it can connect to my music star. Does anyone know if you can connect the FTD to the Tama-Go? I'm so excited to start collecting these again! I'll only be getting ones I use though. I don't allow myself to truly just collect things unless I use them consistently. (Hence why I no longer have all of my vintage ones) I'm so excited!! Thanks in advance for your opinions and information!
  5. Hello everyone! Welcome to my Tamgotchi log! I currently own 4 tamagotchi's 2 v5's (one celebrity), one music star, and one tamago But for now lets start off with my Tama-go! Tama-go Nokotchi Age: 0 Name: Artemis Hiya everyone, I'm Artemis! Why are there all these eggs laying around? Uh...because you were being very annoying and turning on and off and freezing.... THOSE ARE MY FAMILY?! YOU MONSTER I'm so sorry, I couldn't do anything >_< ....Whatever..... But.... Anyway, I'm really hungry and I want to play Well I only really have Pork and Beans (I have no money ) and I have a mametchi figure, so lets go play Cradle *after playing cradle* We are going to be poor forever...i'm going to have to go back to tama planet and never live a full life Well at least I got up to stage 2 so we got SOME gotchi Can you just play another game? Well I used to be good at the jumping game and kinda good at the ladybug one so lets go try that *plays long jump game and dies* ....Oh, well lets just try again *another 5 tries later* YAY I WON *dances around* Finally Lets play the ladybug game now *wins* I thought I was bad at that .... Artemis? ....I feel sick.... Ok lets go to the hospital *at the hospital* Nurse: take the medicine No Nurse: It will make you better... No! You can have ice-cream Ok *To the shop!* Hmm.. lets get some pizza and ice cream Yeah! *gives some pizza* Yum! i guess i'll eat the icecream later Lets go to the park now so your nicer to me *at the park* Hi Lovelitchi and Kutchipatchi! Hello little Nokotchi! Hello-tchi! Nokotchi lets go on the swing-tchi *on the swing* Kutchipatchi your going to high! sorry-tchi *after the swing* woah i'm so dizzy... i might just go on the see saw with lovlitchi *after see saw* ok that was better, any way see ya! i gotta go now *home* Welcome! thanks? *Nokotchi falls asleep* Oh she must be tired from playing *sudden flashes and beeping* Tama-go Hoshi-tchi Age: 0 Weight: 19 Gen 1 Name: Artemis I'm a superstar! Why did you say welcome before? um...I don't know. Oh by the way i'm going to check your friendship and training Training: Friendship: hehehe you like me Fine...I do... hehehe WELCOME! ...oh no...not again... WELCOME! So this seems like a good place to wrap up. Next time hopefully we will have some new tama- I'M GOING TO HAVE SOME SIBLINGS?! YA--WELCOME! Also if anyone could tell me why the welcome screen keeps on popping up that would be great
  6. Hey! It's Sakura here, and it's been a fair while since i have played with my beloved Tamagotchi. I recently just got back into them, and i'm just curious... does anyone on here still run the Tama-Go? Or even the Music Star or any of the connection versions? I'm just wondering, because i feel like nobody runs them now that new and cooler models of tamagotchi have been released. I'm running my Tama-Go right this moment and i love it dearly! If you are running a Tama-Go or a Connection Version, tell me! I would love to know, so i don't feel like the only one!!! Sakura.
  7. I have a Tamagotchi Music Star and a TamaTown Tama-Go. I wanted to connect, so I chose the connect icon on both. I chose "Other" on both, too. When I tried to connect, both the Music Star and Tama-Go didn't say "OK". Is this a problem with the connection or something? I want to know. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and remember to reply if so.
  8. the age counter doesn't work on my tama-go (I'm not sure why, I've tried reseting it and stuff but it hasen't worked so far) but he just recently turned into an adult, how long time wise do you think it'd take for the date place to show up?
  9. Does anyone know if a tama-go tamagotchi can connect with a tamagotchi friends? If you do, plese reply!
  10. *I know there are some other threads covering these topics but many are closed/very old as far as I can remember. I love learning how others accessorize and care for the actual hardware (shell, faceplate, etc.) and what things they carry with their tamas ("first aid" kits) as well as homemade sets for modification (stickers, nail polish, sandpaper, etc.) and I was looking for ideas so.... What types of "extras" do you have for your tama? BTW, I'm not keeping any accessories currently except for my back and white good-quality-cardboard carrying case that has compartments for figurines...Running a tama-go, I don't carry it on a lanyard or anything because of the size. *OST EDIT: Please use the EDIT button to make edits to your posts, rather than double-posting. You can do so up to 24 hours after making your post. Thank you!*
  11. Well, I love the design of my TMGC+C and TamaGo, but the way the screen was made so round makes them EXTREMELY EASY TO SCRACTH, I mean, I've been taking the carefully inside a sock all the time I take them with me, and the screen gets scratched I don't know why. My Music Star doesn't have a SINGLE srcatch and I've taken it everywhere in my bag without a single protection, so I'm guessing is the round shape and the materials what makes them so scratchy. I recently bought some displex for mobiles with regular screen (non touch), I'm guessing that's the right one for the Tamagotchi's right? I heard it can help a lot to make the screens look like new, and I don't know anyone who has screwed their Tamagotchi's by doing so, so I guess it works? o3o Also bought some iphone protectors for my uncle (the pack of 6 was cheaper than just 1 lol) and I'm keeping 3 of them, could I cut them and put them into my Tamagotchi's after applying the displex on them? or will it do something weird? it doesn't matter if it's a protector for a touchable screen right? I hope you can help me guys, because I'm trying to keep my tama's in good condition as well as I can
  12. Well, recently I bought a Tama-Go with two figures, the price was pretty cheap so I had to get it (but the shipping killed me X_x), I always wanted to have a Tama-Go since they look really great :3 I just had some little questions about it. 1. the figures, what stuff do each of them have? I'll have the Memetchi figure, the Lite Kuchipatchi one, and the Ringotchi one (+ Chamametchi & Violetchi, since they can be obtained with the Ringotchi figure ) So I would love to know what do they have inside. Also does anyone know what content do Ichigotchi's and Kuromametchi's have? I kinda like the figures they look cute lol 2. Special transformations? I've seen some pictures of the characters looking different from their default sprites in the Tama-Go, I have no idea what it is, is it a clothing feature or something similar to the heshin jo in the iD L? Also I wanted to say I'm really sad the Tama-Go got forgotten so easilly, it could have been the best version we have had overseas with all the figures, I would say is like a downgraded/cheap version of the new 4U. I read somewhere that they were planning on selling 100 figures, when they only sold 12, what makes me kinda sad Anyway I hope you can answer my questions, thanks for reading
  13. Hey everyone!!! Okay so I'm going to be keeping a journal or log on my tamagotchi!! So yesterday it got married at the age of 9 and I have a Chamametchi and she married an Ojitchi. I really wish there was some other tama for her to marry . Um so today she finally learned to use the toilet ( which is her first time actually using it ) She played some games today but not too many considering her weight has gone down way to low.. She is supposed to be 20-25 lbs but during the day she usually is 14-17 lbs (which isn't good ) Tomorrow my tama's are having a baby!! I can't wait! Ahh, so tomorrow i'm also going camping so I might not write till Sunday afternoon . Well this is all I can wright tonight! See ya later
  14. A few days ago, I ordered a set of wave 2 Tama-Go figurines; all of them work nicely, but the Makiko and the Shimashimatchi figurines don't slide on to the Tama-Go very easily, so it can take a few times to have them register correctly. The Makiko figurine also seemed to malfunction once, and when I tried to go to the store about two-thirds of the screen was blank. Since I don't want to break or damage them while putting them on, are there any suggestions for making them go on smoother? Thanks!
  15. Hi there Tamatalk! Recently, I found an amazing listing on eBay selling all 12 of the additional "sold separately" figures that attach to the top of the Tama-Go to unlock games, food and occasionally, items. I haven't seen a lot of discussion about the Tama-Go here on TamaTalk, so I thought it may be helpful if I wrote a complete list of what each figure unlocks once connected to the Tama-Go egg. There are some slight differences between the figures because Bandai released them in 2 separate "waves", much the same as they did with the physical egg. The first wave of eggs was a green egg with Mametchi figure, blue egg with Memetchi and white egg with Kuchipatchi. The first wave of figures are shown in this photo below. The second wave eggs were a black egg with Mametchi figure, purple egg with Memetchi, and pink egg with Kuchipatchi (the one I have). The second wave of gotchi figures is shown below. There are two kinds of gotchi figures that can be attached to the Tama-Go egg. "Lite" figures which are the figures that come packaged with the Tama-Go egg. The figure that came with the first wave, whether it be Mametchi, Memetchi or Kuchipatchi, only unlocked one game; Cradles. Each of the figures from the second wave unlocked coin catch. The "full" figures, shown in the photos above, each unlock 2 games and a shop. The shops each have a total of 9 products on sale, but will only show 4 at a time. For some characters, such as Mametchi, the shop is a shop that sells items. As items weren't built into the original Tama-Go egg, the item menu is also accessed by the character icon in the top right of the Tama-Go egg's screen. The figures also come with an additional faceplate that can be placed under the clear plastic on the front of the Tama-Go egg to change its design. Here's a list of all the "Full" gotchi figures and what they unlock. #101- Mametchi Games: Hip Hop and Speed Runner Shop: Toy Shop #110- Memetchi Games: Hit a Note and Panel Match Shop: Clothes Shop #120- Kuchipatchi Games: Flag Game and Vegetables Shop: Chinese Restaurant #130- Violetchi Games: Bounce Back and Man Hole Shop: Flower Shop #156- Ringotchi Games: Monster Beater and Shape Sorter Shop: Sweet Restaurant #109- Chamametchi Games: Panel Construction and Shuffle Shuffle Shop: Toy Shop #121- Sebiretchi Games: Trampoline and Farmkeeper Shop: Mexican Restaurant #155- Ichigotchi Games: Knock a Note and Candies Shop: Bread Shop #111- Ponytchi Games: Hunting and Manhole Shop: Fashion Shop #105- Kuromametchi Games: Driving and Ball Match Shop: Sports Shop #103- Shimashimatchi Games: Gap and Gap and Hip Hop Shop: Electronics Shop #131- Makiko Games: Sound Block and Shuffle Shuffle Shop: Travel Shop Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to give you guys more information about each game and shop. I've only had the figures for a few days and I'm very busy with work. Hopefully this is informative but if you guys have any questions, comment them here or PM me.
  16. Hi so is the Tama-go worth getting now? is it fun ? do people still play it ? have u enjoyed it ?
  17. Hey hey!! So, i am currently running my TMGO and I would really love to get a Makiko. But I am not 100% sure how, because I'm not the greatest at caring for a TMGO XD. Does anybody have any tips on how I can raise my tama to become a Makiko??? Your help would be greatly appriceated! Also any tips in general about getting excellent care characters would be awesome as well Thanks for stopping by! Sakura-san123 <3
  18. Well I have a purple tama-go and I've been wanting to play with it but I can't because I can't get the back to unscrew. It looks like the edges in the screw are dull so there's kind of just a circle in the screw. I think it's because I've been using a screwdriver that was POSSIBLY too big in the past... Any help with this issue?
  19. I have a tama-go but I have not touched the thing in forever. What set me off of it is the fact that you can't name your tamagotchis on the tama-go. Do any of you name yours? What are your opinions on naming your tamagotchis?
  20. Hello! My question is in the title. I have been wondering for a while. I want to buy a 2nd wave (purple) american Tama-Go (at least I think it is since the package is in English-French), but the seller doesn't talk about there being a CD in the description... Is there always a CD? I heard the CD contains some music Thank you very much Mozaique, the ultimate beginner.
  21. Hello! I finally decided on which version of Tamagotchi I should get, a Tama-Go! I was hesitating between the V4 and Go, but yeah the Go sounds awesome. So anyways, I was browsing on Ebay lately and I found THE perfect Go!!!! It's green and shiny and pretty and comes with lovely Mametchi *o* THE THING... Is that it's from Japan. The instructions are in English and in Japanese. But the English translation doesn't always mean the toy is going to be in English, I learned from experience with fakes... Will it be in Japanese? Link: Theres also this pink one with a frog, I like it too but I really prefer this green one Thanks you very much for your help!! Mozaique
  22. So, we were working on making a TamaTown Tama-Go favorite foods chart pretty near a year ago, and I guess we kind of forgot about it. However, I think it's still a good idea to get this thread up and running again and work on making a chart. Here is the old thread. This was the verdict we reached: (And please note that the Tama-Go has no food dislikes.) Does anyone here know how to make pixels of Tamagotchi stuff? That would really help in making our chart. We'd probably want pixels of the characters and foods. If pictures are necessary to make into pixels, I can take some pictures, too. Any ideas for programs to use, more reconfirmations of or corrections to the current list, please post them here. Thanks, everyone!
  23. If it meant the V6/Tama-Go TamaTown would reopen, would you purchase a subscription for membership? It wouldn't have to be a monthly subscription; there could possibly be yearly or even lifetime subscription offers. Bandai US could also keep the guest access free as a free demo or trial, so potential customers know what they're getting into beforehand. Since no Tamagotchi toy in stores is tied to this TamaTown anymore, the site would have to be funded for something other than advertising.
  24. okay guys i came across this link and there are metallic tama-gos. i only have a black one so i don't know if it's just the quiality of the picture but i've never seen these faceplates either! is this a different region release? i'm only familiar with the white, blue & green wave #1's and the black, purple and pink wave #2's that were released by bandai america. i'm so confused please help! THERE ARE NEW FIGURES OMFG I JUST SAW GRIPPATCHI & MAMETCHIS MOTHER (IDK HER NAME)
  25. I'm not to be held responsible for any damage this may cause to your Tama-Go. So you may have heard that each Tama-Go has 3 "lite" unlockable games: Cradles(wave 1), Coin Catch(wave 2) and Pattern Shoot(most likely intended for a possible wave 3). Here, on this post( by Natalie Silvanovich she explains what you have to do to to be able to do so. Here I'll post a way how to easy do this without soldering or using any wires. You will need: *A small piece of aluminum-paper *a small sheet of paper *a lite figurine UNLOCK PATTERN SHOOT(should work with a wave 2 figure as well) 1. Fold the piece of aluminum paper to a thin strip(see picture) 2.Attach the strip of aluminum over the 2 left "pins". 3.Gently slide the figure on top of the Tama-Go, making sure the piece of aluminum-paper doesn't move. Tadaa: UNLOCK COIN CATCH(wave 1): Complete the previous steps, but first attach a very small piece of paper over the left-bottom pin and only then place the aluminum over it. The goal is to make that that pin doesn't get any contact with the aluminum. That's all. Like this(X is the piece of paper, O are the pins): OOOO XOOO (IR) UNLOCK CRADLES(wave 2): I haven't tried this since I haven't got a wave 2 figure but I'm quite confident it'll work. To do this put the piece of paper on the top left pin before attaching the aluminum. Like this: XOOO OOOO (IR) Have fun!