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Found 73 results

  1. It looks like Gudetama Tamagotchis are coming to the USA and will only be available at GameStop. These awesome eggs are set to crack on December 15 2018 and are now available for preorder on the GameStop website(link below). The packaging is in English so I'm thinking the game will be also?? link to gamestop,28zu0
  2. I am trying to mate my tamagotchi v4.5 with my friends by making them friendly. They both have 4 hearts now under friendship and are too young to currently mate. Hers is a boy and is 2yrs. Mine is a girl and is 3yrs. I was watching hers and it had half an egg with a baby boy it looked like sitting in the egg shell above her tamagotchi, but when she presses the middle button the time screen came on and whem she went back it was gone and went back to normal. What was this?
  3. I have a collection with: -3 v6 -1 v5.5 -1 entama -1 v3 -1 p2 -1 angel (by the way,I covered the scratches and smudges with rhinestones! ) I wish to have: -1 devil (in my dreams!they are too expensive!! ) -1 ocean -1 p1 -1 mini -1 ketai akai -1 v1 -1 v2 I want to know your collection and your wishlist!
  4. For me, the iD series and P's have the perfect size because I can hold one in my hand firmly and it matches the size of my hand perfectly. I also love the plastic buttons. I wish they came in different colors or were changeable (like cell phone shells) though.
  5. I recently bought a few of the color Tamas, and wanted to try some of the slightly older ones. As i mentioned in the title, I'm aiming for the Connection series. The only reason i ask is because all of the posts and forums I have read on the topic refer to the usage of Tamatown, which obviously doesn't help any. So my question is; Without Tamatown, which of the Tamagotchi Connections would be the best to buy? I hear that 6 is high maintenance, so I probably won't get that one for now. Really I'm torn between both the 4(and 4.5) and the 5(and 5.5) versions. But i figured i would ask for some opinions first, since I read that 2 and 3 were fairly fun. The Tamas i have now are the P's, IDLe, 4U, 4U+, Friends and Friends Dream Town. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any help/opinions are appreciated. :3
  6. Hello ^u^. I just got my Tamagotchi P and I want knightchi. I Need to know how to tell how many misscares I have. Can anyone tell me how to tell? Thanks ^u^.
  7. As in the title, which tama of your collection is your favorite and why? My favorite tamagotchi is my yellow P's. It was modded so badly that it barely looks like its original self. It has a silver holographic paper faceplate and a black ribbon-shaped plug and a black crochet case and a silver lanyard with skulls and... skulls that have pirate bandanas on them and pink polka dots. It gained a pink resin heart keychain and a custom-made photo keychain with a picture of my first avatar on here that came with a snowflake charm. I love my yellow (now silver) P's so much that I never leave the house without it in my jacket's pocket. It was badly damaged (by me of course, which I solemnly regret) and that's why I have a crochet case on it. The case itself was made of yellow yarn and colored black with a black sharpie which made it rotten green and then it was dyed with black fabric dye twice and now it's the way it should have been from the start. This is my first color screen tama ever and I have so, so, so many memories with it plus apart from the moments it ran out of battery it was never turned off purposefully. Here's a picture of it (with all the keychains)
  8. I've been hearing about these Tamagezis lately, and I looked them up and think they're really cool! Sadly, though, no results came up when I looked for them on ebay ;-; Do any of you know where I can get one? Thanks!!
  9. I notice on YouTube that many people have decorative little wrist lanyards and bangles instead of the standard keychain attached to their Tamagotchi. I'm curious, where do you get such a thing? How easy/difficult are they to make by hand? Are the licensed Tama Leashes worth getting?
  10. Hi there I'm sort of new to Tamagotchis, in that I used to have one back in the late 90s but had a long spell before getting back into them a few months ago. Anyway my 4U+ baby male tama just morphed into this...but I have no idea what it is! Does anyone know? It's brown with a couple of leaves coming from it. Thanks! Link to image:
  11. Hello everyone! I was curious to see what everyone's tama schedules are? In relation to real time, what is your tama's clock set to? What times are they usually paused? How long do they stayed paused? Do you bring them to school/work? What do they do while you are there? When you get home, what is the first thing you do with your tama? What time do they usually go to bed? My tamas are usually set about 2 hours behind on real time. I'm more of a night owl myself, so I like being able to spend a little extra time with them at night and wake up later in the morning to check on them. I usually tote my tamas to work with me, and depending on the stage that they are in, they will be paused or just on silent. I spend my breaks shoving sweets and food in them to keep them happy and my lunch working the pounds off. When I get off work, I usually take them to the park or the store for something fun! And they usually end their day around 9:00pm or so. What does your tama's schedule look like?
  12. Hey guuuuys!!! Look at this chinese colored tama XD (credits to a friend from Tamagotchi Ancestor Kirsty) It'ssssss very unique though just check it out here's a link : that's all folks! Have an awesome day/night!!!!
  13. Im kinda new here And I wanted to show off my tama 4u and the case I got for it. It just arrived today and Im so happy with it! I Dont know the rules on pictures here so Please bare with me, and if you can, dont include yourself in the photos. For safety sake. Here's mine! Right before he woke up and grew into kuromametchi! The entire case is made out of fluffy yarn! Let me know if you would like to know where I purchases it from.
  14. So, I've been looking into getting a Tamagotchi Friends. I wasn't impressed with the Tama-go but this looks more appealing to me and as a collector, I'm probably going to get at least one eventually. For those who own a Tamagotchi Friends, would you say you enjoyed it? Would you say having more than one made it more fun or was a single "Friends" good enough? FTR, I do own the color versions so I know it would be a "downgrade" to get a Tamagotchi Friends.
  15. I'm a night owl by nature. I tend to creep into bed close to midnight more often than not. However, I'm not a morning person in the least and often don't get up until closer to 9am unless I have to be somewhere earlier. As my title suggests, many of the more modern tamas (v5 and up) get up at the ungodly hour of 6am. I usually just set my tama back a few hours to compensate for my sleep schedule (and fixing the time when I'm up for the day) but I've sometimes forgot, only to wake up to a near-dead tama. So how do you deal with the 6am wake up?
  16. Ok, is it just me or are there not as many Tamatalkers? I remember like a year or two ago when I would go on Tamatalk and there would be tons of people. I might just be paranoid but now I feel like Tamatalk is lonley ~_~ Whatta ya guys think?
  17. Okay so I wasn't sure where to post this question so I'm gonna go ahead and post it in the most relevant one! Anyway, a friend of mine gave me their tama a while ago (V3) and it's COVERED in nailpolish?! I was wondering if theres a way I could either take apart the tama or safely remove the polish? Thanks x
  18. Stripped Screws and How to Fix Them So we've all had that problem, you're trying to get inside your tama to clean the contacts, and the screwdriver slips and then the screw won't come out. This is incredibly frustrating, and possibly damaging to the tama. After wrestling with an angelgotchi for three hours last night, I thought it was time that someone made this topic. Prevention If your screw slips 2-3 times and doesn't seem to be catching, DON'T KEEP TRYING THE SAME METHOD. This can further strip the screw and make it harder to remove in the long run. I've found that vintage screws are particularly susceptible to stripping, and so are the internal screws (the ones underneath the battery cover). Use a Different Screwdriver Most tamagotchi screws are Phillips heads (an x-cross), and the most common cause of stripping is using the wrong size or kind of screwdriver. If your Phillips head keeps slipping, use a slightly larger flathead and press it firmly down into the middle of the screw. Tilt it slightly and twist it slowly in the direction you want it. If it continues to slip after a couple of tries, continue to the next method. Create Some Traction If the screw is still not cooperating, the best thing to do is to create some traction. Get a wide rubber band (I've found that duct tape with the sticky side on the screw aslo works) and stretch it over the screwhead. Then, press your screwdriver into it and use the method above to try and remove the screw. This method is also less likely to cause further damage, so if you have a particularly stubborn screw this is the best method Loosen the Screw From the Inside Sometimes, the screw is just plain stuck. You might have to grease it to get it to come out. Some DW-40 (or vegetable oil, or any other kind of oil. Just NOT WATER) is often best for this job. Apply a small amount around the base of the screw and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Then wipe it off and use the combined methods above to further coerce it into cooperation. This doesn't normally damage the inside or the shell, but still be careful where you grease. Get a Jeweler Many places where you can buy jewelry or watches will be happy to open your tama for you (often for a relatively low cost) and sometimes even have extra screws that you can use. If you're really having trouble, this is the best way to go. Jewelers are professionals and get the job done with the least amount of damage to any of the components. They often have batteries, or know where you could find some. Brute Force If none of the above methods worked for you, and you don't care much about the shell, you might just want to pry it open. Jam some scissors into the seam between the two plastic plates that make up the shell and wiggle it back and forth. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED. YOU MIGHT AS WELL GET A NEW TAMA AT THIS POINT. I would love to hear some of your other methods for removing screws, and I'll add them to this list with your permission.
  19. Epic mametchi!


    Kutchipatchi has one arm 0.o
  20. Hi guys So whats ur favorite tamagotchi's? pick ur favorite 3 and say why u love it (just for fun ) My top 3 are : 3.Tamagotchi Music star 2. Tama- Go 1.AND TAMAGOTCHI V4/v4.5!!!!
  21. I looked online and you can only get Kujkutchi (the peacock) for version 4.5 but I have a Bandai version 4 with him, or I did, until he evolved today. Is this normal?
  22. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help? My tama is 2 yrs old now.. I suppose when she couldn't be able to attend the Childcare she should be able to find a job already right? But when I bought her to the park.. I kept seeing this guy in blue and no matter which button I press my tama will return home straight.,. Could anyone advise???
  23. (Sorry for the huge picture ) I went to, and I clicked on something that said "P's Station". And this showed up! Actually, I'm not even sure if this is new. Does anyone know anything about this?