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Found 60 results

  1. Hello everyone! No time no see! It's really good to be back, I took quite a break from tamagotchis just so I could focus on a few things. I completed my course and I now work at a local cafe, it is a nice job and I have the day off so I thought I'd start another log. I did have another one before which you can find by looking through my profile, it was a lot of fun to write but I randomly stopped updating it. Right now I am currently running my tamago as well as my music star. My tamago is married and has a child, I love all the cute animations. This is my first time running a tamago so it's been interesting! My last log I had three tamagotchis, a friends, a 2017 chibi and an IDL. Unfortunatly I no longer have my chibi. I now also own a V1 (2018 release), a V2, V3, Music Star and a Tamago. I am also waiting on two misc virtual pets and two littlest pet shop virtual pets in the mail. So! This is just a quick update for now, I plan on writing a longer log post later. I have a lot of logs I used to read to catch up on! Bye for now, fidgetTama
  2. I just purchased a used Tama-Go without any of the figurines. What are your thoughts on this model? Will I have to purchase the figurines to have fun with it? I really don't like the look of them setting on top. I saw it for only $12 USD, in great condition, so I got it before doing much research! I did see it can connect to my music star. Does anyone know if you can connect the FTD to the Tama-Go? I'm so excited to start collecting these again! I'll only be getting ones I use though. I don't allow myself to truly just collect things unless I use them consistently. (Hence why I no longer have all of my vintage ones) I'm so excited!! Thanks in advance for your opinions and information!
  3. Hello! I'm aware these are no longer sold in stores. However, I've been looking for the Violetchi Tama-Go figure at a reasonable price online for years with no success. I'd like to buy it singular, used or new, for a cheaper price (this means under 10 dollars). Does anyone know where I can find this? Thank you in advance! - Keegan
  4. Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew what the Tama-Go could connect with (which tamagotchi versions) other than another Tama-Go.
  5. I just won a lot that included a blue Memetchi Tama-go and a winking Memetchi figurine. I'm interested in buying more figurines. Should I buy 2 or 3 separately or buy a whole lot? Just wondering because I don't know if I'll use the whole lot or not.
  6. I've been seeing a lot of these Tamagotchis floating around eBay: And from the cover it's Japanese...But odd enough this could be a Taiwan release.. Japanese or Taiwanese?
  7. My cousins love playing with the gotchi characters from my tamago! I was wondering if anyone knew about other series of figures i could get for them. Their favorite characters are Chamametchi, Kutchipatchi, Ichigotchi, and Memetchi, if that makes any difference
  8. My Tamagotchi on my Tama-go turnned into a teen tonight ( he turnned into a Kilalatchi ) but it still says he's 0 years old, is something wrong? I've seen a lot of people with the same question as me but never seen any answers. Other than that there's nothing wrong or weird with my Tama-go
  9. So I just got a lot of 6 figures from kurkcards on Amazon and it arrived petty quickly, all of the figures were working, but ringotchi kept playing as chamametchi instead of Ringotchi can you help me? Thanks!
  10. It's Nearly October! The goal of this hatch is to start on October 1st and take care of that SAME generation until Halloween. You can sign up until September 30th at 9:00 p.m., and you hatch around 5:00 on October 1st. Rules: You may only sign up with Tama-Gos, Music Dtars, and v4s. You must log your tama EVERY DAY unless a family event is stopping you. You can restart your tama if it does die. You can keep logging after Halloween if your tama didn't die or had a baby, but you MUST stop on the 1​st of December. A small prize of 5 likes will be awarded to anyone who makes it to Halloween. I will be hatching my v4, my Tama-Go, and my Music Star if I can.
  11. *I know there are some other threads covering these topics but many are closed/very old as far as I can remember. I love learning how others accessorize and care for the actual hardware (shell, faceplate, etc.) and what things they carry with their tamas ("first aid" kits) as well as homemade sets for modification (stickers, nail polish, sandpaper, etc.) and I was looking for ideas so.... What types of "extras" do you have for your tama? BTW, I'm not keeping any accessories currently except for my back and white good-quality-cardboard carrying case that has compartments for figurines...Running a tama-go, I don't carry it on a lanyard or anything because of the size. *OST EDIT: Please use the EDIT button to make edits to your posts, rather than double-posting. You can do so up to 24 hours after making your post. Thank you!*
  12. Well, recently I bought a Tama-Go with two figures, the price was pretty cheap so I had to get it (but the shipping killed me X_x), I always wanted to have a Tama-Go since they look really great :3 I just had some little questions about it. 1. the figures, what stuff do each of them have? I'll have the Memetchi figure, the Lite Kuchipatchi one, and the Ringotchi one (+ Chamametchi & Violetchi, since they can be obtained with the Ringotchi figure ) So I would love to know what do they have inside. Also does anyone know what content do Ichigotchi's and Kuromametchi's have? I kinda like the figures they look cute lol 2. Special transformations? I've seen some pictures of the characters looking different from their default sprites in the Tama-Go, I have no idea what it is, is it a clothing feature or something similar to the heshin jo in the iD L? Also I wanted to say I'm really sad the Tama-Go got forgotten so easilly, it could have been the best version we have had overseas with all the figures, I would say is like a downgraded/cheap version of the new 4U. I read somewhere that they were planning on selling 100 figures, when they only sold 12, what makes me kinda sad Anyway I hope you can answer my questions, thanks for reading
  13. I really hope this is the right place to post this ;_; I apologize if it isn't. Anyway, I have all the Tamago figurines (wave 2) and I'm wondering how much they would sell for individually on somewhere like eBay. They're all unopened, and in perfect condition. I'm not sure how rare they are but I don't need this many; seriously, one Ponytchi is enough! If anyone has any idea how much I can/should sell them for please tell me. I feel bad hoarding them all, haha.
  14. Hello, and welcome to Lyssie's Tama Zoo & Spa, where we take care of tamas, day and night. Our current habitats are the v4 habitat and the Tama-go habitat. We will be getting in a new tama some time tomorrow, so come back later!!!
  15. The dollar store where I live has gotchi-characters for the tama-go now! I got the 3 that I didn't already have and am running my tama-go again so I can try them out. I'm just waiting for the egg to hatch right now, so excited!! I've only ran it once before. I had a mametchi last time.
  16. This is just a random topic and I was curious what everyone thought. What is your favorite TamaGO figure? You can vote for them even if you don't have it, or if you do have it. Mine is probably the Shimashimatchi =figure because it has an Electronic Shop and the items are super cool, and so are the games, and my least favorite is the Memetchi figure because the games are lame, and the clothes that you wear saty on for only like 5 seconds, and all they do is pose in it. So, what's your opinion?
  17. Hello! Recently my tamagotchi tamatown aged to 9 and I still cant go to the date place. In the beginning I had it paused but by age 3 it wasn't. What should I do?
  18. I have a tama-go but I have not touched the thing in forever. What set me off of it is the fact that you can't name your tamagotchis on the tama-go. Do any of you name yours? What are your opinions on naming your tamagotchis?
  19. Do you guys have any cool boxes or bags that you store your tama go charactar collections in? I used to just keep mine in a zip lock bag but then my mom gave me this pretty, sheer pouch thing that I thought kind of matched my tama go so I put them in there now, instead. What do you guys keep your tama go characters in?
  20. I got my tamago a year ago. i knew it was big but i dont know why it is so bug. The big dome shape makes the sound softer so you cant hear as much, the screen is cheap and one scrape and its all scratched up. i do like the new features but they could have done better...
  21. I have had my Tamago for a FULL day now and what I ask myself is how long it takes to grow like how long does it taketo age mine is 1 "year" old now and im waiting for it to be 2 but its not happening how do i get it to grow? and how do you make it grow into a certain character PLZ HELP im confused