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Found 40 results

  1. Hi everyone, wow it's been years since I last came to this site 😅 anyways I recently got myself a 4U and currently I'm on the 4th generation. So last night my meloditchi slept as Oyamelojitchi (the personality stage) but today when I woke up, i noticed that she was her normal self again (which isn't surprising) but for some reason she's wearing a crown!? Now I understand that she revert to her normal self if she doesn't meet oyajitchi for a few days, but can tamagotchis wear random clothes or accessories by themselves? I've never seen them do this before so I'm pretty confused on whether this is a feature i never knew it had or if this is a glitch? Any help or explanation would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Hello guys! I am new on tamatalk. So my friend just had a strange evolution on her 4u. She wanted to get melodytchi and she had all of the 10 sports skill points. But instead it evolved into memetchi which you need 20 fashion skill points for and based off of the items she has, she had NO fashion points. I would love to know why this happened. thx for reading bye!
  3. This is my tamagotchi log, I have already gone through 1 gen of my tamagotchi 4U so I'll just start from my current gen!
  4. Hello everyone! I was just woundering if anyone knew how to gain skill points with a 4U. I think your supposed to play with a specific toy or maybe I'm supposed to go to school?
  5. I am new to Tamagotchi 4u. It works with the batteries provided by the online shop. Then it runs out today and I changed GP rechargeable batteries. It failed. Then I changed Energizer batteries. It did not work. The seller said it burned out. Did I use the wrong batteries? Can I fix it? Thank you.
  6. I have the Tamagotchi 4U (not plus, just regular) and I spent a ton of time yesterday with the app and NFC trying to download the English patch, but it never did. Every time I connected my Tama to NFC with the phone, I got loads of gifts and coupons and whatnot, but could not get the patch to download. I was using the Galaxy S6. Any advice/is there another way to get it?
  7. Hi all! I was blessed with a tamagotchi 4u for valentine’s Day! One of the reasons my person bought this model is the ability to go to that garden location since I’ve been randomly into anything gardening lately - but, I think I read on a forum that special locations have to be unlocked with a certain number of nfc connections - I’m in the USA with only an iPhone with no nfc - to unlock the garden location do I need the app on a nfc smartphone or can I just bump with another 4u? Is it more worth it to buy a second 4u for this or more worth it to get a phone that supports the app? Also, if I dare go to a phone store like Verizon and try and use their androids to get the app and bump do you think that would work? I heard not all models have nfc. Thanks!
  8. Hi what stage can we change to different characters? Because I tried it when my main character was a 3 or 4 yrs old and it never change to a character I want ... I looked in the book icon what the characters needs in changing and have done it but it didn't change ... Can anyone help me please,?thank you :-)
  9. I'm enjoying my 4U, despite my phone not being able to connect through the app (it.s a galaxy s5, US, but still nothing). I do seem to run out of things to do quickly, and as much as I love guru meme queen, I'm eager to try and raise some of the others. I haven't been able to find a life cycle anywhere, like how long it takes to get from one generation to the other. Or do I have to reset? (Maybe I should have gotten a m!x)
  10. Hi! So after 6 years, I found my tamagotchi Music Star again and started playing like an idiot. I've had a total of 3 tamagotchis all different versions. I used to save up like crazy when I was a kid. Now I really want to buy the 4u or 4u+ i dont care if its in japanese huhu. I'll be going to singapore and korea this year, so if any of you know where to find them in physical stores there please tell me (and approximate how much they are if you can)!! Will definitely go and buy there rather than get it shipped internationally. Please do help me out! :>
  11. Hello! Not sure if posting this in the right place but if I am not, please let me know so I can post it accordingly. Anyway, I got myself a some Tamagotchi these past 3 weeks, including two 4us, a blue one and a white one. Both were already used but working...except that the white 4u I have won't go through any patches (english/restore/edit name) My patch with the blue one went great, so I was thinking everything would be a breeze with the white 4u (it came later than the blue one) So, I did exactly what I did with the blue 4u with it - but every time I click the patch, let's say the english patch titled "EP1-4U" instead of moving on to the "PATCH MAY TAKE SOME TIME..." my Tamagotchi just hops happily and nothing happens. Same thing when I try to restore patch or even with edit name patch. I hope someone can help or maybe help me out on reaching Mr. Blinky maybe? xD I know he's a busy person but I though this should also help anyone who've experienced the same thing...that, or I'm the unlucky one *sob* I'd like to note I'm using the same NFC device (Nexus 7, 2013) that I did with the blue 4u. Tried clearing cache of the 4u modded app by Mr. Blinky but still same thing happens... Not that I can't play the Japanese language one since there are guides and I'm still able to transfer items/games but it would just be better if I were to patch it since there's an available one anyway.. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help, and everyone.
  12. I was wondering where I could find a full guide on getting all four puzzle pieces for each character in the Tamagotchi 4U+. More specifically, I'm interested in puzzle pieces for characters that are downloaded through the app. I'm having a hard time finding a final fourth puzzle piece for Nonopotchi. Can anyone help me out?
  13. Help! One of my Tamagotchi 4U icons is either not showing it in colour when I select it or shows in in full colour when I DON'T select it. Can you help me fix it, or is it defective or impossible to fix? This problem REALLY bugs me! ~ Cheers
  14. Okay so the weirdest thing happened. Every time my Tamagotchi does something nice, the background turns into a checker pattern of pink and orange (I think? ) and a bunny head of a color will float down to it. Recently, that happened again, but it was different happened after. All the bunny heads rejoiced and created a magical scene of I don't even know. Can someone please answer the question What happened to my Tamagotchi?
  15. So.. I've had my Tamagotchi 4u for a few months now. I love it I love it I love it. But recently, I saw Mr blinky posted a patch for Tamagotchi 4u in English, I was so excited cause I can barely understand some things in the 4u, but to my disappointment, I saw no updates of it on his YouTube channel . But anyways, to the point of this lost. HOW do people make patches for the 4u? Are there any to download?
  16. Hello guys I want to buy a Tamagotchi 4u but I heard that it's a little bit boring without downloadable contents . So I have a Samsung galaxy A3 and I was hoping that it's NFC would work with the Tamagotchi 4u. Can anyone help me as fast as possible? Thanks Salad
  17. Hello everyone! I wanted to know how can I get these items in my Tamagotchi 4u? thanks!
  18. My tamagotchi (4u) kuromametchi is 3 years old and I dont understand why sometimes I give him food (rice) he acts extrange, he looks like he doesn't like it but he eat it anyways. It happens too when I buy him some snacks at the restaurant! Help please!
  19. Hi! Yesterday I got my 4U and now I have a cute toddler. But I have a question: how do I decide which adult will I have? I mean, I know all those skill points but how can I get them? I got all the school instruments and I'm using the "art" one (to get Lovelitchi) but I don't know if I'm doing right!! bare with me this is my first colored tama! thanks for helping!! (and sorry for the poor english)
  20. I saw Tamagotchi 4Us. I'm thinking about getting two. I haven't had a Tamagotchi since my Tamagotchi connection v4s. lost them in the move last year.
  21. HELP!! I can't find the smartphone item your tamagotchi can have for 4u... I just can't find it... :huh:
  22. Hey guys! I haven't posted on here in a while but I was in need of some help and I hope someone can assist ;-; (I'm desperate lolhelp) First off, if this is in the wrong section, I am sorry D: So I just started my first 4U today and I was registering it with the app. I made a Bandai/Namco ID and everything, and my tamagotchi synched with the app. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5, USA version. The model number is SM-G900V. The app was working at first, I downloaded a bingo game and it went through successfully. Since then, I have only been able to see the little animations when I touch my phone and my tamagotchi. It will no longer transfer items, the bingo game was the first and only thing that worked. When I touch my phone and my tamagotchi the screen doesn't shrink anymore. Also, I am tried with both the original Japanese app and the MrBlinky English one, and neither work now. ;-; I'm sorry if this kind of situation has been posted before, I've been looking around and I can't seem to find a solution. Thank you so much for your help; I will repay in friendship and lots of internet hugs. ^-^
  23. Hey guys! Once my 4U Plus arrives next week, I want to make faceplates. I am so excited, I have been waiting to get one for like a year now. Anyways, I was wondering what you call the tiny items you put in the resin? That sounds so stupid but I can't think of what they'd be called. Is it just 3d nail art decorations? Or what? Thanks in advance for your help!
  24. Hello TamaTalk, I've gotten myself a Tamagotchi 4U a month ago and so far have had no problems with it (thanks to the amazing guides from this forum), but today I started raising a new tamagotchi, I was taking care of it and so on, until I went to play the bowling game for some money and extra happiness for the toddler. Played two games, everything was going fine, then this screen came up: I tried putting the image through some japanese OCRs to try and get a text translation, but nothing i tried so far produced any understandable translation. I cannot do anything on my 4U right now, this screen is staying permanently, and pressing any button doesn't dismiss it. If anyone knows what it means and could tell me I would be very grateful!
  25. Hello all! So my Tamagotchi life has been full of original tamas, (what some might call vintage! ), such as my P1, P2, Angelgotchi, Devilgotchi and Umino. I've never had any of the newer ones and I'm thinking of getting a colour one and perhaps a V4 or V4.5 but i have no idea which I'd enjoy more and have limited funds to spend on such treats! So I'd really like your recommendations on which ones you prefer and why please! What do you love about your fave one? Do you have yours in Japanese or English, which do you prefer? I know about the Tamagotchi P's as well but not sure I am as interested in those - feel free to change my mind though if they're your faves! Looking forward to your answers guys!