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Found 11 results

  1. Okay, so we've seen the re-release of P1 and P2 Tamagotchis, the Tamagotchi mini's, Digimon, the Tamagotchi Nano's are doing well, and the On/Meets/Some are also doing good. This is purely speculation at this point, but perhaps we may see a new wave of the Angel, Forest, and Ocean? I would seriously flip my lip if that happened! And don't even get me started on the Devilgotchi, if that got re-released it would be amazing. Though that one is probably the least likely to be re-released out of the bunch. I hope that if Bandai goes down this path and Tamagotchi continues to be successful again, maybe they'll re-release the connections as well? Sigh, one can dream. What does everyone else think? Do you think a re-release of the Angel/Forest/Ocean is feasible? Would you also flip your lid? I'd love to hear everyone else's thoughts!
  2. I'm debating purchasing a new tamagotchi. I haven't finished my collection of Connections yet (need a V1, any .5's and a Music Star, then any Japanese 'connections', I just don't know what to really call them generally) but I think I would like a vintage right now to be honest. I have a lot of free time when, I have free time, as I'm a senior in high school so I still have to attend all my classes and whatnot. I'm curious if a vintage tamagotchi would be good for me or not... I don't think I want a P1 or P2 (though I'm not opposed), and I know how busy an Ocean is so I'm not even gonna try. A Devil would be nice but those are so expensive I'm not gonna mess with it, but on the other side of that I think I would enjoy an Angel or a Forest! Maybe even a Mesutchi and Osutchi, I'm not sure. My schedule is this- During the school week, from 8am to 4pm, I'm at school. I always set my connections to sleep in until 10:30am because my first period classes are too demanding for me to bother my Tamagotchi's, so I can easily set my time on Tamagotchi's a bit late. I usually only care for one tamagotchi at a time while I'm at school because they click together on my belt loops, but if I can figure out a way that they don't make noise I can easily care for multiple at a time. After school I'm free until I go to bed. Sunday mornings I have work (9am to noon, I'm usually not busy though and have taken fine care of Tamagotchi's during work before). Sometimes I have DnD in the evenings but my other players know that I play with my tamagotchi's so that's not a distraction from the game. If a Vintage wouldn't do well with my schedule I'm curious what other Tamagotchi's would do well with me. I already have 2 M!Xes, so I'm good on that front... Plus I just, don't want another color tama for now. Any tamagotchi suggestions? I'd also take tamagotchi cousin suggestions too, like I think qpets are really cute and I'd honestly order the dog one if I knew where the find it... In short, I'm a senior in highschool with a lot of free time looking for another Tamagotchi. I would prefer a vintage but any other Tamagotchi or Tama Cousins recommendation would be just as good as well. I am not looking for a colored Tamagotchi. Thank you so much!
  3. I got a blue angel a few years back. After a while, it stopped reacting to my tapping, and it became difficult to care for it as i couldn't chase away bats trying to torment it. I tried opening it up to fix it, but i couldn't find the damaged part and upon reassembling it, i found that it no longer worked correctly. (as in, screen flickering, erratic movements and random resets) I've decided that i want to see if i can repair it. This post is gonna be me documeting my findings! I would post pictures, but my camera is out of batteries and i don't want to wait for it to recharge. step 1: open the batter cover. Right off the bat, one of the battery contacts has a tiny bit of green corrosion on it. It hasn't had a battery in, and i don't know if that was there when i put it away after i broke it. I got some rubbing alcohol, but i accidentally spilled some on my desk. now my workspace is clean! step 2: open the body. There's some sticky business inside, but i know i didn't get it wet when i had it running. Is that normal? I'm wiping off the sticky stuff. it feels like dried up mechanical lubricant. the speaker's also a little grimy... there's a fingerprint on it, and i'm almsot certain it's not mine! wiped that off. got msot of the fine corrosion off the battery contacts. I'm going to look closer at the rest of it to see if i see anyhting wrong. Also, has anyone actually found what in an angel senses the tapping? I don't see anyhting that looks like a motion sensor, except maybe the speaker, but that's the speaker. step 3: put it back together. I wiped down the circuitry with alcohol, let it dry and now everythign is abck in place. i don't see any kind of weirdness elsewhere, so i can only hope the errors were from the corrosion i wiped off. my batteries are a little iffy, so i'm going to put in new ones. also, side note: the little plastic wishbone shape that goes in along the screen is a pretty pearly pink color. Is this the same color as the pink angel's body? wouldn't that be neat if the pink one had a blue piece in it as well? MOMENT OF TRUTH,,,, IT WORKED I'm so excited! it looks like i got it working again, its screen is staying on with no flickering and, after a little drop test on my desk with no reset, it looks perfectly fine! In fact, once i got my obake 2, i found that the tap sensor works too now! This literally could not have been more successful! Something to note, this angel was pretty quiet when it was last working, and now it seems that wiping the grime fof the speaker has made it a little louder as well. Thanks for reading my journey! I was expecting it to end in failure, but sometimes things just work out.
  4. I am pretty sure it is completely unopened. Will the batteries have corroded and rendered it unplayable? And a side question. Can I use a #0 Phillips screwdriver or do I need to prioritize searching for a JIS one?
  5. Hello:) I saw one of these Angelgotch watches on Ebay recently. I searched and searched for informations but I couldn´t find any. Are there rare? Why isn´t there some informations? Does someone here have one? I´m so confused Thanks for your answers
  6. Hey guys! So I've had this tamagotchi for a little bit and iI've used it before, but now it won't hatch! It's been in it's little UFO Thing for about 4 weeks! I don't know what to do!
  7. I was just looking on kijiji, and was very surprised to find someone near me selling a tamagotchi angel. It's the American tamagotchi angel, the yellow shell with gold wings. It's used, the description says "perfect condition", although I can see a few small smudges on the shell in the photo, it doesn't bother me. The seller is also including brand new batteries. I'm just wondering what the value of this tamagotchi would be. The seller is open to offers, but I have no experience with ancestor tamas so I have no frame of reference.
  8. Hi, guys! I hope it's appropriate that I ask about this here. I've searched and found a few answers but need some clarification. Does anyone know how to remove yellowing (I believe from sunlight) on white Tamagotchi Angels without damaging it or removing the original white sheen? I've read that products with benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon juice may work. I don't wish to take the Tamagotchi apart so I can't necessarily soak it in anything. I'm actually allergic to benzoyl peroxide so that can't be used. Has anyone done this with hydrogen peroxide and had some success? Apparently the yellowing is just around the tab on the side and fades out to white. Thank you in advance! <3
  9. I just recently acquired these two Tamas and the screws are MINISCULE. I didn't know screws were even made that small. I have a bunch of small screwdrivers that I've used for my newer Tamagotchi models, but I don't have any small enough for these two. If you all don't use a screwdriver to open the back, what do you use? I've had no luck trying to use a knife.
  10. I'm very confused, mostly because of how sellers list their Tamagotchi Angels on Ebay. So hopefully things can be cleared up... What are all the color combinations for Angelgotchis? Both American and Japanese. Some people list them as being silver, but they look blue, or they're white, etc. I'm wondering if the wings are always the same color? So the pearl white will always have gold wings? Will pearl blue always have silver wings? It's very confusing and sometimes the pictures don't show the colors well, or the color looks like another color, etc. I'm mostly getting confused with white and blue Angels. Anyone have a list (or pictures) of all the colors of the shells plus wings?
  11. Ok I was thinking about making a Tamagotchi Angel/ or Angelgotchi hatch. Now There is no set date right now but It will have to be after I get mine in the mail. I know its a huge commitment but I want to do it. I will be joining but not unless there is at least one other person to do this hatch with. I plan to start the Hatch No later than the 22 of May. Thanks to all of you who join xD. (This is my first hatch that I made so bear with me). (No set time just on that date. Also you need to apply with either a Japanese or american Version on a tamagotchi angel. Posting everyday is not nessecary as Angels have a long growth time try to post at least once ever two days, or at least once every time it evolves. Late entrys will be accepted up to 72 hours after the hatch has started. Thanks for participating. ) Participants: Dylan1234 Possible Participants: Waight