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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I am Deru-sama, AKA Dale8998. I have a plan to make an abridged anime containing all 400 episodes. 😀 However, I need voice actors. You can't have an abridged anime just by cutting up an episode and calling it finished, you have to slap in a bunch of jokes. (For example, Goku squeaking whenever he's crushed in someone's hands during a TFS episode, or Tea being a kleptomaniac in YGOTAS.) Here's the questions: 1. How old are you? (I need you to be 13 or older, because I'm going for a PG-13 audience in order to keep myself from getting COPPA banned. If you don't want to say, just give a range.) 2. Do you have any experience with voice acting? (If you do, it's a bonus, but first-time actors are fine too.) 3. What time zone are you in? 4. When are you available? I try to get one upload a week, but I can do it more slowly or quicker depending on when you're available. 5. YouTube link?
  2. My best friend and I loved both the Tamagotchi! anime series and the Let's Go! Tamagotchi short episodes and we watched all of them more than once. Tamagotchi The Movie was absolutely incredible and we both adored it. However, when we watched Yume Kira Dream, we both didn't really get into it as much as we had with the other two. Don't get me wrong, I still think it was a good show but there was just something about it that was different from the original Tamagotchi! anime. I'm going to watch it again and see whether it's better the second time round. What did you guys think of Yume Kira Dream?
  3. I was just wondering; does anybody here have the following episodes dubbed in English? 1. Watch Out! Anpan Detective is Here! (episode 9, part 1) 2. Stop it Right There! Thief Papillon! (episode 9, part 2) 3. KuroMametchi Finds His Coolness (with the opening scene and the full "Bread and Milk Dance" scene) 4. Is He a Myth? The Kuchipatchi of Truth (episode 26, part 1) If you have or remember anything about them, please tell me (send a link if you have them)! I would greatly appreciate it if you do! 😄
  4. Howdy! I'm running a campaign (link in my signature) to translate and subtitle the entire Tamagotchi! Anime series into English - including all 4 series, movies, and OVAs. Episode 1: The Big Race on Tama Street Episode 2: Transfer Students at Tamagotchi School NEW! Episode 3: [iN TRANSLATION] Episode 4: [NOW FUNDING] S1E2: Transfer Students at Tamagotchi School
  5. Howdy! Some of you may know already, but I'm running a campaign (link in my signature) to translate the entire Tamagotchi! Anime - including all 4 series, movies, and OVAs. So far we have Tamagotchi! Episode 1: The Big Race on Tama Street ( This translation wouldn't be possible with awesome fans like all of you! I'm so happy we're here already
  6. (You may have read my previous thread a couple months back, I'm here to deliver on what I promised!) I’m huge fan and want to help share this series with everyone! I have all of the DVDs, each episode has been ripped and saved. All that’s left is the actual translation! Here’s how YOU can help! I am commissioning a translation group to tackle the series, which I will then subtitle and upload. Translating a series of this magnitude is a pretty big job: Each season is roughly 21-29 episodes long, and the Tamagotchi! anime is divided between 4 series - Tamagotchi!, Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream, Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends, and GO-GO Tamagotchi!, with each series being connected, and a direct continuation of the events in the previous series Tamagotchi! alone has 6 seasons (143 episodes) and is the series we are focusing on funding first. Yume Kira Dream has 2 seasons (49 episodes), Miracle Friends has 1 season (29 episodes), and GO-GO has 2 seasons (50 episodes). We also intend to translate the additional materials in the series, including the two feature-length movies, the 3 OVAs released by McDonalds, and the short movie released in 2017 Details of all material set for translation in this project can be found here Funding will be divided into seasons, as funds for each season’s translation is met, donations for the next season will open while the funded season is translated, encoded, and scheduled for upload. Explanation of all goals, what they will be used for, and how much is needed in order to translate the full series can be found here. The goal of this project is to make this series accessible to all, so I will do my best to be accessible to all, please check our Twitter for updates, and feel free to email with any questions at: Unable to donate? That’s fine! The best thing you can do is SPREAD THE WORD! Let’s get the message out to all the TamaFans out there - this is a thing that is finally happening, and that you can help MAKE it happen! Disclaimers! All money raised through donations goes directly to the translator’s commission. This is a strictly not-for-profit campaign. I do not condone the monetization of these translated episodes. Additionally, I am not affiliated with any corporation or business, I’m just a fan! (That being said, I myself am a full-time university student and part-time worker putting myself through my final years (and then some), if you like what I do and wanna throw some support my way, here’s my Ko-Fi!) I hope to bring you all some TamaGoodness real soon! Crowdfunding Donation link up now on the website:
  7. Hello!! Long-time reader, first-time poster, I'm sure you know the drill... I'll just get down to it: I can't be the only one that's been dying to watch the Tamagotchi (2009-2015) anime from start to finish for years, but can't seem to find a single source for subtitled episodes, or even raw episodes anywhere online (yeah, there's a couple episodes here and there, but no one seems to have all 271 episodes). I think the main reason all requests and attempts to have the anime subtitled have fizzled out is because of the lack of a single, high-quality source that can provide them to those who could make it happen. Well, I've decided to take matters into my own hands here: I've ordered the first 35 DVDs that make up the 'Tamagotchi!' anime, which include the first 143 episodes of the series, and I'm already making arrangements to get 'Yume Kira Dream', 'Miracle Friends', and 'Go-Go Tamagotchi!' DVDs (as well as the un-dubbed movies) some time before June. I have the necessary (region-unlocking) tools to rip these DVDs in order to get the raw, high quality episodes and share them. With this in mind, once I gather all of these files together, do you think there could finally be hope in requesting a complete English fansub of the series from a subbing group? Or possibly, do you think we could try and make one ourselves? I sure as heck couldn't do translations, but I can do some of the more technical things, which is why I'm here in the first place I guess. In any case, I hope doing this will bring some semblance of hope to anyone like me that's still holding onto hope for ever watching this show, I'll keep you posted as my packages come in!
  8. I've looked everywhere but i can't find the episode 9 English dub of tamagotchi! i've looked everywhere and i was only able to find the Chinese dub. the episode is called "watch out! Anpan detective is here" and "stop right there!! thief papiyon". TBH the episode might not have been translated to begin with but old YouTube links to the episode suggest that it did have a English dub. my only hope is that someone downloaded it. The only part of the episode that is possible to see in English in the first flash back of episode 16. if someone does have the episode somewhere can you please email it to me because im despite to see it. episode 9 Chinese dub: (link only works on mobile devises)
  9. I've spent a lot of time trying to find out who voices gozarutchi in the English dub of Tamagotchi! but have found nothing so far, does any here happen to know?