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Found 3 results

  1. Hello I'm new to this website and I've been using my old tamagotchi connection v3 for about a month now. The screen on my device is fairly beat up and I was curious if I could find some official or third party screen replacement for the Tamagotchi Connection v3.
  2. Are there any differences? I wanna get a V3 but I'm not sure if there's any differences between an american or japanese version. thanks!
  3. Hello! I'm Beaux! I've decided to start a Tamagotchi Log, as my interest in Tamagotchis has been sparked for some time, however, I'd been unable to find my old ones until just very recently, and I can finally start again! I don't mean to start with a wall of text for an intro, so here's just a few bits of what my Log will be like. I'll probably come back and edit this as I go. I go from very busy to not busy at all very sporadically, so updates will probably vary in length, detail, and time in between. But I'll try to keep it good. I really like the idea of commenting, or at the very least, getting feedback and questions, or even answers to my own questions I may be unable to find myself. However, I don't want to break the rules, or invite others to break the rules. Instead I can post PMs of feedback as well as my response, if it's relevant to my logs. That way my logs aren't "cluttered" with other members, but people still get to see most feedback. If your feedback is for some reason too personal, you can just ask, and I won't consider posting it. This being said, I sort of doubt I'll get feedback, making this probably unnecessary. Also, if an admin has a problem with me posting other people's feedback, which I doubt, then I'll happily resolve whatever issue they have. I probably won't fill this with too many cutesy anecdotes. I'm talking more like how my tamagotchi is feeling or things that don't actually happen in game, like its thoughts, memories, etc. I'm not looking down on that, of course, they're quite fun to read and it sounds cool to fill in the blanks like that, but I'm treating this less as a work of fiction or a story and more like a log of my own experience. And now, without further ado, Log Entry 1 - Sunday, May 26 to Wednesday, May 29 On Saturday, I decided to buy a new Tamagotchi Connection V3, as after a week of scouring my room and basement, I was unable to find my old one I used as a child, though I knew it was still in a box somewhere. Obviously, since I had now bought one, it would stand to reason that after spending money on a new one, I would find my old one, and on Sunday, find them I did! On Sunday I immediately went out to buy new batteries, and powered up my old V3 (and mini, but those are boring, so I just saved the extra battery for another day). The baby hatched a female, and I named her after a lot of my old Tamagotchis, with the name Harpo. Way back when I ran my Tamagotchis, I started while on a trip visiting relatives, and my uncle and I watched marathons of the Marx Bros. I was a huge fan, thus, many of my tamas were spawned with names like Harpo, Chico, and Chica. Too bad Groucho doesn't fit well... I was excited to play the Get Music game, my nostalgia gets real bad sometimes, considering it's such a simplistic game, really. But I played it quite a lot, and got a good treasure chest from the shop, so by the time Harpo became a child, I already raised 2000 points! I'd also payed attention and got the discipline level, and payed attention to the nap times, making sure to get the lights really quickly. Harpo grew into a little adorable Mizutamatchi, probably my favorite child tama, so that was great. I used the shop codes and got a few souvenirs, so I'd acquired quite a few items, including, of course, my favorite item, the bow-tie. I'll have to wait until I have a male, hopefully next generation, I suppose, to use it, but still. Harpo evolved yet again on Monday, surprisingly early, as I'd thought she'd stay a child for about 2 days... either I overestimated, or it varies each time, I suppose I'll figure that out soon. I was surprised and thrilled to see Harpo had grown into.... A Patapatachi! I was really excited to get a good care teen, as I wasn't sure what I would get, but I've been trying to take real good care of Harpo as she grows up. If memory serves, she had 5 discipline levels before evolving, which does seem like quite a lot, I think I've caught all the opportunities so far to scold/praise when needed. I'm hoping Harpo will grow into a great care adult, which means I'll have to be even more vigilant and good with her. Something I immediately failed to do on Tuesday, however, when I woke up a little late and then later left her home alone for 3 hours when I went out for a geocaching hike. Luckily in the morning all that happened was she fell to 2 hearts in hunger and happiness each, not bad, but I didn't like her going under 3, and in the second, she was left alone with her poop and got sick, but still stayed at 2 hunger and 1 happiness. It was her first time getting sick since she was a baby, excluding the immediately-cured toothaches from getting her weight up for Bump. Whenever I leave her idle, however, I keep her at a weight of 22-25 lbs, as I don't want that to influence her growth. I typically spam her with snacks and then spam the B button, playing Bump and getting points until her weight is back down to 22 and she doesn't want to play anymore. I've still only gotten Bump Champion once, but it pays really well. I've bought a ton of items by using the mall in Tamatown Europe when my points hit maximum, and I donated 5000 to the king already. Hopefully, today in the mail I'll get my new V3, which I'll start playing on immediately, and soft reset until I get a boy character, so they can start breeding right off the bat. I think I'll pause Harpo once I start with the other V3, while I don't like manipulating with time and pause, I want my two tamas to stay in the same stages of growth, and for them to get some play-time together as teens to foster a good friendship. That just about wraps up this log, hopefully I'll update tomorrow with not one, but two little guys! Harpo - Patapatatchi Discipline Level: 7 Points: 869 (where did the odd number come from...?) New Items: Cuckoo Clock, RC Car 2, Stuffed Animal, Hair Gel,Costume, Bow Tie, Bow, Roller Skate, Cap, Darts, Ball, Fishing Pole, Doll, Pencil, RC Car, Bldg Block, Action Figure, RC Toy, Music Disk, Music/Mp3 Player, Drum) Feedback is both improbable and welcome! Have any questions/answers(likewhyihaveanextragotchipoint?)/comments? PM me!