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Found 18 results

  1. Hey all! Does anyone happen to know what type of screw the large back screw is that holds the back cover to the connection tamas, and where I can find replacement screws for it? ;_; I'm thinking they may sell them at a home improvement store if I just knew what type to get! 😅Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello I'm new to this website and I've been using my old tamagotchi connection v3 for about a month now. The screen on my device is fairly beat up and I was curious if I could find some official or third party screen replacement for the Tamagotchi Connection v3.
  3. Are there any differences? I wanna get a V3 but I'm not sure if there's any differences between an american or japanese version. thanks!
  4. Hello there, I'm kinda new to tamagotchi and Tamatalk and I would like to start logging them in a notebook. And I have not found many people, so far who did or still do... So I was hoping you peoples could give me some tips and tricks for logging? (i.e What things would you say are important to log/keep records of?) Dragonflytchi =*|*= P.S If you could include some pictures of your tamagotchi log books? If you have any, I would appreciate it!
  5. Hey! I've been looking for nice quality pixel artwork for tamagotchi connections but I can't find any. I've been trying to re-create my own but if a resource already exists I would greatly appreciate your recommendations / access to it!
  6. Hello everyone, I thought this subject needed some updated answers/information... So ya, just wondering when they save for the(Mostly wondering about connections, V1, V2, V3.)download feature? Dragonflytchi =*|*=
  7. The other day, I found my old Tamagotchi Connection V1 and an unused battery for it. So, I made the obvious choice of starting it up again! It's a boy, and his name is Alan. I found myself especially focused on little Alan, but I knew what I was doing. The last time I had played with a Tamagotchi was over a decade ago, so this was a ride down memory lane. He evolved from a Bebitchi into a Marutchi on Sunday at about 1:30 pm, and then yesterday at about 2:30 pm he evolved into an Ichigotchi. So far, he seems to be doing fine. His training bar is nearly full, his hungry and happy hearts are almost always filled, and he is kept at right about 20 lbs. I guess that "Tama-mama instinct", for lack of a better term, never really goes away As I finish writing this, I checked on Alan, and he had one empty Hungry heart and one empty Happy heart. So I gave him a meal, and since he was at 22 lbs after that, I played the Dance game with him. I will be updating this daily. Feel free to comment~
  8. This is kind of a brag post about how awesome my husband is, but its also a post I wanted to make because I wanted to share this news with people that would be as excited about it as I am! My husband uses this app called Let Go and he was browsing it the other day and found a lot of 3 Tamagotchis for ten dollars. He went out of his way to get them for me before he had to go to work. I was already at work when he returned home with them so he sent me a picture. I open the text and HOLY MOLY. The lot turned out to be one that included two Tamagotchi Connection v2s (from what I can tell from the picture) and a Tamagotchi Connection v4. FOR TEN DOLLARS. All three are in perfect working order (well, one of the v2's has a line of dead pixels in the screen but still!) I feel so super lucky. I think I'll start a log with them <3
  9. So I recently decided to bring my 4 V4/4.5 back to life (but I do also have a V5 too), but one problem I have had is that when they make a beeping noise, to possibly notify me that they are hungry, unhappy or nothing at all, I would't know which tamagotchi to tend to (but the hunger and happiness is fine if I just looked at their stats). But I really do want to train them, by diciplining them, but by having 4 of them i wouldn't know which one to praise or give a time out to. I hope you all understant what I mean by that and now to the actual question: Would I be able to input a small light bulb, similar to the one on the top of the tamagotchi where you're able to connect to others, and somehow make it be able to light up when something like what I had described above, would happen. If there is a way, I was planning on putting the bulb where the antenai of the tamagotchi is and possibly surround it with see-through plastic. I'm not so sure yet as this is possibly impossible to do anyways. Either way thanks in advanced TamaFifi27
  10. So a while back, maybe half a year ago, I was running a couple with my V4 and V4.5. The V4 was a male who eventually ended up an Androtchi, but the V4.5 was a little behind, so she was only an Ura Young Memetchi when this happened... I had connected them all the time, made sure their friendship was to the max, and as soon as they both reached adulthood, I would connect them again to get them married and make babies. However, as I said before, my V4.5 was a bit behind, so when my V4 reached adulthood and turned into an Androtchi, my V4.5 was still a teen (an Ura Young Memetchi to be specific). I connected them again to keep up their friendship, but suddenly they know, they got married anyways. So it was really awkward for me, seeing my teenage Ura Young Memetchi... ...having babies... ...with an adult Androtchi. ._. But yeah, that was my weird experience that I really don't know where to put, category-wise. Has anyone else ever experienced a teen getting pregnant with twins in a Tamagotchi before? If so, leave a comment. I'd love to know if this wasn't just a one time thing for me. XD Anywho, thanks for reading! Adieu~
  11. so i was wondering if their is a way to get the ufo in the shop or if it comes on special occasions (i have a tamagotchi connection v2)
  12. so i'm still pretty new to tamagotchi and i was wondering how you can tell what version of tamagotchi you have currently i have a tamagotchi connection from 2004. i'm still not sure how to tell what version it is.
  13. Yesterday while I was watching Tv, I checked on my v4.5, only to find it staring at some weird thing in the center- I have a celebtchi, and this happened an hour or so after he turned into an adult today. He seemed to be staring at some sort of screaming baby tama in a cup???
  14. Okay so- Earlier today I replaced the batteries on my two tamagotchi connections v4.5 and v4, set the correct time, and tried to connect them via visit, but they wouldn't... I'm pretty sure it's the v4 that wont send the signal thing properly, 'cuz the 4.5 will try to connect but will end up with a failure, and the v4 will keep on saying connect until it'll eventually say fail, normally 30 seconds later than the 4.5... The battery for it might be a little old, I don't know... Anybody know whats wrong? I really want to connect them so I can marry them soon...
  15. For anyone who may not have seen this yet, there is a seller on Ebay with the username globewang2013 selling tons of knockoff Tamagotchi Connections. The titles of each listing say "Virtual Pet Cyber Pet Toy 49 Pets in One 90s Nostalgic Toy Tiny Tamagotchi." The pictures look like your standard knockoff, but these actually have the Tamagotchi Connection logo on the front to fool people into thinking they're getting the real deal. Buyers beware!!
  16. So I have two Tamagotchi Connection v4's (which can be seen here) but whenever I try to connect them, they just sit there and then go back to the main screen and don't connect at all. I don't know why they're doing this because they always used to connect just fine. Do you think there's something wrong with the infrared in one or both of them? Or are they just being buggy? And does anyone know how to fix or test this? It's frustrating because I want my tamas to connect and be friends and all that, but I can't do that when they're not connecting
  17. I still can't decide whether to but a v3, a v4 or a v4.5! Which do you think I should get?