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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, so we've seen the re-release of P1 and P2 Tamagotchis, the Tamagotchi mini's, Digimon, the Tamagotchi Nano's are doing well, and the On/Meets/Some are also doing good. This is purely speculation at this point, but perhaps we may see a new wave of the Angel, Forest, and Ocean? I would seriously flip my lip if that happened! And don't even get me started on the Devilgotchi, if that got re-released it would be amazing. Though that one is probably the least likely to be re-released out of the bunch. I hope that if Bandai goes down this path and Tamagotchi continues to be successful again, maybe they'll re-release the connections as well? Sigh, one can dream. What does everyone else think? Do you think a re-release of the Angel/Forest/Ocean is feasible? Would you also flip your lid? I'd love to hear everyone else's thoughts!
  2. I'm debating purchasing a new tamagotchi. I haven't finished my collection of Connections yet (need a V1, any .5's and a Music Star, then any Japanese 'connections', I just don't know what to really call them generally) but I think I would like a vintage right now to be honest. I have a lot of free time when, I have free time, as I'm a senior in high school so I still have to attend all my classes and whatnot. I'm curious if a vintage tamagotchi would be good for me or not... I don't think I want a P1 or P2 (though I'm not opposed), and I know how busy an Ocean is so I'm not even gonna try. A Devil would be nice but those are so expensive I'm not gonna mess with it, but on the other side of that I think I would enjoy an Angel or a Forest! Maybe even a Mesutchi and Osutchi, I'm not sure. My schedule is this- During the school week, from 8am to 4pm, I'm at school. I always set my connections to sleep in until 10:30am because my first period classes are too demanding for me to bother my Tamagotchi's, so I can easily set my time on Tamagotchi's a bit late. I usually only care for one tamagotchi at a time while I'm at school because they click together on my belt loops, but if I can figure out a way that they don't make noise I can easily care for multiple at a time. After school I'm free until I go to bed. Sunday mornings I have work (9am to noon, I'm usually not busy though and have taken fine care of Tamagotchi's during work before). Sometimes I have DnD in the evenings but my other players know that I play with my tamagotchi's so that's not a distraction from the game. If a Vintage wouldn't do well with my schedule I'm curious what other Tamagotchi's would do well with me. I already have 2 M!Xes, so I'm good on that front... Plus I just, don't want another color tama for now. Any tamagotchi suggestions? I'd also take tamagotchi cousin suggestions too, like I think qpets are really cute and I'd honestly order the dog one if I knew where the find it... In short, I'm a senior in highschool with a lot of free time looking for another Tamagotchi. I would prefer a vintage but any other Tamagotchi or Tama Cousins recommendation would be just as good as well. I am not looking for a colored Tamagotchi. Thank you so much!