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Found 85 results

  1. I’ve recently started using my tamagotchi friends again and for some reason the shop has been stuck on the same items for the past 3 days. I want to get more meal items, it’s frustrating that almost everything has been sold out for 3 days straight. I don’t know how to get it to refresh, so help would be appreciated.
  2. I have seen some unreleased Tamagotchi Friends figures. The only ones I have seen were Spacytchi, Akaspetchi, and Pipospetchi in a 3 pack. These 3 I remember seeing photos of but I haven’t seen them in such a long time.
  3. HI! i found my pink tamagotchi today and tested it and it works fine but the screen seems to be dirty (doesnt seem like dust/dirt just grime) is there a safe way to clean the screen without ruining it (such as bubles appearing or something of that sort. Thanks ^^
  4. Is it possible to unlock any of the games on the Tamagotchi Friends without connecting with any other TMGC:Friends? (It's an EU version) I'm getting bored of the 2 games I know how to play.
  5. Soooooo I have a Tamagotchi Friends (not a Dream Town, but one of the technically first-wave ones I guess) and the only growth charts I see are for the Dream Town versions. I was just wondering if there are any non-Dream Town growth charts for Tamagotchi Friends? I've gotten Mametchi literally every time I raise a Tamagotchi on the system, and I wanna vary it up. Thanks in advance ❤️
  6. I’ve been trying to catch the babies before they poop on the floor and I’m wondering if it’s even worth the effort. I know that some Tamagotchis in the past have been able to potty train, but I don’t know if the Tamagotchi Friends can. Thanks
  7. I just started up my Tamagotchi Friends again and I was looking at some growth charts to plan out what characters I want. Some charts mention playing the “coin catch” game to get “active” adults. Where would I find this game? It’s not in the game section. Also, for the “social” adults, it says something about sending SMS. What exactly do they mean by this? Is it a special feature I’ve missed out on? Sorry if this is obvious stuff or if there’s another thread I should be looking at, I haven’t been into the Tamagotchi stuff in a little while. Thanks y’all ✌🏻
  8. Hi! I'm looking into getting more Tamagotchi's and I was wondering how much you guys would recommend a Dream Town. What I like in a Tamagotchi is, a lot of, games. Looking at the Dream Town, there's like, 11? But those are hard for me to find... And then I'm not sure how I feel about normal tamagotchi friends, plus I don't really want to buy another one for the BFF stuff just yet. Friends are SUPER easy to find though, I just. Think I would prefer a Dream Town... Idk. I'll figure it out I guess but I wanted y'alls input too. Ty!
  9. So I apparently left some old batteries in my Tamagotchi Friends and they leaked. I cleaned out the corrosion as best I could with vinegar but it still won't turn on with new batteries. Is this a hopeless cause? or are there any tricks to getting my Tama to work again?
  10. So, I have a tamagotchi Friends, and I got a cofrietchi not that long ago, but it go married and had children. I checked on my new baby tamagotchis memory to see if the cofrietchi was there, but there was no traces of it in my memory. Has this happened to any other tamagotchi friends owners? Please tell me what happened! Lucky cat
  11. So uhh, my sister and I were looking at my tamagotchi Friends, and noticed that the pixels seemed to leave a trace of them behind on the screen. This is plainly called Sticky Pixels and is quite normal on tamagotchi Friends. It basically means, if the Tama is moving around on the screen, and you can see traces of where it was before, you shouldent worry because it is normal. Hope this helped some of you confused Tama lovers out there! Thank you for reading, Lucky cat
  12. So I'm in the states but I recently got a European v Tamagotchi Friends and tried to go onto the Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town, it let me play but wouldn't let me sign in or register or anything. Is that site totally defunct? I'm completely out of the loop tbh but I know obviously the old tama DreamTown is gone and and has been for a while, but I thought maybe at least the Friends one might be up and running bc it's newer. Is that not the case?
  13. so recently after along time of my tamagotchi friends systems being lost in my box in the shed in a box full of toys, i found the box and excitedly put new batteries in my two gotchis and started them up. My blue gotchi turned right on with no reset button needing to be pressed but thats not the problem. The problem is my purple tamagotchi friend system. I tryed putting new batteries in and it did not turn on... I tried multiple times even pressing the reset and nothing happened. Finally after many times of trying it finally came on and has been acting weird ever since. Every time i send messages to my other gotchi or bump the gotchis the purple one resets it self. Some times it doesn't but every now and again it does. WHATS WRONG WITH MY PURPLE SYSTEM???
  14. So I want to get the first version of the tamagotchi friends and I have a dream town edition, but I'm wondering - can they connect? I don't want to get one unless they can
  15. Hi there! We have created Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town Class charts that you might find very useful! Enjoy!
  16. I've recently got a Tamagotchi friends thing and i've seen the personality chart and read how to get different personalities. But everything i follow the instructions, the personality doesnt set in and my tamagotchi always turns into Coffretchi. I've tried it two times, both times trying to get the gourmet personality. I've feed the teen 15 different foods from the store, yet she still doesnt evolve into piantchi am i doing something wrong? help!
  17. Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town V9 News & Discussion Thread Top Row: Colorful Bubbles, Floral Gem & Green Leopard Gem Bottom Row: Kira Kira Gem, Pink Lace Gem & Zig Zag Gem New features: -- New Dream Town theme brought into device with various Dream Town venues throughout the device: eat at the Music Café, shop at the TamaMori Shop, go to Dream School, visit YUMEX-TV and go to the Tama Star Circus -- 5 new characters (Butterflytchi, Doyatchi, Hanafuwatchi, Amakutchi and Karakutchi) -- 11 games including 7 Dream Class-themed games (Tennis, Balloon, Flower Count and Cake Catch + more!) More information:
  18. So I see where people have their Tama friends and the Tama having a speech bubble everytime I go to click the button to make them talk to you it doesn't get bold is my Tama messed up or do I have to do something specific for them to speak
  19. I have one question. Can you pause a tamagotchi for 8 hours a day and it still age one year? I might need to pause it in school but I may be able to check it between classes.
  20. Hello!! I've been enjoying my new Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town, but I have one big question - what determines their growth? I've seen charts online for Tamagotchi Friends, but none for its Dream Town variant (which seems to follow a different system because of the Dream School function). For example, I've seen a Tamagotchi Friends chart that described Himespetchi as good (not perfect) care only. But, by taking my perfect care teenager to the "robots class," she evolved into Himespetchi! So clearly there are some differences. Can anyone run them by me? Thanks! (Also, does someone have a complete list of all the tamagotchis I can acquire? )
  21. Hi pals! I'm new here so lmk if I do anything wrong haha I just got a Tamagotchi Friends (not even Dream Town...) and I've been spending a lot of time on the online Dream Town racking up fortune tickets and getting prizes. Since I couldn't find a list on Google or anything, I thought it'd be cool to make a list of prizes you can get from the fortune teller and from which tiers (1 ticket, 3 tickets, 5 tickets). I've noticed some are super common and some are super rare, so I noted that, but it's not definite and only based on my experience please take it with a grain of salt! Here's my list so far (as you can see I don't go for the 1 ticket prizes much haha) Feel free to add...! (I've noticed some repeat a lot and some I've only gotten once/twice, so I noted that, but it's not definite and only based on my experience please take it with a grain of salt!) Common Rare 1 Ticket Hamburger Steak 3 Tickets Waffle Sausage Melon Pancake Pudding Crown of Stars Cherry Blossom Angelic Bracelet 5 Tickets Cheesecake Meatball Cotton Candy Baguette Pasta Noodles Clam Chowder Yogurt Angel Wings Beauty Charm Queen's Crown Bracelet of Pearls Diamond Ring Ring of Power
  22. Heeeeeeeey guys! So, I'm starting up installment number 5 of my log! Hopefully I'll actually... y'know... USE it. Heh heh heh. When you're done reading mine, check out my friend Prue's Tama log! Anyway, I recently got my hands on the new Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town, so I figured I'd run it, along with my v6 and v4 who both have babies and are due to leave them soon. For now, It'll just be the TF:DT. I've decided that it's color shall be this vibrant shade of purple/pink, because it is the Kira Kira gem When my other tamas join the log, my v4 will be red and my v6 will be blue. Certainly a change from my last logs, if you've read them Anyway, I just recently started up the TF:DT, and out of the heart egg came a cute widdle Pinkbotchi! I've decided to name her Yume, because it's Japanese for "dream" #creativity Me: Hi there Yume! Yume: Ugaaaaaah! Me: Oh, right... baby stages. Yume: HUNGYYYYYYYYY Me: Aaaaaaaaah SO NEEDY Yume: zZzZzZ Me: ...what So I bought a starry charm necklace. I have no idea what I'm dong. THERE IS NO SHOP HOW DO I DO WHAT IS HAPPEN I got my friend one too, so soon I'll be racking up them BFF points! Anyway~~~~STATS TIME: Name: Yume Character: Pinkbotchi Points: 0GP Age: 0 years Weight: 5lbs Generation: 1 Jewelry collected: 1/60 BFF Points: 0% Thats all for today folks ~~~ Tune in next time when she evolves!
  23. Hello everyone, I have recently bought a new Tamagotchi Friends, and unfortunately I'm not completely happy with it My first issue is that it is rather difficult to push the buttons, my fingers almost get sore after finishing a game, and the first one hour, before the newborn first evolved, was extra annoying because of this. I almost turned itoff and put it back into its package D: They *might* have gotten a little easier to push during the few days I've had it turned on, but it might be that I have only gotten somewhat used to how hard it is to push them. The other issue I'm experiencing is that despite the tama has only been on for 4-5 days (and has been paused during the daytime on all these days because I wasn't able to take it to work), the silver paint that frames the front plate has already started to wear off next to the buttons, and also at one side where I thought there was some surface dirt and gently tried to rub it off with a fingertip... Are these issues common with this model, or have I just gotten a defective one? I am contemplating taking it back to the store, but they were on clearance, so I'm not likely to get a replacement unfortunately - also, if these issues are not solitary, I'd rather keep it, as it's not likely that any replacement would be better. Thank you in advance to anyone who might be able to help! ^^ Loona
  24. My tamagotchi Friends Dream Town arrived today! How amazing! So I know the basics from my v3 s but... I'm a bit clueless, I did a lot of research before getting one, yet I am not sure how to get them to school if they're even able to attend school? Or get them to do anything? I'm proud enough to say that I figured out how to change the contrast. So a quick Summed up explanation of this would be great if anyone knows much about them
  25. hello, first post here im not even sure im on the right board but can anyone tell me the favourite meal of each tama from tamagotchi friends? im having a really hard time finding out. thanks <3