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Found 39 results

  1. At this point for me, it's less of a tradition to keep a log than it is to start one. Half of the posts on Tamatalk are just going to be all my unfinished logs! ;A; But not this time, my dear readers. For I have dug out a Tamagotchi version that is very special to me, and with... a lot of hesitation, actually, have started it up for the first time in what feels like forever! As the title may give away, I am running (and logging!) my pink iD L! Back when I first joined Tamatalk, these were very popular, and also everywhere unlike the listings you see today. I got both my iD Ls - the aforementioned pink version and my now-rare Princess Spacey ver - back in 2013 for less than $100 each, and I'm glad I did because nowadays, oh boy do you have to sell your own soul to get your hands on one mint in box. Of course, this comes with its own issues - being that I've had these for seven years now, they've accumulated a ton of scratches, which is where most of my hesitation comes from. For those who aren't in the know, colour Tamagotchis - particularly their screens - are highly prone to scratches if you're not careful, and they can show up real easily on the screen as these annoying rainbow-like textures. My 4U and m!xs have managed to stay safe, luckily, but my iD Ls and my precious little P's have not had the same luck nor fortune. And don't even get me started on their front faceplates - I'd be able to actually afford a mint iD L with the amount of scratches they have. However, it is all cosmetic in the end. And it's not like I'm ever getting a new iD L unless I risk it for a used version, so I may as well take you all down with me. I've got a Pac-Man Anniversary Mini/Nano in the mail right now as we speak, so with a little patience I'll hopefully be able to log it soon! Let's begin! ~*~*~*~*~*~ iD L I put some new batteries in a few days ago, and was welcomed by a little Kingyobotchi! For those not in the know, they are the best-care female toddler character on the iD L. I also discovered that my iD L was on its 3rd generation last time I played it - I had previously raised a Kikitchi and an Agetchi, respectively, both of which are bad-care adult characters. Determined to take good care of my next Tamagotchi, I proceeded to get the next highest-care teenager, Painaputchi - and didn't look at a growth chart, which is extremely rare for me! I ended up raising an adorable little Chamametchi: I forgot how photogenic the iD L was. You can't even see any of the scratches on it's screen! (While writing this, I realized I hadn't given Chamametchi a name yet! I searched up the nearest random name generator, and blessed her with the title of London.) While Chamametchi isn't the... highest care character out there, she's still very cute (and not a teen, strangely). I decided to go for her Tamatomo Stamps - for those who don't have an iD L, every adult 'gotchi has three special likes that cause them to do a cute little animation + give you what's dubbed a Tamatomo Stamp. You earn the last Tamatomo stamp by having your adult-stage Tamagotchi for 72 hours (or, at least 5 years old, if I recall correctly). You can earn any Tamatomo Stamp in any order, and they're a fun little incentive to spend more time with your tama! Plus, it also gets them stamped in the memory book (which is how I discovered the previous tamas I raised), as well as a bonus cutscene when they get married. Anyway, I decided to go for London's Tamatomo Stamps straight away! We decided to head to the park, as the market was currently being held: It's Kuchipatchi's mum! What she's doing here, I have no idea. Items at the market are usually marked down by 30%, so I wanted to get a good deal. I accidentally ended up leaving by way of the C button with London in tow. It was raining outside when I took this photo! Who knew Tamagotchi Planet had the same weather cycles... and timezone... wait a second. We decided to visit again later - for now, it was off to the TamaDepa to get something I thought London would like. The hunt for her Tamatomo stamps was on! I rarely search for these without consulting a guide, so there was an exciting factor to our adventure. I quickly swept into the accessories aisle, and bought London a pair of cat ears! It was time for the moment of truth... ...I mean, she's still happy at least? Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. If your Tamagotchi's latest item/accessory/food is Tamatomo-worthy, they'd usually start jumping high in the air with hearts everywhere! But London was quite mellow. She still defied gravity in her celebration, though. I didn't want to stop there, however - maybe an outfit was what London was looking for! We went back to the market again, as outfits can be super expensive: It's Makiko's mum! ...I just remembered that Makiko's name doesn't end in 'tchi'. I was running low on money, so we sold off the Tamamori Tree item I got out of the toy seed I planted in London's backyard yesterday. Don't ask. Anyway, we had enough money to buy London a lovely red kimono: I forgot how fun it was to dress up your tamas on the iD L... And thus the moment of truth began once again! Guess what happened next. ...And yet it also was not meant to be! Not only had I spent a ton of gotchi points on two outfits that weren't Tamatomo-worthy, now London looked like a weird anime character. She didn't seem to mind though. One last photo before the post gets too big... I decided to stop our Tamatomo hunting there for now. I took London to the different locations in the food menu, but none of the meals and snacks there seemed to activate a Tamatomo Stamp... not even the sweetest treats around! ...That, and it ended with me accidentally discovering Chamametchi's least favorite food. By then my pockets were totally empty. I'm sure I'm missing something here... maybe I should be more open to London's tastes and stop assuming that all she likes is pink stuff just by the colour of her ears? The irony is real. Next post: more stamp hunting! Meeting a Tama-pet at the park enough times to create a bond with them and take them home... I missed those guys on the 4U and m!x, they were useless but I loved them anyway!
  2. so the last time i playd with a tamagotchi was around 8 or 9 years ago, after that my tamagotchi broke I think and then I kinda didnt see it around nomore, it kinda got lost through the years. There were times now and then where I thought about my childhood and it often poped up on my mind, reminding me of all the good memories Ive made with my Tama. I didnt really know what version it was until I recently did a long search and came to the conclusion that it was a European v4 because I kinda had a visualization of the packaging since it was and is still an intense memory of mine (and also cause I remember playing jumping rope with it and always pressing the button at the right timing ). Anyway after I heard about the new retro tamagotchis for the 20th anniversary, my nostalgia kicked in and it kicked hard. So I decided to buy a new one. After I saw the prices on different websites for the v4 European connection (wich there were almost no European ones), I came to the realization that they are wayyy to expensive for me cause Im on a budget, but then I said to myself hey you had good times with your Tama but now you have to buy something that you can afford. And not short after that I realized that they have never been discontinued in Japan so I did my research on all those new models and decided to buy an ID L because of its colourful Display and cause I read that it has lots of stuff to do !!! Currently Im waiting for it to ship and I want to ask everyone who had an ID L for all the new features (for me they are new) that arent explained that detailed on most of the post here. Also feel free to give me any tips you have about the ID L since I really just bought it without looking for to much details. Thank youuu
  3. So I bought a IRDA USB dongle and I have looked at all the guides here on how to send things to the ID L.I followed the steps each time, I let the ID L connect then look for the file I am going to send in order to have it ready, I then wait for the connection to fail/time out then reconnect the ID L, as soon as I hear tit has connected I double click the file I want. It says it's sending, but stays at "0%" no matter how long I wait it out. I don't understand what's wrong, this is so frustrating i've been trying for like a week ;A;
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows/have tried this kind of infrared adapter. It is the cheapest one I found. :/
  5. I decided I wanted to start a log after seeing so many logs people did. I can't wait to share about my Tamagotchi ID L 15th anniversary! Let's start with where and when I got it ^__^ I found it on Craigslist and it was $55, I messaged the person and asked him if he could deliver, unfortunately he couldn't which mean't I had to take a 1 hour car ride to where he was. I got a surprise from my brother...he actually bought me it secretly and gave it to me on June 6th so I had it for about a week now. What I didn't know was that the seller also gave me a Tamagotchi ID Station (Which I didn't really know what it was until a little research) and a Watchlin (haven't opened it yet) and I found out that the Tamagotchi ID L was a sun damaged one, but I'm alright with it. I already had Lovelitchi and she just had a egg soo yeah! c:
  6. I connected my Tamagotchi ID L with my Tamagotchi ID Station and when I went outside to check on my plant a paper airplane came out of nowhere and it showed this letter, so I quickly took a picture because it looked interesting. Can somebody who knows how to read Japanese help me? Thanks c:
  7. Hi, I made a post the other day about if I should get the Tamagotchi ID L 15th Anniversary. Well...I GOT IT! The person I bought it from surprised me with a Tamagotchi Station as well! I was wondering if anyone knows if I can connect the Station with my id l and what it does and what I can transfer or can I go in the station with my tama? OR Can someone who knows about the Tamagotchi station tell me information about it. I'm sooo excited to get a Tamagotchi after years I have stopped playing!
  8. Hello there, I'm new to this site and I was wondering if a Tamagotchi ID L 15th anniversary is worth buying? I found one on craigslist that is selling for $55 and it is unopened. The bad/sorta downside to this is that I have to have my parents drive 50ish minutes to get to where they are to pick it up. This is my first Coloured Tamagotchi and I'm soooo excited but I might need to beg my parents... Thanks!
  9. I am new to the newer tamagotchis I use to have them as a kid. Please help thanks.
  10. I have a tamagotchi P and I'm currently fighting the urge of getting another. I have sooo many stuff to buy work related that it would not feel right to buy the same model. (And my parent would kill me really). So I've been thinking about getting an ID L so I can connect it with my P. 1- Can ID L and P connect the same way a P would do with another P? Like, can they cook, play, or...? What are the options between the two? 2- Can I get the secret characters on the P by connecting it with the ID L? 3- Can they marry and have babies between the two?
  11. Hi. I want an english version of a colored screen tamagotchi. I want to know opinions, which one is the newest english version release? which one is your favorite (and why)? and what are the differences between them. Thank you
  12. Heyy! So I'm allowed to get myself one Tamagotchi before my parents get sick of my spending and I was wondering if an iD L would fit into my very small, not-even collection. More of a set. Or a trio. I have a v4.5, a v6/Music Star, and a v7/Tama-Go. Now, I prefer many features on my Tamagotchi, thus getting a v4.5 and a v6. So... would an iD L be good for me? Thank you in advance!
  13. Does anyone know how to open the battery cover of the Tamagotchi iD L? Whenever I try to open it with a paperclip and a ballpen it won't open. Does this mean its broken or not? I'm a bit worried. 😰😰😰
  14. Hello! I just bought a Tamagotchi P. I was wondering whether it is possible to connect it to my english Tamagotchi ID L? I certainly hope it could! Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi, First of all, Happy New Year! - So, I have a problem. In 18th May I'll buy a Tamagotchi ID L. So, I know, that in that version only includes two minigames; so I want to have more games. - I have alredy been in , but there are only photos; QUESTION: I need to download the photos or there are links? Please help me ) QUESTION2; I have an ACER travelmate 290 and it has a infrared port; I can transfer from there? Or I need a mobile phone? -- Thank you!! -- PS: I'm Catalan. Pherhaps i have maked a lot of mistakes, excuse me!!!
  16. I contacted Bandai South Asia via Facebook to see if they're still selling Tamagotchi iD Ls in Asia, because I was hoping they'd still be available on eBay closer to my birthday. This is what they said: Bandai South Asia - Girls & Boys Toys Official Page Me: Hi, are you still selling Tamagotchi iDL English ver.? Or have you stopped making them now? Bandai South Asia - Girls & Boys Toys Official Page: Hi we are still selling Tamagotchi iDL (English version) in stores Me: Great! Just curious, do you have any plans to sell them in Australia? Bandai South Asia - Girls & Boys Toys Official Page: hi and sorry for the late reply! maybe in the near future Me: That's okay, thankyou so much for replying though! Even a maybe is good enough for me!! Bandai South Asia - Girls & Boys Toys Official Page: no problem! if there's any news, we will update here The reason I posted this is because of the way they answered my question about whether the Tamagotchi iD L would ever make its way to Australia (especially after they were sold in the UK). They said maybe in the near future... if they had absolutely no plans for it, wouldn't they have said, "maybe sometime in the future" or something? The way they said the "near future" made me think that they have some sort of plan for the near future, otherwise they wouldn't have used that word. I'm going to keep a lookout at all the usual stores that get Tamagotchis for the next few months, hopefully we get them because I'll buy two of them. Another thing I want to mention is that we can't pry any information out of Funtastic anymore because I emailed them a few weeks ago, and they told me that they are no longer the distributors of Tamagotchi. The most recent Tamagotchi releases, the second wave of Tama-Go and the first (and only, in Australia), wave of figures were all distributed by someone else - I think it was TLS or something? I Googled them but didn't find any information on them or if they were going to continue distributing Tamagotchi in Australia.
  17. PrinJess's Tamagotchi ID LE & P's Log =========================== Generation List Pink & Purple Tama P's - Primary Gen 4 - Himespectchi ♀ Gen 5 - Kuchipatchi / Patchin Purin ♂ ♡ Warutsutchi Gen 6 - ??? Pink Tama ID LE - Secondary Gen 1 - Mametchi ♂ ♥ Perotchi Gen 2 - ??? Tama ID L - Backup 3 Gen 4 - Guriguritchi ♂ =========================== How My Log Will Operate ---- An Overview The Generation List : Every generation I will edit this post and write in the "Generation List" of a Tama's final evolution and psuedo-evolutions. Some things you should watch out for: Tamas will be crossed out on the list if it is currently inactive. Tamas will have a hyperlink to their final evolution so you can easily locate them in the log. A black heart between two Tamas (♥) signifies having met his or her spouse at the matchmaker; a white heart between two Tamas (♡) signifies having met at the park (this only applies for the Tama P's, otherwise a black heart will be used). The equal sign (=) indicates a Tama has wed his or her spouse from IR connection of another Tamagotchi. A max of 30 generations or fewer will be listed at once. Tamagotchi Players: Tamagotchi Players as of 9/21/13: Pink & Purple (Melody Land ver.) Tama P's - Primary Pink Tama ID LE - Secondary Blue Tama P's - Backup 1 White & Pink (Aikatsu ver.) Tama P's - Backup 2 Purple Tama ID L - Backup 3 The Tamagotchis each have a role when I play with them. A Primary Tama is the one I tend to focus most about in logging. A Secondary Tama is usually a Tama of a different kind of Tamagotchi toy than the Primary (i.e. The ID L and the Tama P's), but it is still important in logs, although it may have less entries than the Primary. Backups 1-3 are Tamas only used for connect plays, obtaining secret characters that require the use of multiple devices, and replacements of either the Primary or Secondary. Pseudo Evolutions: Some Tamas on the ID L and the Tama P's (with the help of change pierces), have pseudo forms, or alter egos, of themselves. They will be logged accordingly with the help of Evolution Arrows. Here is an example of a log entry of a "pseudo Tama". Evolution Arrows Legend: (----->) Tama has evolved (<----->) Tama can evolve back and forth to and from his pseudo form. (<------) Tama changed back from its pseudo form *** You can view the first few entries of my log here. Newer entries will be posted on TamaTalk from now on. Thank you to all future readers!
  18. Hi, I have a new tamagotchi id l and as my tamagotchi is in japanese, i don't understand what he want from me some moments... Sometimes my tamagotchi appear in very big in the right part of the screen, he is saying me something and the icon of "need" is switch on... But i never know what to do in this case.. Sometimes he say my name but i know in this case is not because is more long word than my name in japanese ! If someone has a english version and see what i'm talking about... I would be so happy to know why he's doing that! Thank you so much
  19. So, I was on the Bandai Asia website, and I saw many pictures of an English Tamagotchi iD L stand they would usually have right when it's released. I was reading around a bit and its made its way from the UK to Australia, and they can't stop just yet. From what I've seen the english Tamagotchi iD L was getting pretty good sales. Could there be a chance it might come to america?
  20. Hello tama world? Well I missed logging my tamas so here we are logging our not so adventurous adventures, if you are looking for damsels in distress, bank robbery and other super exciting things, I hate to disappoint. I am a normal every day person. Who leads a very ordinary life... Anyways. So on this lovely Tuesday, our story begins with alphi (he's a v4.5) also he is an adult who is still 2 ( we had battery failure...) Well today we enjoyed the gripping tales of retreading Harry potter from the philosopher stone to commemorate the coming of the day of my birth. Also we are patiently waiting for the arrival of my new blue tamagotchi id l. Can I say insert girly squeal here? We are now off to our lunch break from research in the lab for an hour, and will return to the fantastic adventures of young Harry as he struggles with the acceptance that he is really a wizard (he accepts it pretty well for an 11 yrs old in my opinion)
  21. I just wanted to know if this - - will work with my English iD L. Any help is well appreciated, Thank You.
  22. Well, I'm getting an ID L for my birthday so... ANYBODY know how to pause an ID L? Or can't you pause one? -Tamacass
  23. Somehow I've gotten a special item that I can't find mention of anywhere. I've done a forum search and a Google search, but can't find anything. I didn't buy it, so the only other thing I can think of, is that I grew it in a plant (I have a habit of going to harvest a plant, getting distracted, looking away, and not knowing what I got). It is under the special items menu and it looks like a golden, three pronged key with a rabbit/cat head on the top. My girl is only a teenager right now. I've tried using it, but it just goes to the living room, she blinks a few times and that's it. Any help as to what this is and what it does would be appreciated.
  24. Helo! This is he first blue tamagotchi idl I own! I am waiting for my p's melody version coming from japan! Yeay