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Found 14 results

  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen! I thought it’s time to talk about the issues that most tamagotchi lovers are dealing with, specifically talking about the technical problems with the Meets and ON. I’ve seen a ridiculous amount of people complaning all over social media, about their “bugged” toys, and sadly we haven’t heard anything from Bandai regarding those issues. Two common issues so far that I’ve seen, the first one is that your tamagtochi is not growing up (also known as Peter Pan Syndrome), The other one is the device resets itself (personally happened to me) and that happened when I married a tamagotchi through the official app. Not sure if it was because the other tama was carrying a corrupted data. That takes us now to MyMeets app users, it will force people to be cautious and be careful who they marry their tamas with. All of these issues are killing the experience and the joy to play with our favorite toy! I would like to know what you guys think and if there’s anything we could do to make Bandai aware of these issues and if there’s a way that we could avoid them?
  2. Hey guys, not a super urgent question, but I was wondering the difference between the three versions, as well as a few other questions. 1.) ON vs. Meets! vs. M!x what is the difference or at least the main one, they all seem to look about the same when researching them, so what would be the benefits to buying a meets and a mix? 2.) Can the TMGCON and TMGC Meets (japan) connect to one another? I'm pretty curious as this is my first tamagotchi in years and I've been eyeing the sanrio m!x on ebay but I wanted to be sure its worth it before making that investment, plus I'd be nice if I can connect the two. Thanks!
  3. I recently bought a m!x and was hoping to connect it to my tamagotchi on but I couldn't figure it out. I know it can connect with the tamagotchi meets. Anyone know how to help?
  4. Hello! I've always wanted a tamagotchi p since they came out when I was a kid. I have the opportunity to buy one but I was also considering to purchase a tamagotchi meets. I only have enough money for one since I'm only 17 (and from the Philippines which makes them extra pricey unfortunately) so I wanted advice on which would be better. Can you guys tell me some positives and negatives of each so I can make an informed decision? (I was also wondering if the meets has a school feature like the tamagotchi p & if I put this in the right topic)
  5. In the Tamagotchi Meets Nowtama Osewa Guide there's this cute comic with Majoritchi and Fairytchi. I was wondering if there was a translation (fan or official) somewhere.
  6. So, for a while I’ve thought the Tamagotchi m!x was the newest Tamagotchi at the time, but I’ve just been hearing about the Tamagotchi Meets. I wanted to know, what is the difference between these two Tamagotchis? Is the Meets entirely different than the M!x, or are they similar?
  7. I have a Magical Green Meets ver. and I just wanna to know how long take to grow up to the adult stage, since my Tamagotchi is in the child stage now. I'm a very impatient guy, so I can't wait too much anyway. Also, I wanna to know if my Meets have an type of problem on it, and I'm afraid to pick the don't-grow problem on it.
  8. Hi lovely people! :3 I just tried to unlock Mermaid Palace on my Sanrio m!x by connecting it to my new Meets and it won't work? I reset the Meets each time, chose a different name every time, too, and when I go into my m!x's list of other tamas it connected to, it lists all 4 connections as individual tamas. But when I went to the park (which is mentioned as the last step on, nothing happened? Did I do something wrong? Do I have to do something different when I try to unlock Mermaid Palace with a Meets instead of a second m!x? Tips would be appreciated! EDIT: OH MY GOD so the park square mentioned on is my garden??? like, in front of my house??? I just hit sent on this post when my m!x beeped at me and after feeding it I went outside to look at the stars AND THERE WAS THE TURTLE! Can I delete this post here? :D''
  9. Hello! Me again. I have not been here in a while, but I have questions. I remember when the Meets first came out, there was a rumor for there to be a March edition. Specifically, these: So, looking at JapanYouWant and Cutie Pie Kawaii, these seem to be true..? Do you think that these could have better performances than the original November ones? I also see that there may be a Sanario Meet that might or might not be released.. Do you think that will have better performance? I really hope so. I also see that a brand new Meets is about USD55 to USD60. And I also saw, on the same website (JapanYouWant), that I could buy a used one for USD45, so I hope if the new Meets have better results (liek not shutting down, wasting the battery (maybe there will be an option to turn off your BlueTooth on your Tamagotchi?), and the LAG), someone doesn't want it and I can get it at a cheaper price. What do you think?
  10. I have a Tamagotchi Meets but I'm still experimenting around with the things you can do, but I recently heard that there was a Parent's House in the game? I checked my Tamagotchi but I couldn't enter the parent's house. Is there something you are supposed to do before you are able to enter the parent's house?
  11. We’ve been waiting to hear something about a new Tamagotchi for a few months now. Bandai tends to release new devices either in the summer or fall of every year, or lately, every other year. Well its about that time where we start seeing some leaks, and this year does NOT disappoint! We’ve got a whole bunch of leaked images and information, this is courteously of the Tamagotchi Facebook group. The original source is a suppliers flyer/magazine that features the upcoming toys for the season. First off, lets start by introducing the name… Tamagotchi Meets. The new Tamagotchi Meets looks very similar to the Tamagotchi M!X, it appears to feature the same shell shape and similar color scheme. It also appears that this version drops the cracked egg front plate design. There will also be two initial versions of the Tamagotchi Meet, similar to what we saw with the M!X which featured both the Spacy and Melody versions. The initial two versions will be a Fairy and Magical version, we’ll go into further detail below. The Tamagotchi Meet features gameplay almost identical to the Tamagotchi M!X, where you will still be able to marry and created mixed characters thanks to genetics. However, this version adds some more features which introduces a whole lot of fun! For the first time Bandai will be introducing the ability to raise twins! There is even more to get excited about, pets are BACK! There are 8 pets to choose from and you will be able to take are of them and bring them with you almost everywhere, this is very similar to previous versions, but there is more! You will now be able to not only raise your pet, but your pet can even get married and have children of its own! What’s really cool is that the M!X concept applies to pets too! So we can see a whole bunch of different types of pets! Now let’s talk characters; everyones favorite. There are a bunch of new characters featured on the Tamagotchi Meets, there are a total of 29 characters, about 18 new characters joining 11 of your favorites (welcome back, Kikitchi!). The Tamagotchi M!X Station is here to stay! You’ll be able to visit and even marry exclusive characters, buy new items, and much much more. It appears that you’ll get exclusive items from different characters that you meet on the M!X Station, which are seasonal. We’re not entirely sure if the name M!X Station will stay, or perhaps Bandai will have a new naming convention. We wouldn’t be surprised if the existing stations and newer stations will be backward compatible. We’ve saved the best for last. There will be an exclusive Tamagotchi application that we are told will be HUGE! The application will allow you to send your character from your device to the application on your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth connectivity. On this application you can interact with any other user, so you can play with your friends who live far away. Keep in mind this application we are being told is a Japan exclusives and will be available on both Android and iOS. The Tamagotchi Meets can connect with the Tamagotchi M!X, however some functions are not available. How about accessories? Well it looks like your favorite lanyards are back! These new lanyards were introduced with the Tamagotchi M!X, and they’ll be getting a minor refresh this fall by featuring new characters and colors along with exclusive charms. Although information is limited we hope you enjoyed reading a bit about the Tamagotchi Meets that is scheduled to be released in November of 2018. We will keep you posted as new information rolls in, and we will definitely be more than happy to answer your questions. *Images and information provided by the Tamagotchi Collectors group on Facebook*
  12. What does this translate to? I don't understand the picture and I couldn't upload this in a forum due to its size.
  13. Hi there. I am not a new tamagotchi owner, but I do have a question regarding the tamagotchi meets, which I am contemplating purchasing. I have not been able to find out much about the app: what can you do with the app? Can you meet and marry other peoples tamas via the app?