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Found 5 results

  1. It appears that a Pokemon cross over with Tamagotchi was recently leaked! (See source at Serebii and Siliconera here: , ) This hasn't been announced officially as of yet, so lets hope for more news. This is like a dream come true. I can't even describe the excitement. I also have no idea when the release date will fall, but hopefully we'll see more of this soon.
  2. So, I've been running my Tamagotchi mini for about two weeks now, and have been enjoying it to the best of my ability. The problem is that I've gotten Nyorotchi three times now, despite being really attentive and careful with the babies. [The second time actually, not so much, I purposely tried to neglect it and stuff— then it ended up dying—] This time around, the Marutchi hasn't even gotten sick, but he still turned into Nyorotchi. Is this supposed to happen? Or am I doing something wrong? The first time I thought that maybe I had overfed him which resulted in Nyorotchi — But now I'm just thinking that Nyorotchi and Oyajitchi are the only other characters besides Marutchi?
  3. Alright so, I'm not very good at telling things apart at first glance, especially not Mini's and Original P1/P2s. There's this listing on eBay, and I can't tell if it's a mini or a P1. It has the same shell as a few minis ive seen but I know that minis are based on the original tamagotchi's, so I'm not sure. Also, since they're photos on eBay, i can't physically discern the size of the listed tamagotchi vs a tamagotchi mini. This listing itself is probably a P1/P2, as it has 1997 on the back, but sometimes listings don't include photos of the back, so. How can I tell the difference between a Tamagotchi P1/P2 and a Tamagotchi Mini? I mainly ask because I want to know for future reference even though I can tell in this particular scenario so I don't have to worry too hard about it on a later date and can solve the mystery on my own. Does anyone know an effective way to tell P1/P2s apart from Mini's without using size?
  4. Okay, so recently my lovely girlfriend got a tamagotchi mini, and she asked me this question about hers because she's afraid she didn't care for it properly and put it into a coma. What she wants to know is why are the nap times for the mini so long? She will come home from school only for it to go to bed for hours and then suddenly wake up, and she's been very worried about it. (You can probably tell she's gotten very attached to it, I personally find it very endearing.) The character she has is a masktchi, and she has told me she's tried to take very good care of him, to the point where she will leave the sound on her little tam on so she can take care of him immediately when he needs attention. Thank you in advance to anyone who knows why, it'll put my partner at ease if she knows she's not taking bad care of it.
  5. Bandai Japan will be rereleasing the Tamagotchi Mini (Chibi Tamagotchi) in Japan this April! The Tamagotchi Mini was first introduced in 2005 as a low maintenance virtual pet, and even an accessory that could be clipped onto your backpack. The Mini features a fraction of the characters and features of any other Tamagotchi’s, keeping it simple like the original Tamagotchi series back in the 90’s. To further celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tamagotchi, Bandai Japan is rereleasing the Tamagotchi Mini in Japan! Although there is limited information provided about this new Mini there appears to be 6 characters, five characters are listed, and one is kept a secret on the official website. There are 6 different shell designs for the 2017 Mini, all of which are identical to the original Tamagotchi shells. Fans in Japan will not have to wait until April to get their hands on 2017 Mini! The Tamagotchi Mini will be released on April 8th, 2017 and will cost 1620 Yen. There will be an event in mid March where fans can get a hold of them weeks before the official launch, more information to follow.