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Found 22 results

  1. This is a modern tamagotchi group hatch which starts on the 1st of April 2020. The versions which can join are versions from the past four years. Tamagotchi M!x (Melody, Spacy, Sanrio, Anniversary) Tamagotchi Meets (Magical, Fairy, Pastel, Sanrio, Fantasy, Sweets) Tamagotchi On (Magical, Fairy) Let me know who's joining and I'll make the log thread on the day I'll be entering with my Magical On. Love you all, Rose
  2. Hey, Tama Lovers!!! My name is Gina! I have been part of this forum for a while! Content removed - topics promoting personal links are not allowed. Sorry! --Penguin-keeper
  3. It's basically a Fan-made app that allows you to customize a partner for your Tamagotchi Meets to marry and gain access to items and gotchi points immediately. . My question is, Can this app be used on a Mix? I can't use the Tamagotchi On App on my Mix and I don't have another Mix to connected to and marry it with. So I was thinking that this could be a good way to keep getting more customized Tamas everytime! I haven't downlaoded it yet to my computer. I emailed the creator of the app about a month ago with the same question, but they haven't replied. So has anyone tried this app on their Mix? An if you did, did it work?
  4. Hey guys, not a super urgent question, but I was wondering the difference between the three versions, as well as a few other questions. 1.) ON vs. Meets! vs. M!x what is the difference or at least the main one, they all seem to look about the same when researching them, so what would be the benefits to buying a meets and a mix? 2.) Can the TMGCON and TMGC Meets (japan) connect to one another? I'm pretty curious as this is my first tamagotchi in years and I've been eyeing the sanrio m!x on ebay but I wanted to be sure its worth it before making that investment, plus I'd be nice if I can connect the two. Thanks!
  5. I recently bought a m!x and was hoping to connect it to my tamagotchi on but I couldn't figure it out. I know it can connect with the tamagotchi meets. Anyone know how to help?
  6. This would be my first colored tama!!!!
  7. Hi lovely people! :3 I just tried to unlock Mermaid Palace on my Sanrio m!x by connecting it to my new Meets and it won't work? I reset the Meets each time, chose a different name every time, too, and when I go into my m!x's list of other tamas it connected to, it lists all 4 connections as individual tamas. But when I went to the park (which is mentioned as the last step on, nothing happened? Did I do something wrong? Do I have to do something different when I try to unlock Mermaid Palace with a Meets instead of a second m!x? Tips would be appreciated! EDIT: OH MY GOD so the park square mentioned on is my garden??? like, in front of my house??? I just hit sent on this post when my m!x beeped at me and after feeding it I went outside to look at the stars AND THERE WAS THE TURTLE! Can I delete this post here? :D''
  8. I started up my melody mix again for the first time in forever and I was trying to unlock berry town but my tamagotchi will not eat any more berry sundays she ate 4-5 of them and then she started refusing them but she will eat other things like the melon soda does anyone know why this is? also is there a way to get her to eat them again?
  9. In my free time I've come up with two different characters (both made extremy far apart from each other which is why the first looks a lot nicer then the second). One of the charicters is a m!x between Gozarutchi and Masktchi, the second is a m!x between Gozarutchi and Androtchi! I hope you like them!
  10. Hello! im new to this website and dont even know how to use it so really i dont know if im doing this right even now so sorry if i get it wrong! (>\\\\\\\\<) so i quick sum up of my tamas, i have two tamagotchi4u's and a melody mix. so about a week ago i went to check on my mix and a few pixels on the screen had looked funny and i got so scared to use it that i out it away back in its box. about 20 mins ago from now i went to check on it and the pixels were the same... sadly ;-; sooo me being the butt i am i went to open the tama and everything was fine but the screen was the same as i opened it, i gave up on trying to see what was wrong so i went to close it back up and put batteries in anddddd it wasnt turning on (;\\\\\\\; ) i opened it and all the wires were fine and connected so i dont understand why it didnt turn on and now im am here asking for help! please anyone help me ;-;
  11. Hey guys! So, a very dear friend of mine is moving to Scotland at the end of the school year, and I want to get her a very special gift to commemorate our 15 years of friendship. Seeing as we first bonded over Tamagotchi at recess in first grade, and either of us never really stopped collecting, I'm going to get her a Tamagotchi M!x !!! She doesn't have one of those yet, but I have no idea what version to get. I would ask but I REALLY want it to be a surprise. I have three versions and think they're all fantastic. It would be a huge help if you could choose which Tamagotchi M!x version is your favourite, and even add a little comment why! Is it the characters? The features? The pretty shell? Personally, I'm partial to the Dream M!x, because I love Dream Town and all its inhabitants and Yume Kira Dream is my guilty pleasure show, yes I watch children's anime okay shhhhh but I'd love to hear what you think!
  12. My Dream Mix finally arrived, and I intended to raise my first gen character into Spaceytchi, however, this did not turn out how I hoped it would. I gave my male teen character 8+ care mistakes and expected it to age into Spaceytchi, but instead, it aged into Yotsubatchi. I'm confused. As far as I'm aware, there are two characters for each mix that are attainable through 8+ care mistakes but only on the first generation. For the Dream Mix, those characters are Spaceytchi and Momotchi, and yet I wasn't successful. Am I doing anything wrong? Are there any other conditions I need to meet so that I can raise Spaceytchi?
  13. I'm thinking of getting a Tamagotchi Mix 20th Anniversary or Anniversary Gift version and I'd like to find out the difference between them before I decide. So far I know there are different marriageable characters on each version and that the games are different. Are the baby/child/teen characters the same? I've read that "Connecting the M!X Anniversary Gift Version to any other M!X will unlock some exclusive content!" and "The M!X Anniversary Gift Version also gets exclusive items from the Tamagotchi M!X Station that can be found in several locations throughout Japan." but I never saw any sort of followup on those. What is the exclusive content it unlocks? Is it for the Gift Mix or the other Mix? And does the second sentence mean it has Mix Station content preloaded onto it, or that it gets special items when it connects to a Mix station? (By the phrasing I'd guess the latter, but I don't live in Japan so that's... not a selling point.) Thank you!
  14. Hello! I'm starting to collect Tamagotchi after so many years without caring about it. My last Tamagotchi was a V4 one, so it's been a while since then! I'm planning on starting with a M!X one, as I love the character mix concept! However, I don't know which version to pick... The most important thing & the one that will make me go with x version is that it includes Mimitchi on it. Mimitchi is my favorite Tamacharacter, so I'd love to start with her. I've checked a chart with the available M!X versions and which characters do they include, and Mimitchi only seems to appear in the 20th Anniversary one. However, I don't know if this means that she's raisable ONLY in the 20th Anniversary, if she's only available for mixing my Tamagotchi with her (aka she's non-raisable) OR that she doesn't appear at all on the rest of versions. This is the chart I've checked: I've also read that there was a new Tamagotchi M!X coming on November but I don't know anything about it. So yeah, tl;dr, my question is: Does Mimitchi only appear in the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi M!X as a raisable Tamagotchi?​ Or does she appear in any other newer M!X Tamagotchi? (Like the one coming out soon)? I also want to know where can I find Tamagotchis available for my future purchases. Thanks!
  15. Early yesterday morning, our Tamagotchi suddenly was left on this blank screen. You can still do everything with it (feed it, connect, etc) and you can hear all the sound effects, but the screen is all blank like in the image above. Does anyone know anything to do to fix it?
  16. Heya! I was just wondering... I've been having a bit of trouble with the florist game on the Tamagotchi M!X website. I've got the cake-making game down - click at the right time -, but I don't know how to play the flower one correctly without screwing up, haha. Could anyone be able to help? Thanks in advance!
  17. Does anyone have a comprehensive guide for the color changing foods available in the Tamagotchi Spacey/Melody mix, 20th anniversary mix, and the Sanrio characters mix? I'm aware that eating certain foods five times will change your Tama's color scheme to certain colors; namely, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, White, and Black. So far I've been finding a lot of discrepancies between guides and advice given by users. For example, there are guides for color changing items for all three mix's on Fuzzy n Chic, however, it says that the Shinobi Sesame Pudding changes a Tama's color to Grey, but it does not, it changes it to Purple. It also says that the Gozaru Sweet Potato Jelly changes your Tama's color to Purple, but it does nothing for your Tama's color. And then I think there was a post made here on Tamatalk and there was a user that said that the Black Caviar in the 20th Anni mix changes your Tama's color to black, but actually does nothing for your Tama's color. The trial and error in search for these color changing items is a pain. Does anyone have a guide for the color changing foods for all three mix's? I'm most concerned with 20th anni and the Sanrio, and for the colors Black, Blue, and Green.
  18. I wanted to ask, can I Leave Tamagotchi M!X in the Day Care if i dont have work and dont have time to play with it and how do i send my tama to the day care??? Thanks.
  19. Both of these parents are female, aren't they?
  20. Hi all, it's been years since I've logged onto here but i'm thinking of getting back into tamas (my last one was an iD), and I've been looking at the m!x, specifically the newer Sanrio version. I've found a growth chart for the original and 20th anniversary mixes, but I'm not necessarily sure how it works on the Sanrio one. Can you get Sanrio characters through growth or are they only available to "mix" with through marriage? Thanks!!
  21. So in order to unlock Rainbow Hills, I have to use the flower seeds outside. I can't seem to find them in any of the shops i've unlocked so far. Where can I find them?
  22. Hey guys, it's me again. I have seen so many Tama M!X pictures all over IG and heard so much about the new functions of this very Tama, and I've become very interested in buying one. But I think it's not explaining everything I need to know yet about this version. Are there any english guides?