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Found 8 results

  1. (Sorry for being very inactive :-'( ) I saw people before having the same problem that's why I first checked everything I found before open this topic again. It's about getting violetchi on the music star. I just don't manage to get her! I once had a chamametchi which I really try to neglect (but not too much) overweight and increased the stress and it still does evolve to mimitchi! Then the next time I got Ichigotchi. I try the stuff out what I read and everything went well (like fem. Petition>Hitodetchi>Ichigotchi) but still even if I neglected more than before (just only fed it when they had two or one heart on ther happy and hungry bar and rarely played with it only making poop away when it was beeping and letting it even sleep with poop) it still became Mimitchi HOW!? Could this maybe a glitch for trying out this reset method to get more instruments?? I hope not 0_0 So currently I am trying again. This time with only feeding when it either beeping or only have one heart and no playing games at all. My tama is currently a tamatchi would this maybe increase the chance to get violetchi??
  2. So when I was little I bought the new Tamagotchi Music Star back around 2010 I believe. My Tamagotchi was playing on their instrument and when I came back to check on them again something really scary happened. I don't know what it was doing but it looked like show lights on my tamagotchi. The sprite animation was really weird and it terrified me as a child and I never played it for years. One of the toys looked like an angel or something like that which made it more eerie it looked like the angel was shining light to my tamagotchi and it looked lifeless. It only stopped when I looked at the time. Then everything was back to normal. I don't know if it was intentional, that my tamagotchi was really stressed, or it's supposed to be like a spot light. It only occurred when my tamagotchi was a toddler I really wanna know if anyone had it happen to them, cause it really scared me as a child and I wanna know what went wrong. This sounds like a creepy pasta but it happened, it wasn't nothing that scary it's just the sprites were really weird and made me uncomfortable and confused. I had anxiety back then while playing tamagotchi's cause I did not want them to die and the death sequences scared me a lot. Recently I decided to play music star seeing if it'll happen again, it did not as of far and my tama already is a teen now. I'd love it if anyone can answer this cause it would put down my childhood fear to rest I keep trying to find the toy that looks like an angel ( I think it's an angel I am not 100% sure ) but I can't find it anywhere and I just saw it on the tama wiki. (im sorry if this sounds really really silly.)
  3. I was wondering if there was a sort of "pause" schedule for the Music Star. I've heard of it being worked out for v4 - where, if you pause it for a certain amount of time, you can calculate when it will respond in other regards. For example: Say that I want to pause my Music Star as to delay the leaving of the baby by his/her parents, because, by the way this is timed on my Tamagotchi, it would happen in the evening. So, to make sure the parents leave at {n} time, I would pause it for {x} amount of hours. Does anyone know if it works like this? If so, do you know the time measurements?
  4. I'm at it again! We're just gonna ignore how many failed logs I have and pray this one sticks. So, I've recently decided to boot up my v6 Tama's after almost a year without them - what can I say; the nostalgia was killing me. The two Tama's I've got now are Penelope and Morgan (I... The boy Petitchi is black, the girl white... So, my imagination had some fun.) I actually originally booted them up last night, but, after falling asleep a bajillion times, I just decided to restart them this morning with a clean state. Admitting that is a bit dissapointing (I STILL got a Kuchitamatchi!), but, I digress. I actually do have some goals: I hope to get one of every Tamagotchi possible (which seems a bit unlikely because I seem to maintain a steady care pattern, resulting in a steady Tama pattern), maybe throw in a few other Tama's (like two Music Star's aren't enough) and actually log my Tama activity to come up with my own info - I know guides already exist, but, there's just something about having my own tried-and-true info. As you will see, Pen is a girl, Morgan a boy - this is totes because the two are going to get married. Morgan's a little younger than his female counterpart, but, I'm so mating them. (Because I can.) Because I'm starting this so late (and they're about to go to sleep), I've decided to just get the initial "stat" post out of the way, so, below is just their stats. I hope to have some more put up tomorrow. (in italics are their favorites.) Penelope 0 year 10 pounds 4/4 Hungry 4/4 Happy Stress - 1 Tone - 271 Rhythm - 277 Original - 259 Jazz Music Hitodetchi (2140 GP) Instruments: Saxophone, Drum Set, Harp, Mic, Singers & Piano. Toys: Mirror (from the teacher), Doll House, U.F.O., Train, Dinosaur, Skateboard, Rabbit & Bear. Morgan 0 year 15 pounds 4/4 Hungry 4/4 Happy Stress - 13 Tone - 296 Rhythm - 260 Original - 267 Classical Music Kuchitamatchi (600 GP) Instruments: Singers, Boom Box, Piano, Drum Set, Guitar, Harp, & Mic. Toys: Pirate Ship (from the teacher), Rabbit, Duck, Mirror, Doll House, Car, Helicopter, Space Ship & Train.
  5. I just figured out that you could get a closer view on your tamagotchi music star. Here is how; 1. Make sure your tama isn`t doing anything (eating,connecting,playing etc.) and he/she are just bouncing around the screen with all the icons on it (also has your toy and instrument there.) 2. Press or hold the c button your tama should zoom in a little. 3. Hold the c button a little more or let go and it should zoom in even more and it will beep . 4. To let it be regular again just let go of the c button and give it a few seconds.
  6. Hi! I'm pretty new to tamatalk, but I recently got a Tamagotchi Music Star as an early birthday gift and the "Gotchi Music Charm" which, I can't seem to find the same one on youtube or google. It's gold greenish and it has a metallic effect. Not too sure if it's rare, or something. >W< // Also I've been trying to use TamaTown, but too bad it isn't working D:
  7. I have heard for Tamagotchi Music Star, your Tama can marry with either his/her band mate or go to the mating place. Are the two any different, like the offspring of the band mate will be different than the offspring of the mating place Tama? How to marry the band mate and what is the marriage age of the Tamagotchi Music Star. Sorry asking a lot, thanks for answering though
  8. Hello, I have a few questions that I want to ask, sorry for many topics recently Here are my questions: - How to raise my Music Star Tama into a Star, is there any particular procedure that I need to follow? Can you give me tips if there aren't any procedure? - For my Tamago, occasionally, my Tama jumps up and down with an exclamation mark above its head. I usually just press "Praise" to get rid of it, but I don't know what does it means. - My last question, how to increase familiy bond for the V5. Hopefully that's my last topic for a while, thanks for answering! ^^