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Found 7 results

  1. So I recently got the pacman tamagotchi, didnt realize it was a tamagotchi nano since its been a while since ive ever touched another tamagotchi ever since i was a kid, but i dont mind. The only thing thats got me confused is the "death" of my tamagotchi much? the pacman tamagotchi death only explains, death, departure, and running away. When i checked my tamagotchi, it seemed as if it was completely normal, however i wasnt looking much at the screen tbh and just pressed the A button. But after i pressed the A button, it made me reset to the time screen to put in the time again to hatch a new egg? I dont know what happened? Doesn't it reset when you press A and the C button? Is there more "deaths" to a tamagotchi that i didnt know of? I did leave it for a few hours, so im guessing my neglect killed it, but what im confused is that it doesnt match up to the deaths mentioned in the wiki.. cause it didnt have a gravestone as far as i saw, didnt have gusts of wind, and the one idling on the screen was my tamagotchi instead of pacman? what happened? This has happened twice in a row, but the first time i only saw the time screen, so i mustve clicked a button somehow while i was walking around. I cant find anything on this since it seems the pacman tamagotchi is fairly new.. If anything happens to my third tamagotchi and i find more new information, ill update this. i just want to know what happened to my tamagotchi..
  2. Good evening everyone! My tamagotchi nano arrived today, and since there are not many logs or topics dedicated to those teeny tiny tamas, I thought it was worth starting a separate log on it. So, here we go! I went to the post office around around 12:30 to receive a letter from France. Afterwards, I walked to the nearby park, sat on a bench and opened it. It was wrapped neatly with a cute "thank you" note stuck on it. The egg was so tiny, more than I expected. I always thought that the P1/P2 were so small but this was significantly smaller than that, and round. Reminded me of some eggs of small birds. I had brought some LR44 batteries in my bag, so I pressed the button on the back with a pen, opened it and put them inside. I have to say that the beeping is kind of softer and more "melodic" than the Connections' and vintages', but also pretty low, so if you keep your tamagotchis in your bag it may be a bit hard to hear sometimes. I heard it just fine when at home, but outdoors it can go unnoticed. Anyway, a bouncy egg appeared on the screen right after: Now, many people say that the screen is set too deep inside, but I don't find it that deep. I was expecting it to be way more sunken in. It's just a bit difficult to capture in photos because it's very reflective and so small that you have to do macro-photography. A minute after, it hatched into an adorable beaked tangerine. It was white, which means it's a boy, as I've heard. He was jumping up and down like that, looking rather happy, but when I pressed the C button, which I guess in the nano is the equivalent of asking "hey how are you" he made a dizzy face. So I fed him 4 bowls of rice - tried to feed him a fifth but he didn't accept it. He also got 2 candies for being such a cute fruit and I played the game a couple of times. The game is pretty fun compared to the P1/P2 games. Then I pressed the C button again to ask him if he's satisfied and he came closer making happy faces and beeps. I put him in a small coin purse and back in my bag, and went on with my day, while checking on him way too often, in the meantime: turns out that, especially for a baby, he's not needy at all. I think in all the day he only pooped twice, and he didn't even get sick once. I took him out in the bus to play the game a few more times, and just because he was way too cute to keep inside the bag, and even took him with me to the library, where I went to study. However, I didn't feed him any snacks or meals. Approximately 5 hours after he hatched, I was in the dentist's office for my boyfriend, so I took him out while in the waiting room. He had a poop next to him and while he was still bouncing happily, when I pressed the C button he looked dizzy. I fed him 4 meals and checked again. He turned his back on me, so I fed him another 3 candies and played a couple of games. I also decided to name him Sky. Sky devouring candy in the dentist's office: THUG LIFE. At 8 o 'clock I heard some beeping from my bag and saw Sky had already laid down in his bed, neatly covered by a blanket. I turned off the light and let him sleep. That was his first day of life. I'm extremely curious to see how he will evolve tomorrow. To be continued!
  3. I've had my tamagotchi nano for a very long time but over the years, due to a few mishandlings, I've dropped it a few times and it's not functioning as it should be. I can get it to start after putting in the batteries and restarting it - hearing the beep sound and then it loads the clock screen - but after about 8 seconds, the screen turns off and it's dead again. The batteries I use are maxell alkaline batteries and brand new so that doesn't seem to be the problem. I'd like to be able to open up my tama and access the circuit board to see if I can fix it myself. I've not been able to find a disassembling guide for the tamagotchi nano so I would be grateful if anyone had any idea how to do it. Besides removing the two screws, I don't know what else I can do. Help?
  4. Is there a difference between the Tamagotchi Nano series 1-4, besides the series 4 having a different evolution chart? Theres also two more Tamagotchi nano variations that seem to be called 'depa's, rather than 'series 1/2/3/4', is there a difference between the 'depa' tama's and the nano series? And one last thing, which is better, the Nano, or the chibi? Reference for the tamagotchi nano variations:
  5. tara's tama family <3 uwu hey everyone and welcome to my tamagotchi log!! my name's tara, but you knew that already!! so today, sunday january 27th 2013, i have decided to start up a version three tamagotchi connection, and a tamagotchi nano. hopefully by starting a log, it will help me be more dedicated to taking care of these little guys!! my nano may or may not be coming to school with me, but my v3 will definitely be staying home on pause! i'm not sure how long this will last, but as long as i'm not too busy i will be updating everyday! <3 ((at this time my nano didn't have batteries yet!!)) around 2:10pm, my v3 hatched into a little girl!! i named her roxy! (yes, from homestuck, kids!) her name being entered in! jumping around on screen v u v my nano was born a few minutes later, and i decided to name her rose!! i don't have any pictures at the moment, but i am sure to get some tomorrow! i played a game of get with roxy, and fed her of course! she got sick a few minutes ago, poor baby! u n u rose has been happily bobbing around on the screen, i'm going to play the tamagotchi game with her after i post this!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to everyone reading this, thanks for checking out my log!! i'm really excited about raising these two rascals, and i hope they both have a great tama life u w u please continue to read if you enjoy it, and drop me a message too and i'll feature you in the next post! also clicking that little follow button would be nice! (• ε •) see you all tomorrow with some updates!! or maybe tonight even uwu ~ tara, roxy, and rose!
  6. Hello, since I'm new I wasn't sure where to post this question so I'm just giving it a go here. I have a Tamagotchi Nano serie 4 and I am trying to get Watawatatchi but so far I only got Lovelytchi and Melodytchi. I'm not sure how to take care of the baby for it to turn into Watawatatchi and maybe somebody can help?
  7. I'm going to order two Tamagotchi Nanos from CD Japan, of two designs I have already chosen. I need to find out what waves they are, but I can't find anything on Google or CD Japan. Does anyone know what waves these Nanos are: - Lovely Lace Nano - Crystal Snow Nano If you know where one is, a list of the designs in each wave would be appreciated, but for now I just need to know what waves these two are. Thanks! ~ Dazzmina ~