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Found 47 results

  1. im planning to get a tamagotchi p (if i can find one in good condition) and id like for it to be in english. i know theres tons of tutorials online explaining it but just for the sake of convenience id prefer if it was in english. ive figured out most of it but im not sure what i need for the infrared transfer. my main concern is that i have a mac and im not sure what would be compatible with it. id prefer to go with the usb dongle method as opposed to the phone or old laptop method because its way cheaper (from what ive seen). i know there are some premade devices with downloads but im not totally sure how they work. if anyone has suggestions for mac compatible tools that would be great! thanks so much ଘ(*ˊᵕˋ*)* ̀ˋ
  2. Hello! I've always wanted a tamagotchi p since they came out when I was a kid. I have the opportunity to buy one but I was also considering to purchase a tamagotchi meets. I only have enough money for one since I'm only 17 (and from the Philippines which makes them extra pricey unfortunately) so I wanted advice on which would be better. Can you guys tell me some positives and negatives of each so I can make an informed decision? (I was also wondering if the meets has a school feature like the tamagotchi p & if I put this in the right topic)
  3. I hope my question is in the right place on these forums. Please let me know if I need to post somewhere else. So I just got back into my Tamagotchi P after I found out all it needed was 2 AAA batteries and not those hard to find circular ones that were common for small hand held games. I learned that there are plenty of wonderful downloads that you can get, you just need a way to transfer them using IRDA. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 which if I read correctly has IR capabilities, but not IRDA so it would not work. I was fine with needed to buy a USB to IRDA device, but everywhere, and I mean everywhere they are discontinued. I guess people just don't use them? Is there any other way to get files onto my Tamagotchi P? It would be so cool to have new games, wallpaper, food etc. I run windows 10 and have blue tooth capability if that helps. Thanks in advance for your help. PS: I do not live in the USA, I am in Europe, so Walmart and other stores based in the US that don't ship internationally won't do me any good sadly. P.S.S. Did more digging into what irDA means and if anyone here is tech savvy, can you tell me if something says is it IR transmitting and receiving and not just transmitting that it's an irda? Or are they different?
  4. If I reset, does that de-patch/erase transferred items sent via irda? Also, how many of each item games, clothes etc can be held? I'm working on getting Yukinkochi and I may have to reset in the future if I don't get the right evolution. It'd be a shame considering how finicky my irda setup is to transfer things, so I'd like to know if I reset if it will erase anything I downloaded via irda. Finally found a device (an old Thinkpad by IBM with irda which I know there is a phone list to help people, but is there a computer or other device one?) to transfer a lot of additional content. I've got two games, some clothes and the English patch, but I wanted to know, since I've been slightly neglecting my tamagotchi doing all this and getting it to work today. I also learned that the system only holds x amount of items, IE two games you can download only or it will say it is full. Unfortunately you can not delete any of the main 3 available, catch, jumprope and decorating a cupcake. So you'll need to pick two games. Same goes with destinations. Dunno yet how many foods, wallpapers, etc it can hold I think I hit around 5 different clothings and it said to delete one. If there is a master list of how many of X downloadable items there are, that would be appreciated so I can filter the ones I want. Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place. Very noob to tamatalk.
  5. DUM dum DUM!! Hello! Hi! Yume here! This is my new log! But this time, it's about my tamagotchi p's! OK, I have two tamagotchi p's. Today, I'm gonna log about tamagotchi p's number two! And this log will have pictures! Neat! I'm gonna start... NOW! Sorry! No pics for this post. Nothing much. Both tama ps 1 and 2 have gone to sleep. I'll log tomorrow!
  6. Hello ^u^. I just got my Tamagotchi P and I want knightchi. I Need to know how to tell how many misscares I have. Can anyone tell me how to tell? Thanks ^u^.
  7. Hello I have a question,I think many wondered this. Do used deco pierces work on the Tamagotchi p´s? I would like to buy new pierces of course, but some of them are really expensive. So I think used ones would be cheaper. What do you guys think. Do they work ?
  8. I got my eco shovel and I'm trying to make a snowman. It is snowing in my tamagotchi p's and I have Yumecantchi as my tamapet. May I knowhow to use it?
  9. Hello. May I know... 1. when will the tamagotchi ps adult go to school 2. weather or not you need to let the tamagotchi try out all the classes and 3. If the tama will automatically go to school 4. How does your tama get a job and when will it go to work 5. Lastly, how do you raise your Tamagotchi with multiple personalities Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone! Happy to join this community. I received my first tamagotchi P (Melody Land) set 2 days ago. I have a question, if I swap out my Melody Land pierce for a Berry pierce, do I still keep all minigames? I want the Berry pierce minigame. Would it disappear when removed? Thank you!
  11. I purchased a Tamagotchi P off Ebay. However I'm having trouble connecting to it via IR. I plan to install the English patch when I get this figured out. I purchased the Polar IR adapter but it wasn't connecting correctly in Linux or Windows 8. So I purchased the SigmaTel IR adapter. It appears in Windows 8 for a few seconds, then disappears. So frustrating! I also dug out the Palm Treo 755p that has IR. It didn't work either. I'm wondering if the IR connection on the tamagotchi is faulty? I bought it for around $30 off Ebay and it said it was new...however I'm suspicious because it didn't come with the plastic screen cover. Let me know if you have any pointers, websites & Youtube videos to check out. URL to photos just in case they do not show up:
  12. What do the unlockable icon backgrounds on P's look like? And which generation are they unlocked on?
  13. So I'm getting my tamagotchi p very soon and I was wondering about a few small things. Fist off I've heard you have to bath your tama. When does it need a bath. I also heard I need to clean Its house. When and how do I do this? Another thing, what are the puzzle pieces and what are they for?
  14. How can I customize it without having to take off its faceplate? I tried sticking rhinestones and stickers (but they came off) and painting the heart on top of it (but I failed miserably). Any other ways to customize it, pls? Apart from attaching keychains and lanyards?
  15. Which of all the currently released pierces can be bought the cheapest?
  16. Hi there , Im searching for the Tamagotchi P's & I can't seem to find any here but Im still searching. Do any of you guys know where to buy it in Malaysia? Thanks
  17. I have an infrared phone and I already patched it to English and deleted the destinations so I have free space in my P's. But I downloaded games and wallpapers as images on my smartphone and sent it to the phone with bluetooth and they failed to be sent by that phone by infrared. How do I download the wallpapers aND games otherwise? Note that I can't go on the page I downloaded the images from with my smartphone using my new phone because its internet connection doesn't work from the SIM card and it's too old to connect to wifi.
  18. For me, the choice isn't hard because I don't own neither an iDL nor 4U. P's is my first color screen Tama and that's not the only reason why I'm biased towards it. I find it a lot cuter than the rest of color screen Tamas and the characters that appear in it are more appealing to me than iDL's characters. I've read many negative opinions on 4U's and I know although they have changeable faceplates, they are troublesome in downloading extra contents to it. I also think P's has more content than iDL and this is why I choose P's over the others. What about you guys? I wanna know your opinions!
  19. Could anybody who owns one tell me what does it add to P's? I've been thinking of getting one but I need more info on it.
  20. So my Terupotchi was supposed to evolve at 2:30 PM but at 2:00 PM the battery ran out and for 45 minutes I couldn't get to change it and after I changed it in the end, I noticed she hasn't evolved for more than an hour after that. Why is that and what happened? Can anybody explain to me?
  21. If it leaves a poop on the screen and I don't clean it up for a while does it count as a care mistake?
  22. I have a tamagotchi P and I'm currently fighting the urge of getting another. I have sooo many stuff to buy work related that it would not feel right to buy the same model. (And my parent would kill me really). So I've been thinking about getting an ID L so I can connect it with my P. 1- Can ID L and P connect the same way a P would do with another P? Like, can they cook, play, or...? What are the options between the two? 2- Can I get the secret characters on the P by connecting it with the ID L? 3- Can they marry and have babies between the two?
  23. I've wanted a color screen Tamagotchi ever since I found out about them. I knew that it would have to be a miracle to get one though. I live in Poland, where access to products not from Europe is very restricted. I couldn't possibly order anything by myself from Ebay or Amazon. Which was a shame because I had my eyes on a 37$ Tamagotchi P's. The day after I found it, I figured out I could get that Tamagotchi if I asked my uncle T. who lives in Ireland. I immediately became excited from the idea. He was at work when I messaged him, so he read my message 2 hours later. But he agreed to paying for my Tamagotchi which would be then delivered to where I live. Our relations are good, he bought me the tablet I use to go on TamaTalk for my birthday. It was a Saturday and he replied at 7:30pm so he said he decided to order it the next day, on a Sunday. I waited impatiently to get a sign from him that it was ordered. When he said he did it, I was so happy and excited. I felt like hugging the whole world. So my waiting began. On Monday the Tamagotchi was sent to me. As I'm writing this it's a Sunday and a week has passed since it was ordered and sent. Having the parcel shipped to me should be pretty time-consuming since it goes straight from Japan. Plus sides of this situation I'm in exist, I might at least learn to have some patience. I don't know when it arrives, most probably early May or middle May. I must be vigilant. This much is for now, I will keep it updated week after week and after the parcel is here.
  24. Hi, I finally got my tamagotchi p's yesterday, I've been going to the park because I want to get a pet, I'm after a pet I've researched and it's available to be kept, but it doesn't give me that option, do I have to wait until my tamagotchi is an adult to keep the pet? Also... could somebody hand me some links of the best guides for the tamagotchi ps in english? At this moment I'm not able to patch it... please thank you
  25. Hi. I want an english version of a colored screen tamagotchi. I want to know opinions, which one is the newest english version release? which one is your favorite (and why)? and what are the differences between them. Thank you