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Found 109 results

  1. Hi! so.. uh. i got this tamagotchi p's used off ebay a few days ago, and it was working fine for a few days but now it won't turn on. i tried new batteries but... nothing. it didn't even give me a dead battery screen so it was wishful thinking i guess. but its like theres no power to it at all. even with batteries in i cant turn it on or anything. im... afraid to take a color tamagotchi apart but ill do it if i need to, i guess. i can also try to contact the seller on ebay. any.. suggestions for what might be wrong?.. all i know is that i put it in my pocket and it beeped and, i think my jacket pocket might have hit something? but i don't think so. then i went out the door to the car and it wouldnt turn on. been like this for i think 3 days now, i was waiting on new batteries.
  2. Hello everyone! I have a tamagotchi on right now but I’ve been really wanting the p’s. It is very expensive but it seems like so much fun. I don’t think I’m going to be able to get any pierces because they are also pretty expensive. For those of you who have a tamagotchi p’s, do you think it’s fun without the deco pierces (or an IRDA phone)? Thank you
  3. Hey, Tama Lovers!!! My name is Gina! I have been part of this forum for a while! Content removed - topics promoting personal links are not allowed. Sorry! --Penguin-keeper
  4. Hi. I have owned this pink tamagotchi P’s for around 2-3 years. I am a 13 year old male, and while personally I do not mind the color much I’m sure it would not go over well in public places, especially in the area where I live. I’m not sure if this is against the rules, and if it is I will remove this post, but I was wondering if anyone was interested in “trading” my tamagotchi for one of a blue or green color. I will also accept other kinds of colored tamagotchis (as in the screen, not the shell). As long as it’s within reason monetarily wise. I might be able to meet up if you live somewhere in the central Virginia area, or am willing to mail it to you. (I would hope this community is nice enough to partake in their part of the deal, for I am new here and have only recently discovered the site.) Thanks! (I cannot post pictures because the file size is too large, but if I find a workaround, I will edit the post with pictures, or message them to you if you are interested.) Bye!
  5. Hi, Recently I bought a preowned Royal pierce from Japan you want and I can't get it to unlink from the previous owner and link to mine. My Ps came with the Dream Coffret pierce and I had trouble linking that one too but once I married off my adult tama and had a baby I was able too, I figured that since that one now worked so would my Royal pierce but it was still unable to link it and I ended up resetting my tamagotchi but my Royal pierce still isn't working, I haven't tried my Dream one yet though. I know accidents happen but I feel that since I bought it from JYW it should be functional I didn't buy it from somebody on ebay yk? I don't think my tama pierce port itself is damaged because my Dream pierce works? I blew on both so I don't think it's dust either. I'm wondering if I can only connect certain pierces during certain stages, like am I only able to connect my Royal pierce when I have a teen? Or is it just broken? Sorry this is so long, thank you in advance!
  6. I recently bought an old Nokia 3310 to patch my Tamagotchi Ps into english, but the phone is saying I need a SIM card? Do I need to go out and purchase a SIM card in order to use this phone and patch my tama? Or is there a way around this?
  7. Hey guys, Just wanted to revisit my old post, however found that it has been locked out due to inactivity. Not sure if you remember this post from about 4 years ago where I was attempting to make Tamagotchi P's replica hearts? WELL!! I HAVE NEWS!!! Check these out!!
  8. Hey, hi! I recently found the IDmakeDL application (which I believe was created by @Binary?), and got super excited about the prospect of making custom downloads! Does anyone know of any resources on how to learn how to use this software? Or possible any sprite bases for clothing/accessories? All I could really find was a blog post by someone saying there wasn't much out there </3 and that was posted a couple years ago. xo, Jemsey
  9. Alright, so this is a more recent issue which I have not encountered before on any Tama I own. So I started my Tamagotchi P's up two days ago. I added new batteries, as the last ones were dead. It ran well for a while, but an hour or two later, I went to press the buttons to check on my Tama, and the screen wouldn't turn on/wake from sleep mode. The tamagotchi was completely unresponsive. I naturally opened the back to perform a reset, but that didn't work either. I had to instead remove the batteries and put them back in to reset the tamagotchi and get it to turn on again. This seems to happen every day. Two or 3 times yesterday and then again when I woke up this morning I found it had done it again. My poor Tama will never grow if this keeps happening! To my knowledge, nothing has specifically triggered it. Whether I have used the tamagotchi seconds ago or an hour ago, it still seems to happen. It's also very random, as there is no battery warning, so I can't imagine they're just dying I am really not sure here. I could use any help. The batteries I put in were brand new, and when I got this tama I had gotten it new in box. I definitely cannot afford to have to get a new one, so hopefully there is some kind of fix.
  10. I looked up the P's and I thought it was really pretty and seems like it has a lot of features to interact with and plus it works with ir devices which I'm finally planning to get for my iD L. I also know that the prices for the P's have increased tremendously since the last time I decided to check them out. Makes me regret not getting it for a more reasonable price back then. The cheapest I found was about $130 with shipping and I'm honestly not afraid to spend that amount since I saved up some money I got from a summer job I had last year. But one thing I have to find out is if it really is worth the $130 I'm about to spend. I'm sure it is worth it just looking at the price. I did do some research and found that a lot of people say that the P's are a favourite of theirs. I hope someone can tell me what the P's have that the iD L doesn't so I know I'm not getting something similar. I know there are information on that if I search it up but I want a someone's "real time" answer/opinion. edit: I decided not to buy it yet bc the one I was looking at was apparently sold. I'll still think about it though. Hopefully another cheap one pops up.
  11. Hello, Tama Fans! Just wanted to know if anyone knows where I can find a blank template for tamagotchi p's faceplate so I could personalize it and print it out in picture paper to personalize my P's!
  12. Hey tamalovers!!! Does anyone know where can I purchase Deco Pierces that is not on ebay or amazon? Because they are getting very expensive there. If there isn't another website where i could get it, I'll have to make a huge dent in my wallet 😅
  13. Hello everyone, I've recently purchased a Japanese IDL & P's and a Sprint Palm Treo 650 to transfer the downloads. I'm having a lot of trouble sending the files from my laptop to my Palm Treo, I tried to use the bluetooth transfer from both a Win 10 PC and a Macbook (2014 release) with no success. They both detect my Palm Treo but I can't find neither of my laptops from my phone. When attempting on my Macbook, I receive the message: "the device does not have the necessary services" and nothing happens on my phone When attempting on my PC, a bar pops up for authentication (not sure if that's the exact word since my system is in a different language), and my phone will say "connecting" for about a minute and then it disappears and nothing happens. Does anyone have any experience with the Palm Treo 650 or have a tutorial to how to transfer files to a Palm Treo 650? I'm really frustrated right now that I can't even transfer the downloadable content to my "transfer device". The Palm Treo was purchased on Ebay and it only came with a charger (no USB cable). I've also tried asking the Ebay seller and all they told me was "We receive these items in bulk and only have the information available from the manufacturer to provide to buyers in the listing" and it was not helpful at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  14. My favorite tamagotchi is Yumecantchi and by a general google search, I realized I can get her on my tamagotchi P's, but I am not sure how. Can someone guide me on how to get Yumecantchi on the P's? Do I need to download something? Is it on a particular pierce? Thank you so much!
  15. I am raising Terupotchi (toddler) on my P's at the moment and i noticed that everytime i go to the status menu her personality element has changed, which is weird cause i only let her play with the clapboard and feed her with Bento, so she should be "Charismatic" (the star symbol). But EVERY TIME i go to the menu there's a different symbol. At first it only switched between "Style" and "Charisma" but suddenly there's "Strength", "Intelligence" and "Gourmet" too. I own this tama for about 2y now. I'm worried that it's kinda broken or going crazy or something. So my question is: is that normal or is it a glitch???
  16. This question is more about the the item rewards you can receive after 30 hours after working in any of the available job locations. Does the amount of hours that you've accumulated working at one place, reset if you switch to another? And does that number reset if you've married off your Tama; do those hours roll over to the next generation, or do you have to start from zero?
  17. So I'm using a Palm Centro to send downloads to my tamas, which has been going fine until I try to send stamp cards to it. It says on the centro that it sent but the tama says "failed" when it tried to connect. I am using Mr. Blinky's englishifed stamp cards if that makes any difference.
  18. So I'm playing with my tamagotchi p's but I'm having a issue figuring this out - I know care mistakes are from my tamagotchi calling for me, but do they carry over when the tama evolves? And do care mistakes happen when you leave your tama with poop on the screen for too long?
  19. Since the tamagotchi p's is in colour, does it have a shorter average battery life compared to the b&w tamagotchis? What is the average battery life for a p's? Since the p's has the school/daycare/jobs, it IS advisable to turn the brightness/contrast (does the p's have the contrast function) right? or does that not really mater? Also, does patching take up a lot of the battery life? (I recently got a tamagotchi p's that hasnt been patched to english yet thats why i'm a bit concerned) (Eventhough patching only takes about a minute but like ya) Sorry I ask so much questions, I appreciate everyones comments/advice!!
  20. With Mister Blilnky's new VDP+ do you think that the physical pierces will lose value? The only one out currently is the sanrio pierce for the P's but, it's completely in English. I'm not trying to complain because the physical pierce is like 90$ and in Japanese but I have been wanting to play with it for like, forever and I can completely read everything. But do you think because we can download the VDP+ for free that people will stop buying the pierces? Let me know your thoughts. Let me know your thoughts.
  21. Hi guys! So I own 2 Tamagotchi P's so far (used Melody Land set & pink that was a gift from my sister) but have always wanted a green version because of how beautiful that color is. I've recently found a local seller that sells brand new P's at a decent price and I was pretty psyched about it! However, I've also been slowly but surely falling in love with the gorgeous white color of the P's and was wondering if it would be silly to own 4 of the same versions at once. I've only been able to run 2 Tamagotchi at the same time so it's not like I'll be playing with them all the time, and neither am I a collector, but the colors of the P's are just so irresistible! I do have a few Deco Pierces for my P's so I don't think I'll ever get bored of them, especially with Mr Blinky's amazing VDPs to add to the mix. I just am indecisive on whether I should get just the green P's or purchase the white together since they are selling it at the same price. (: TL;DR: Is having 4 Tamagotchi P's too many?
  22. *Drumroll plays* Hello, Tamatalk! It's Tamacass, with a new blog that I'll certainly be cringing at in the future! Yes, I know that you are all just so EXCITED to read on! And I am too! It's been a few years since I did this, yet I still have all of the basics down in long term memory. So, I may as well intro- OK, you've spoke long enough! Yeah! Rinny and I haven't had the chance to talk! Oh, come on! *AHEM* Please ignore the human over there, she has no idea what she's doing. As Noki said before, my names' Rinny! Yeah! And I'm Noki! I JUST SAID THAT! *Brawl insures* Hey, hey HEY! Cut it out, the both of you! I still need to tell the readers what Tamas you are! So, Rinny is a smol cinnamon roll Rolltchi, the bad care toddler! She's on my Pink iD L, which I'll show later. Meanwhile, on my pink P's, Noki is a Nokobotchi, the second teen you can obtain. I actually painted her pink at the painting place (Which I'll show right now). Anyway, I'm sure you're all screaming, saying "TAMACASS SHOW THE PHOTOS ALREADY DAMMIT" so here they are! Rinny's on the left, Noki's on the right (obviously). The bed's super comfy! Weeeee! STOP BOUNCING ON THE BED RINNY! Woah-oa! Hi! Look at me, look at me! Stop hogging the camera, please! Ta-da! Aren't I mystical and wondrous? ... ...Yeah. Sure. C'mon, let's play! I'm connecting you two right now! I hope I win! NO! I'M GONNA WIN, AND BEAT CHU! Oh no! My flowers! Yay! I win! *Bawls* I-I WAS GONNA BEAT YOU AND I WAS GONNA MAKE A REALLY GOOD FLOWER CHAIN A-AND... WAAAAAAAH!!! Ignoring Miss. Princess over here, Noki got 30 G for her efforts. Yippie! I didn't take anymore photos, so I may as well wrap it up here. However, I did do a drawing of the two on my Lenovo Yoga Laptop using Paint Tool SAI: *Sniff* ... We look great! I HATE IT! *runs off into cyberspace* Wait, Rinny! How did she do that?! Don't ask me. I wasn't asking you! OK, now that's over with, look forward to another future post! I'll probably have an update later if Rinny evolves. I'M EVOLVING LATER?! Oh no. YAY!!! I'm gonna evolve later, I'm gonna evolve later... -Tamacass
  23. Hey tama citizens last week i was trying to get kuriten on my ps because i downloaded the kuriten vdp but i got righttchi. I fed the tamagotchi the food that was said to be the item to get kuriten but i got a different one ._. To get kuriten should i have a female tama? :/
  24. Hi! I owned the old tamagotchis(since I was small) and after about 15 years I'm back to the Tamagotchi community! I've decided to get a P's (Aikatsu ver.) recently and is excited to collect more pierces. Just curious if anyone know where can I get used pierces for the higher priced pierces (eg. sanrio, disney, fairy change, royal change)? They're just too expensive for me to buy them new! I've tried tamagotchi trader group but no one seems to be selling those.
  25. Ok so I'm currently attempting to patch my Tamagotchi P's to english. The problem I'm having is whenever I try to send the image via infrared the phone just comes up with 'No device found'. It's a Sony Ericsson Z310I which is on the list of compatible phones over at tama-zone. I pick the third option on the connections section of my tama p's. I can't think where I might be going wrong. Any ideas guys?