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Found 747 results

  1. I’m a HUGE Kawaii International Fan & I recently found a Facebook a post from 2014, where they did a Blog about the Tokyo Shop, and I’d really like to find the original episode; if there is one. If anyone can Share a link or Video that would be very much appreciated
  2. KEEP THEM COMING! Bandai Japan is on a roll with all these Meets versions, and they just keep getting cuter and cuter! Behold - the Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy version! We’ve got some information from the leaks that you’re just going to LOVE! The Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy Version will be available in two different color shells, purple and blue. Both are very pastel-like colors and have adorable shell designs that are decked out with jewels and a rainbow ombre. Both shells will feature some jewels, very similar to the Tamagotchi P’s design. Princess Palace, Arabian Night, and Wonderland are the three new locations that will be featured. Let’s talk about those characters. Fantasy Mametchi, Loveli Princess, Yumei (Dream) Alice, Kirari (Shiny) Hatter, Meloarabian, and Lamppatchi. The mixes are just SO cute, and we love seeing these characters all dressed up. You can expect to get your hands on the Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy Version this summer, August of 2019! Pricing is sure to be similar to the original Tamagotchi Meets, Pastel Meets, & Sanrio Meets. More information is sure to leak before Bandai Japan officially announces the newest version, its basically tradition at this point, and we will be sure to keep you updated! Stay tuned!
  3. Hey I have just bought a Tamagotchi Gen1 in a good condition. Yesterday, when I start it, I saw a Box around the egg. I took apart the Tamagotchi and cleaning up the contacts from the screen. And last but not least: Its the same result. In this Video, you can see my Problem. (10:55) How can I fix it? Mametchi98
  4. There was this Mobile tamagotchi game I played once when I was younger back in 2014. It was called Tamagotchi Tap and Hatch. I’ve been wanting to play it again for a while, but the game has been taken off the App Store and the Google Play Store. Is there any way to access this game again? Or is it just gone forever?
  5. It looks like someone is making a tamagotchi reanimated collab on twitter. I might join.
  6. This comes as absolutely no surprise as we have seen the leaked images MONTHS ago, even before the Tamagotchi Meets was announced. Today, Bandai formally announced the Tamagotchi Meets Pastel version. This new version will be added to the Tamagotchi Meets lineup and feature some new locations, characters, and more! The Pastel version comes in two different designs, one in white, and the other in purple. Both feature unique floral faceplates to match their shells and differentiate themselves from the original Tamagotchi Meets version. Wha else is new on this version? New locations! Pastel version will include two new locations, Easter Land and Flower Garden. These locations are so beautiful and will feature some new characters along with some familiar faces! Easter Land is all about the upcoming Easter holiday, everything seems to be egg shaped, pastel colored, and bunny themed. Flower Garden looks like a beautiful spring garden, everything is in bloom and very colorful, there are several gardens laid out amongst the gorgeous landscape - breathtaking! So what about those characters? Well in Easter Land you’re going to meet four new faces pictured above all the characters are Easter themed and so adorable. Flower Garden we have two returning characters, and one familiar face! Butterflytchi, and Yotsubatchi can be found in Flower Garden, and a new variant of Furawatchi decorated in flowers, and a pink cape! No word on pricing yet, but it should be along the same price as the Tamagotchi Meets. The Pastel version will be available on shelves in Japan on March 9th, this is just in time for Easter and right before the official start of spring! We are so excited about this version, are you planning on getting one?
  7. Hello everyone, I just unpacked my new Tamagotchi V4. And I'm experiencing some technical difficulties. The Situation: I've put the time after my radio clock, right in time. Time passed normally. I've noticed that when my Tamagotchi goes to bed, the time went faster. The next morning there was a difference from 46 seconds. During the day the time passed normally, until he goes to bed. Then the same problem happens again. For a day it is no big deal, but when it all sums up, it's quite annoying. I hope that somebody can help me. kind regards, 98mametchi98
  8. Hello everybody, is that a Original Tamagotchi? In the Package Stands „giochi preziosi“. Trank you 😊 98mametchi98
  9. So I recently bought a used entama and because I don't read Japanese I'm still figuring it out but anyway I have only had it a couple of weeks and it has kept saying that the battery has run out. But when I press the reset button it's fine! Until a couple of hours later it dose the same thing?!? Is it just my tama? Is that common for old used and beaten up tamas? Thank you for taking the time to read xxx
  10. Is there a health meter on the Gudetama tamagotchi? I was looking for it. I can’t really see how my Gudetama is feeling like the other tamagotchi’s. it would be great to find out. thanks! I just bought the Gudetama just today so I’m new to this. ( So use to the original tamagotchi omg )
  11. Have you ever wondered " Where do I download tamagotchi ID L downloads" You can get them at this link Binary posts them every few days.
  12. Hi there! So I received my Eevee Tamagotchi two days ago and so far I'm pretty happy with it. It's pretty easy to satisfy and not needy at all. But there are two things I can't seem to figure out: 1. Sometimes Eevee beeps at me for no reason at all. Even if it is completely happy. There's no way to dicipline Eevee for beeping without any reason, so I wonder: Why does Eevee do that? Am I missing something? 2. Has anyone figured out yet how to evolve Eevee into an Espeon/Umbreon? Thanks in advance! :)
  13. Hello! I'm a new member of this forum. I'm an italian guy, so sorry for the bad english, but I'm trying my best. You can call me Cisco. I had a Tamagotchi Connection V3 when I was a kid, so I bought one a few months ago. I actually like it; it's great, simple and fun. It's a Jungle Camoflage one, it's really cute. Lately, I was thinking of buying a new Tamagotchi. I have enough money, so I'd like to order one online. But I can't decide wich one! I'd love to buy a V6 Music Star, but I have not enough money. So, I found some version wich I can buy. I'm interested in one of these, actually: Tamagotchi Connection V5 Familitchi I think it's a great Tama, I tried it when one of my friend had one. I like it, even if I think it's my leat favourite Connection because there isn't much to do. I like the family system, but it start being boring after a while. Character aren't really different and I'm afraid I'll get the same families every time. Tamagotchi Angel I'd like to buy this one, even if I don't really love the characters. I think they are cute, but really similar. I'll obviously buy a Japanese version, but it isn't such a problem, 'cause I'll watch some video online to see how the Tama works. Tamagotchi Ocean I love the design and the concept: a water Tamagotchi? Awesome, even if the character aren't really a lot. I'd like tu buy this instead of the other two, but I'm afraid 'cause everyone say it's... way too hard. Ok, something challenging isn't such a problem to me (in particoular during boring time), and I can Pause it everytime I want too (I'm not the type of owner who hate to Pause his Tamas). I mean, I like Tamagotchis, but I have lots of other things to do, so I cant't stay 24/7 on it. But everyone started to say this Tama's impossible, too hard and stuff like that. I'd love to buy it, but I don't know, now... is it really so hard? So, can you guys help me? I'd really like any suggestion. Thanks!
  14. So I have that set... The one that came with the microphone, the Tamagotchi, and the Cd game thing? Where you could tell your tama to open files and whatnot- If anyone wants it I can copy it and send the files?...(Not trying to break copright laws here- just trying to share something thats hard to find nowa days.) Lemme know if you want it. And I'll send it. ^__^ (Just the CD Files- not the entire set! JUST TO CLARIFY!) Remember it works on OLDER Computers...not new ones- (Which is sad...but hey..) Maybe someone can make a patch that makes it work on todays compus?
  15. hi! i’ve recently gotten into tamagotchi, again. i got the tamagotchi mini a while ago, and i was hooked. i was wondering, what tamagotchi would you guys recommend? i really want a tamagotchi that is high maintenance and/or very engaging!
  16. zukmi

    Pochitchi ♡

    Just try apps, 8bit Painter (playstore) 😂
  17. A report by today suggests that an officially-licensed Pokemon Eevee Tamagotchi Nano might be on the way! To quote; This is the image that the report mentions; I like Eevee, so if this turns out to be true, then I absolutely want this Tamagotchi.
  18. Hi! So I got the 4U app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (finally!) and I really need your help! So I put new alkaline batteries in it, Sound is on and everything! Also NFC is turned on! So, here I am, going onto the app and clicking toy, I pick one. Get my 4U ready, It has the little symbol on it so everythings fine; and this happens (it only happened once by the way) A weird house appears with 2 characters peaking out, saying something in Japanese. Then, it made a happy noise. Then, stopped. Meanwhile, the app, was not doing anything. And my phone kept on turning off! The image was not going smaller, and it was just stuck on the screen with noting happening! Is it something to do with the firmware? Please answer its my fave Tama and I really want to get it IMO English and stuff!
  19. The moment has finally come! Bandai Japan has just officially announced the Eevee Tamagotchi, which is that fabulous collaboration that was leaked a few weeks back. Tamagotchi and Pokemon fans around the world can rejoice because this one is good. Just as you’ve expected, the details previously provided are pretty much on par with the official details. There will be two versions, ‘Love Eevee’ and ‘Colorful Friends’ which feature different shell designs, but will both have the same content. Each Eevee will hatch from an egg and depending on your care you can get a variety of Eevee’s! Each variation of Eevee is a bit different and all based upon care, there are a total of 8 variations of Eevee; they’re all super adorable! There also appears to be three mystery variations that Bandai has not yet released, but you can see that in the graphic above. You’ll be raising Eevee the whole time, which includes feeding, playing games, and enjoying Eeevee’s close up expressions right on your Tamagotchi screen! How adorable? The Eeeve Tamagotchi’s will be released on January 26th 2019, the MSRP is ¥2300 which is roughly $20 USD. The targeted age group for this device is 6+ due to its simplicity. It’s very important to note that this device is very different from the traditional Tamagotchi as it has similar functionality to the Tamagotchi Nano, and the newer Gudetama Tamagotchi. Bandai will be releasing a video really soon with additional information and functionality. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we receive additional information. How excited are you for this Eevee Tamagotchi?!
  20. What are your experiences interacting with Tamagotchi around people you know? I wanted to share this story that happened yesterday. I was on the bus and the friend that knows about my Tamagotchi was scolding me while I was playing with them (in a silly way), saying, "It's just the same thing over and over, how can you enjoy these," and I was trying to compare Tamagotchis to maybe someone's favorite food. It's the same, but you wouldn't mind having it again and again because you love it so much. Soon, my other friend came over and us three were walking to the bus stop while Friend 1 was still ranting about my "Tamagotchi obsession." Friend 2 asked, "What is a Tamagotchi? Can I see it? How many do you have?" Friend 1 laughed and said I had, like, ten.. (I really have six). I told him I had three with me and pulled out one of my M!Xs and let him play with it while we were on the bus. Friend 1 actually wanted to see my other M!X, so I let her, and she was complaining the whole time about how stupid it was. XD Near Friend 2's bus stop, I lean over and ask him how he likes it. Friend 1 abruptly says she doesn't like it and hands it back to me and Friend 2 looks up at me, smiles, and says he likes it. Friend 1 gasped and told him not to fall down into this abyss of Tamagotchi. It was hilarious. He asked me to send him some links to where to buy them online.
  21. AUTHOR'S NOTE: THIS IDEA IS NOT REAL UNLESS I HAVE FULL PERMISSION FROM HIROHIKO ARAKI, LUCKY LAND COMMUNICATIONS AND BANDAI JP. ENJOY THIS, BECAUSE I WANT JOJO FANS TO GIVE THIS OVERPOWERED STAND SOME LOVE. Story: Ever since the Joestar bloodline had carried on, there was one Stand that had the Joestar birthmark. However, according to legend, the Stand had been birthed from an egg made of supernova-like debris. It had been born from the closest galaxy. It had landed on Earth, but never hatched unless placed under the trust of a Stand user. Starting Your Pet: Pull out the included insulation sheet. You will hear a "beep" and the clock screen will appear. To continue to the next step, you MUST set the time. Once you have set the time, you are given the following stats to show ownership of your newly hatched Stand (must be filled in): - Name - Age - Height - Weight - Blood Type - Star Sign - Zodiac If you leave these blank, you will automatically be set to Jotaro's character data instead of your own. Once this step is completed, it will ask for your Stand's name, in which you must name it "Star Platinum". Naming it different names will cause consequences between you and the Stand. Once completed, the hatching begins. It takes 5 minutes for the egg to hatch. Do not touch the unit until 5 minutes have passed. If your egg still has not hatched by 5 minutes, tap the screen to encourage it. The unit will beep musically if the egg has hatched successfully. Congratulations! You're an official Stand user! Attention/Call-Outs: Once Star Platinum has hatched, he will automatically call for attention. This translation guide will help with what he needs, and what to do. "ORA! ORA!" - Hungry (feed) "ORAAAAA!!" - Unhappy (play games) "ORA ORA! ORA ORA!" - Lonely (praise) Whimpering noises - Sick/Injured (medicine) "Ora." - Greeting (no care needed, random) "Ora?" - Curious (explore) "ORA! ORA ORA! ORA!" - Complaining/Angry (discipline) "Ora..." - Sleepy (turn off lights) "Oraaaaaa!" - Happy (no care needed) Purring sounds - Affectionate/Content (no care needed) Statuses: This is where you can determine what Star Platinum needs, as well as look at other stats. The status menu shows the following: - Mental Age - Hunger - Happiness - Energy - Health - Owner Data - Trust Level/Friendship (ranging from "Stranger" to "Best Friend") - Stand Parameters (ranged from E to A) Feeding: Star Platinum does get hungry once in a while. To feed him, select the cookie icon. When first started, you are only given the following: Berry Galaxy Puree (meal) and Growth Milk (snack). It is unknown why this food is needed, but it may be towards his development. If he refuses to eat, discipline him and try again. The meal increases his Hunger by 1 every time he eats it. His snack increases his Happiness by 1 as well. As his brain ages, the foods will change. Be careful to not overfeed him, or he will become sick. Mental Age: If Star Platinum was newly hatched, his brain age starts at 0 years old. 1 day equals one year for a Stand. The more you care for him, the faster his brain age increases. Feeding him his meal and snack will also increase his mental age. Sleep: He will request sleep if he needs it. When he is asleep, turn off the lights with the lamp icon. His sleep schedule will let you know of incoming sleep. This will increase his Energy. Nap Times: 1:00 PM, 4:30 PM, 6:30 PM Bed Time: 8:00 PM - 7:00 AM As his mental age increases, the less naps he will request. Games: Select the basketball icon to play a game with him. The game of choice is Left Or Right. Use the A and B fist buttons to see if he will turn left or right. Win 5 times to increase his Happiness and Trust Level. Medicine: Only select the hospital cross icon if you notice Star Platinum looking ill. Selecting it will send Star Platinum to be checked out by a doctor. If he is doing fine, but the icon is selected, he will still go (and will show an unhappy face in return). With that in mind, his Happiness decreases if he goes to the doctor without showing any signs of illness. Training: Selecting the fist icon encourages Star Platinum to train. This increases his Stand Parameters greatly. Only train twice a day to prevent over-exertion. Discipline/Praise: Selecting the yin-yang symbol will bring two options: Discipline and Praise. Discipline if: - He refuses to eat, sleep or play - He disables the Status menu - He leaves the screen This will bring down his Happiness, but increases his Trust Level a little. Praise if: - He's sad/lonely - He needs comfort after a doctor visit - He needs affection Praising will help his Happiness and Trust Level greatly. Death: If a starry night sky shows up on the screen, this indicates that Star Platinum has died. To start over, press both the A and C fist buttons to restart. There are many factors as to what caused the death. - Neglect (all meters empty, causes premature death) - Overfeeding/Illness - Old mental age (maximum mental age is 99) - Over-exertion (if not treated within 5 minutes) Tips and Tricks: - While calling out, Star Platinum will show a brief still frame of how he feels. - If you are set to have Jotaro's character data, Star Platinum may say "JoJo" at random. It occurs often if his Trust Level is high. - If he is curious, press the B fist button. He will be shown with a butterfly on his nose. This increases his mental age a little. - If Star Platinum hits the mental age of 99, the screen will show him waving goodbye as he heads off into the sky. This is counted as a good ending, as the screen says "GOOD ENDING" until the A and C fist buttons are pressed.
  22. I stumbled across this on Amazon UK, and whilst they don't appear to be in-stock yet, I figured that it was worth mentioning here; It's a Tamagotchi-shaped Bluetooth speaker. A product-photograph of the back of the unit shows the typical Bandai/Wiz copyrights, along with one for a company called Teknofun, who must be the manufacturer. I haven't come across these before, so right now I'm assuming that it's something that's being released for the holiday shopping season.
  23. In my free time I've come up with two different characters (both made extremy far apart from each other which is why the first looks a lot nicer then the second). One of the charicters is a m!x between Gozarutchi and Masktchi, the second is a m!x between Gozarutchi and Androtchi! I hope you like them!