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Found 37 results

  1. Hi guys! It's so great to be a part of this forum. I wanted to share with you that I recently bought a Tamagotchi and I'm very happy about it as I haven´t owned one since I was 15. I now have kids and they are starting to like them as much as I did when I was a kid! I had bought ones a few years ago from a big distributor, but they were fake and absolute garbage. I'm from Canada. I want to order more, where do you usually buy them? Do you have other suggestions? Thanks
  2. It's the first annual Tama-thon marathon! Goals 1. Hatch as many different types of Tamagotchi versions as possible. 2. Hatch as many Tamagotchi’s as possible Here is a list of all the Tamagotchi releases. https://en.wikipedia...gotchi_releases Here are the rules. 1. You can hatch multiple Tamagotchis (no need to reset just, put your Tamagotchi on pause on the baby stage so you are ready to join on the hatch dates) 2. The start date is March 24th and the end date is March 26th. This means if you want to hatch 3 tamas for this group then you have to hatch them between those dates. (This way it won't be hard to care for 3 babies and toddlers at once) 4. Tell us the Tama(s) you're going to hatch and on what day. (March 24th-26th) 5. Have lots of fun! I'm announcing this hatch a month and ½ before because I hope to get some super rare Tamagotchis in this hatch! ALSO, people might need to stock up on batteries before the hatch. I will hatch… An IDL, three Tamagotchi P’s and a Tamagotchi Friends on the 24th V3, V4, V4.5, V5 and 5.5 Celebrity on the 25th An angel, two tamagos and a music star V6 on the 26th I have an Ocean, but I think I would have to cut back to only hatching 3 tamas at the most because the Oceans are SO needy. Anyway if no one wants to hatch an ocean I will change my hatching list. This is a tentative list. The day before I will post an official chart of who is joining and what will be hatched. Everyone has plenty of time to change their mind. I will message everyone a few days before as a reminder.
  3. So I was searching all over the internet and i can't find anything or if anyone has ever tried it!? Is it possible to connect them over skype? Facetime!? Google hangouts maybe? I was just wondering because it would be so fun to connect other tamas from tamatalk and also when i'm talking about them connecting i am mainly talking about the v1-6 because they use infrared and my favorite Tama of all time is the V4s! Any info will help thanks!
  4. I'm ninteen, so I'm in college, but during the summer I work 9-5. I love taking care of my tamas, playing with them in the evenings, and watching the generations grow. But I'm also very busy, and hide my tamagotchi use from my peers and family (embarrassing). Any one else in this position? How do you find time to take care of your tamas? I hate putting them on pause all day, b/c that means they will grow half as fast, and I do get bored if they don't change frequently. Wanted to open for discussion
  5. Okay, so let me start a log! My first one, remember, so sorry if its a bit, um, unorganized! Welcome. let me stun you with some big letters. Okay so.... These are the tamagotchi's that you shall be seeing in my log... A tamagotchi v2 .. A tamagotchi v4 .. A tamagotchi v4.5 ( ) .. A tamagotchi v5 .. A tamagotchi Music Star! And.... Maybe my family's Tamagos... As well as more, when I get them! I may include some pictures, if nessessary, and, of course, anecdotes, NEW things, tips/tricks, how I debugged my v4, etc.... Stay tuned for MORE!
  6. so, I was thinking of buying a 4u with touch cards. What do the cards do anyhow? What stuff do they add to the tama? And how do you put them on your tama? My family likes apple stuff, so I'll probably get a 4u (not 4u plus).
  7. You might know the webside, where people post funny stories about cats, Harry Potter, and candy and legos. It became popular amongst teenagers and adult people too, don't cha be shocked! I thought one day- someone must create this kind of thing for Tamas. For sharing every day of the Tamas you're running. I thought of using MLIT as a short form but it was aleready taken by Here's my MLITMGC story #1: Today, I din't wake up because I was staying up all night watching The Tamagotchi Movie and waiting for the Postman to bring me my iDL. MLITMGC.
  8. Hey... so... I've seen alot of piece talk in "Tamagotchi P's: New tama in Japan?" and I thought that I should make this topic so we could all chat about it! You can talk about the Pieces, ideas that you made for them or whatever! NOTE: This is a piece talk only! -Tamacass PS: I WANNA NINTENDO PIECE!!!
  9. Hi! I'm a little new here but I'll get used to it! Can I talk now? Jake! don't interrupt! Sorry. That was Jake, my music star. Sorry about that. He's only a young kuribotchi! Right now I'm on my fourth generation. What's that? AUGH! Um... I'm out of here... *Face palm* Aright, see you for now! -tamacass PS: Did I do good? Comment me please! Hi!!! What the- Edit: Jake evolved into a hinotamatchi. Damit! I was hoping for kikitchi!
  10. Heeeyyy It's been awhile since I made a topic here. So, I found this seller on eBay with 4 V3s. They look AWESOME, and since it's Australian, I'm actually thinking about buying one! It depends though, if Mum buys it for me (I have no monies ) What do you guys think? I would like to hear your opinions on them! -Tamacass
  11. Hey! I just figured out how to do sprites on paint and I figured: Why not share your sprites? YEEZZ I'M FINALLY A SPRITER I did a Sweetietchi one (It's kind of a fail XD) AND I GOT SHADING HA
  12. Hey there. I've obtained MANY characters on my TF. I never even bothered to tell (Because I'm lazy) . So here they are: Spacytchi - HORRIBLE care. Tropicatchi - Bad care. Harptchi - Bad care. Cofferitchi (Obviously) - Excellent care. um... what else... The red fiery dude (Forgot name) - HORRIBLE care. Monakatchi (Name?) - medium care. And I think that's it, because I can't check the rest of the memory (Due to being shut down). -Tamacass
  13. Ok, so it happened today. My V5 (Familitchi) called because it wanted to play with an instrument. I let it play with one, then it makes a noise and resets itself! I tried doing it again (Entering the date, time and birthday) but it keeps on reseting! Any help? this is desperate! -Tamacass EDIT: It started working again. I'm still worried if it might reset again in the future. Any ideas?
  14. Hi everyone! Welcome to my epic (Sort of) Tamagotchi log! Here's our guest, Kirby!!! Hi!!! OK, so, this log has comments on, so feel free to comment! Please post appropriate content or else... (Mwa ha ha) > Poyo? Yes Kirby, we will start now. I have my pink heart TF (Who has a dead tama ) and we shall start it up! Poyo! Poyo, poyo, p o y o! Yep. Now we press A + C and choose an egg... which one Kirby? Poyo! *Points to heart egg* OK. *Selects egg* Let's wait... P o y o... *Daydreams of dancing with a girl Kirby* *Hatches* Hi! I'm a boy! Hi hi hiiiii!!!! OK, feed me, play with me, buy me jewellery and all that jazz. Alright, alright. *Feeds* What should we play? Poyooooo! *Presses game option and presses mimic* Yaya! Let's to play! *AFTER ZE GAME* So... NO!!! I LOST AGAINST STUPID NEOTCTCHI AJDHSFHKRGSKDL That's not a word... I DONT CARE I GOT UP TO THE LAST ROUND AND LOST AGAINST NEOTCHI AGGGGGGGHHHHH Poyo! *walks and swallows a waddle doo* Whoa! *Transforms into beam Kirby* O_O... that's wrong- I THOUGHT IT WAS BEAUTIFUL THE CIRCLE OF LIFE AASKDDSHKFHDGL That's not the circle of life- *Electrocutes Tamacass to shut her up* Poyo! *Hi fives TF* Oh yay! *Puts on Adventure time* Shouldn't it be Tama time instead of that? Poyo!!! *Waves to the camera and gets on his warp star* bye!!! *Accidently crashes into the camera* *STATIC* NOW PRESENTING... ZE CIRCLE OF LIFE. ACTION! *Camera focuses on Kirby and a waddle dee* *Sniff sniff* Poyo. *Manly voice* I HAVE TO EAT YOU TO SURVIVE YOU U LITTLE BEAST AGGGH *Vacuums up waddle dee* CUT! *STATIC* OK, well that was random. -Tamacass. PS: Please comment! I would love to hear from you people!
  15. Hey Tamatalkers! I've been on MarioWiki for awhile and I figured out that Mametchi stars in a Mario acarde game known as "Mario Kart GP 2"! Here's a video I found on Youtube to prove it: I have no idea how the person got the game on the wii and also, I dont know how to post videos in a topic. enjoy! -Tamacass
  16. well, I was around the house this morning and my V6 had called for ages. When I pressed a button, it started doing an angry face with a bad end jingle. It's still doing the angry face. Does anybody know what's wrong with it? Is it a glitch? -Tamacass
  17. YAY!!!!!!!!! I was so excited when my TF arrived! Okay, now.... Brought: 18th of Dec. Shipped: 21st of Dec. got: 2nd of Jan. I'm so excited!!!! I like how there's games from the older versions (V3, V4, etc.). It's pink with hearts! It costed $67. 00 (Because I brought it 1 day after the TF was realeased) but it was worth it! I cant wait until Tamatown opens! I got a girl. I started it up a lil' while ago and the sprites are C U T E. I wonder what adult I'll get... (Thanks TTD for the evolution times!) -Tamacass
  18. Hi tama talkers! if you have a problem with getting pro debut, here are some tips! you know how most of the time, the third judge refuses? Well, when your tamagotchi practices it's instruments, it's makes a little sound. That means it's learning music and then you praise it. But then it will probably play it's instrument for no reason. That's one tip that will help you pass. another tip that will help is that the middle judge always excepts. If the middle judge hasn't excepted at your try, reply to this topic! the last reason is did you know how sometimes it ends up like this? -> X O O that's because you don't have the right instruments in your band. Change some of the instruments in your band and hopefully the first judge will except. that's all for now. Please reply for this topic if this helped or not! -Tamacass
  19. hello Tamatalkers! I was wondering, since Halloween is a special occasion, why not do a group hatch on the night? Any tama can be hatched! Date: 31st of October day: Thursday, Halloween night time: 7:00 PM I will be on my school sleepover that night but I will still hatch my tamagotchi! -Tamacass
  20. Hello everyone... Welcome to... The official Tamacass log of... P's Randomness! Well, nice to have you here people! This log will be about my P's and finally... WITH PHOTOS. This is gonna be about the generations and Stupidly fun randomness that happens right here, right now! So... here's little Kiriatchi... nothing new... Her happiness is LOW... let's play! >:3 "What does this look like? I'M SOROUNDED BY SEWING ZOMBIES." We then went to the park for some fun... in the rain. "Dude, I can't understand you. I'm the only english Kiriatchi around." So... yeah. This is the grand opening night/Day/afternoon/whatever of... The official Tamacass log of P's Randomness! Bye for now. :3 -Tamacass
  21. It all happened this morning. I had to go to a 2 hour party and leave my tamas at home. IT WAS A STINKING POOL PARTY. When I came back, I saw the egg angel. ABBY DIED. It was so sad (I DIDNT CRY BECAUSE I AM NOT A SOOKY LALA) and yeah, here is a pic to remember her death: next to my runaway music star. -Tamacass
  22. Hey peeps! I've found heaps of great tamas on eBay but really, which one should I buy? My Highest choices are: Tamagotchi Angel US version $25.90 only! Tamagotchi Nano Tamagotchi Tamago Please rate and reply! -Tamacass
  23. Welcome to... Tamagotchi Family all around! This is where I will be logging my Familitchi! If you want to see my other log, just go here! Now, in this log there won't be Talking Tamagotchis. This is just a log where there will be status updates, news and heaps of stuff that's happening in my daily life! So, I got the Familitchi from Taiwan. I went to the post office and in the car, started it up. 3 eggs appeared on the screen. The first one to hatch was a boy. Then the second egg hatched, revealing a girl. Then the last one hatched, revealing a boy. I forgot the names when they were babies though. I called the family COLA. (Just a random name ) They called for attention immediately and I fed them baby food and a lollypop. I filled up their hungry and happy hearts. An hour later, the oldest boy evolved into Mattaritchi, the middle girl into Belltchi and the youngest boy into Mousetchi. Status update! Hungry: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 happy: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 0% bonding Blended family That's all for now! -Tamacass
  24. If Tamagotchis were real and you could pick up one, depending on their personality, it's face, and everything that has to do about the character you would choose, what it would be? You should look on Tamagotchi wikia, and below your selected character you press 'Personality'. I'm making this topic because I see everyone say: "I like that character, this character is better", is ok, but It would not be better if you know it's personality? Don't judge only by their appearance! :- ) ;- ) :- )
  25. Hey...... I was wondering, since there's not that much Tamago figures on eBay, how big are the face plates? I want to create my own. Show a pic so I can trace it! Thanks! -Tamacass