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Found 7 results

  1. I'm starting a new tama log today! Here's a picture of the tama:
  2. Hey guys today i will be doing a tama log on my v4 which i got 2 weeks ago so sorry if it is a teen but when it is on the gen 2 I’ll make sure to log it sincerely, CaptainCA Sorry if the quality is bad I’ll work on how to compress it better
  3. Welcome!~ This is my TamaLog for my first run on the 4U. FAMILY TREE Gen 1, Female Ufufutchi Pannacotchi (>10 Happiness.) Lovelitchi (10+ Art Skill Points, 0-4 Miss Cares.) PochaLovelitchi (99+ grams.) married Mametchi Had an egg Toilet, Bathing/Brushing, Cleaning Up Fashion, Art Cookie 4 days old Gen 2, Male Yochitchi Pokapokatchi (<10 Happiness) Kuchipatchi (10+ Cooking Skill Points, 60+ grams.) JeanistKuchipa (>25 grams.) Toilet, Bathing/Brushing, Cleaning Up Sport No Name 3 days old
  4. Hey, this is the first time I've ever done a tamagotchi log, so I thought I should start right before the next generation would be born. I have two tamas, one V3 and one V4.5. I remembered having them as a kid, so I bought two new ones on ebay and started up (Note, my V3 is one generation ahead). Rory Rory is an adult male on my 4.5. He is 5 years old, and married to Amy. Amy Amy is a 4 year old girl on my V3, so she can't yet have a child, but she will be able to tomorrow. Her generation started a little earlier, her mother being the first tamagotchi I had on my V3. Her mother's name was Rose, and lived to be 5 years old. I'll post photos when I figure out how
  5. Hi there! In a couple days I will be starting up this new log with the babies of my 3rd generation There will be photos (if I can figure out how to post 'em) along with daily entries for both tamas. I will have a baby boy & girl, names will be posted soon. See you on Monday!
  6. Hello everyone, I dont know how to add photos here otherwise I'd show you my current Music star (please feel free to message me to tell me how) Anyway I started a log again because I got back into my tamas. My first generation was a girl named Celeste, she had a band named Candy and Celeste herself was a Chantotchi Celeste went onto get married and had a daughter named Maria, Maria became a Mimitchi created a band called Lies and went onto have a daughter (GIRL STREAK AHHH! XD) called Rose Thats me! I am a Memetchi now! I'm 5! Yes darling, Now how about you tell them about that surprise of yours Ah yes! Well I was practising my Piano skills when I received a knock at the door! Opening it, my Band Manager approached me. I said hello and greeted him, shook his hand and everything, thinking he was bringing me another bag of 50million gotchipoints. But then he pulled a suprise on me, KuroMametchi came from outside as well. I blushed you see, I knew him and he was one of my best friends, still is actually, from school and never really knew he liked me. He then got down on one knee! I was shocked, I really was! But my heart was torn. You see, I have a band called Narnia, I play the piano, my friend Penny who is a Kunoitchi plays a guitar and my other crush, my other best friend Dino, a Mametchi plays the Bass Drum. I wanted Dino to be here, so I turned Kuro down and both my Band Manager left and Kuro. I honestly was heartbroken Resetting the time, I gave you another chance I waited for the doorbell again, in hope that Dino would come. So when the doorbell rang, I sprung from my Piano and flung open the door. But I came face to face with my Band Manager again and thats when I knew Dino wasn't coming and I knew where my heart now lied. Tears escaping my eyes, I rejected Kutchipatchi who was behind the Band Manager. "I'm sorry Kutchi, but I know where my heart lies." and with just one look at the band manager, he knew who I was on about. He winked and left So for the final time, I reset the time again and we waited for the moment to come....and then... Soon as the doorbell rang, I flung open the door to see Kuro and the Band Manager. "Oh Kuro, yes I will! I'm sorry I rejected you the first time!" and with that I leapt into his arms, slamming the door shut and into the bedroom where.... They get the picture Rose. Yeah well anyway, the big surprise is...... I HAD A BABY BOY!!!!!! We haven't named him yet though...and if Tamatown was actually working we'd be there right now... Anyway thats all folks, we love you all! After that, I put the time right and yeah, thats all there is to it folks! Feel free to send fanmail! We'll answer them all and feature them on here
  7. Hello. I'm restarting my favorite tama, which is my silver v3. which is just enough simple for me. So today i'll start to hatch it. Ok inputting data. Ok user name is IANGH which stands for Ianghost. So now I wait... Its a boy! His name will be MAUS like Deadmau5. Played catch the note with him and got perfect. I talk to him for fun, but for a second I thought he talked. I must be going insane xD Im only feeding him scones, bread, and tarts. Well thats it for know. My next log will be tommorow. Stay tuned, something exciting is bound to happen.