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Found 17 results

  1. We’re going to play a game; how many tamas on Tamagotchi Planet are there?
  2. Hai! I've been wondering which tama to get next. I'll have to buy from Amazon. Here are my 3 tama choices: A Friends (not the Dream Town version), a 4U, or an original P. So, which tama is the best out of those 3? ONLY those 3. xD The Friends, a 4U or a P1/P2? The P would be the Japanese version. I want games, and... yeah. xD Something to amuse me when I'm bored. xD So, which is the best? The Friends is the most expensive, with the P being the cheapest. I didn't think that the Friends were that popular, but y'know. Thanks! Bai
  3. Hi everyone! Just thinking about restarting my tamagotchi collection....My collection before got lost in the process of moving (it wasn't very big but I did have a few great ones in there- ex: tamaOtchi, Angel, Morino). I'm not sure where to begin, the last time I played/had a Tamagotchi was back in 2011, so it's been a while Does anyone have any recommendations of what might a good Tamagotchi to start off with? I'm kind of interested in the new design, with the colorful background, characters, and stuff.
  4. I saw this topic and wanted to chip in but it was locked :c so I remade it. Feel free to write whatever habits you have with your Tamas. I have a habit of playing with the P's pierces by taking them out and putting them back in continuously. Also I take my yellow P's everywhere in my left pocket of my black jacket. I'm always afraid it'd fall out if I started to run (for example if the green light is blinking and I have to run to make it on time so as not to get a notice from Police) but I keep carrying it like this. I also zip up my jacket pocket with my tama inside whenever I'm on a bridge to make sure I don't yank it out of my pocket and into the river accidentally by the lanyard. I have a habit of keeping my Tamas on lanyards, although I hardly ever wear them around my neck. It's just something about the feeling when you see a lanyard sticking out of your pocket and you know your Tama is inside your pocket, safe from falling on the ground. Although I recently am running only my yellow P's, I made sure it has a crochet cover with a front flap and I'm obsessed with keeping the red part clean, although I colored the closing Velcros with permanenent markers so that they don't catch my eye anymore (too much) (white Velcros on red and black- eye-catching!) and THE BLACK MARKER GOT AROUND THE RED VELCRO AND IT LOOKS DIRTY :C I might have OCD here but I hate getting my crochet cases discolored unless I want them discolored. I like having various keychains on the lanyard of my P's. I have a snowflake charm, a pink heart charm, a keychain with a picture of my bae and a scoubidou that is completely black and made with my special technique that nobody knows about. Any habits you guys have?
  5. Hey!! I was wondering if anyone could give me some useful tips on how to get a Mimitchi on the V4. I have never had a Mimtchi on any version, and I really want to try get her!! So if anyone has any tips they could suggest too me to achieve this, that would be awesome! Sakura-San123
  6. I ask because I did a trade once with someone here in Whales and I used USPS to ship the package. Several months have passed and he never got the package :< I am glad though that he didn't lose anything in the process but I'm afraid that if I try to ship internationally again I might have the same problem. So I come to ask those who live in the states who do frequent trading: Whats the best service to use when shipping tamagotchis worldwide?
  7. Have you done any Tama-related drawings or paintings? I recently did these failed drawings... Mametchi and Violetchi. Violetchi is totally failed, I know. Dazzilitchi, Memetchi and Chamametchi. Chamametchi got really messed up by the over-shading... Himespetchi. My first try at this one, copied from my Princess Spacy's packaging. Large drawing of Mametchi, sold to my mom for $3. So, what have you done?
  8. Do they have Korean tamas? My two cousins had tamas, and they live in Korea.
  9. Hello, people beings, i am Ninjasaurus Rex, and today I am going to start a log on my v.4 Tama, the cracked ice version. So, i started yesterday, but evolved her in to a toddler, then paused her until... Now. So, I shall post her stats. 4 happy hearts 1 Training bar (soory, saw her ready to poop and couldnt help myself xD) 16 pencil 9 sparkles 7 flowers 0 yrs 21 lbs Name: UVA Gender; Girl 1g 1600 p Username: Care Ok, so now that that's out of the way, I'll go on a pointless tangent until someone stops me. So I was walking to school today jingling Uva in my pocket when all of a sudden, I saw one of my friends! I asked her if she knew what a tamagotchi was, and you know what she said? She said- Yes yes, she said yes, but she doesnt have any. Besides, she doesnt even know what I am Oh, come on Uva, she was very D'awwed by you spinning in a circle. I know, but still, I mean, but, she... she... she didnt know if I was a boy or a girl! Yeh, but you sould be happy I told her the truth! I said girl. Yeah, but, oh well... Well, that is enough for today, because I have-- *cough*videogamestoplay*cough* *le epic glare* No, homework to do... So, normally it will be longer, or maybe not at all, or maybe I will ultimatly troll all of you by rage-quiting right now :trollface: but, see you next time, and have a good time!
  10. Hi! I have this nagging little question: What is "cheap" to you? e.g: How much would you say was really a bargain for a tamagotchi? Cheap to me is... When my brother bought a v2 for £2 all together. (that's about $3.50)!! Would you consider higher prices like $15-$20 to be right for a tama?
  11. Just so everyone knows what to expect when buying out of their Union I haven't got charged so far, because I don't usually buy from abroad... Have you got charged for an imported tama before?
  12. k I love looking after my tamas but recently I just don't have enough time for them *beep beep goes the tama* And I am usually busy doing something else. I try to look after my 3 tamas but they end up on pause 80 percent of the time and with school its even harder its *pause* *school* *unpause* * dinner bed * I just don't have enough time. Yet I REALLY want to keep playing with my tamas... what should I do???
  13. Well, I've been into Tamagotchis since 2006, back when the V3s and V4s were still in shops. 2009 and 2010 were full of TamaTown, fights about codes and items and hackers. But 2011 and 2012 brought a totally new face to Tamagotchi - and sorry to all those who like it, but I couldn't hate it more. The changes are: Tama characters have loads of crushes on other Tama characters. Can't we just have Mametchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi being friends instead of Mametchi having a crush on Lovelin and Kuchipatchi having a crush on Himetchi and Moriritchi and Memetchi hating Spacytchi or WHAAAT? The anime stuff used to be about Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi and Violetchi, 4 Tamas with 2 of each gender, nice simple designs and varied hobbies. Now it is about Lovelin and Meloditchi, both girls and both keen on music. The Tamagotchi toys used to feature gender neutral, simple items (like balls, skipping ropes, boots etc.) but the Princess Spacy is full of unrecognisable pink things. Tamagotchi isn't much of a virtual pet anymore, it's becoming a portable computer game. Do you agree that Tamagotchi has changed too much and we want back the virtual pet we know and love? Or do you like the new stuff? Please reply!
  14. Have you ever written any Tamagotchi poems or songs? I've got...let's see...2,689 words, AKA 22 A4 pages, of songs on my computer. Hardly any are Tama songs though. This is the chorus of one song that's related to Tamas, written about a year ago: No matter how far away we are, We will always be together. No matter if you’re fifty million miles away, We’ll always be here today. That song is basically about how I'll feel if SOPA passes and TamaTalk is shut down... I can't post the whole thing, it's too long, but that's the verse. I also wrote 5 pages of stuff about airplanes because my parents had just told me off about not throwing away a crisp packet, but that's off topic. So, have you written any Tama/TamaTalk related poems or songs? You can post any size extract, or the whole thing, or just mention that you have written something if you don't want to post an extract. ~ Dazzmina ~
  15. what faulty/glitvhy tamas have you had my v2 (gone now) when it ran out of batteries it always ran flat with no warning. when you placed new batteries it then told you that you were low on batteries! so what faulty/glitchy tamas have you had?