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Found 48 results

  1. Hello community! I'm a fan of tamatalk game, now i have been playing tamatalk game for 3 months now. Does anyone like me?
  2. I started out with 60kb, then it was 0.04mb and now its 0.02mb. With it going lower and lower will I just not be able to post pictures anymore? Is there a way to put pictures on my log or this site without worrying about file size besides posting the URL to the picture?
  3. WAAAAY back in 2004 TamaTalk first appeared online. Thinks were very different back then. I was still learning how to manage a web site... The member count was tiny... Things were simple. Then TamaTalk started growing... And growing... And growing. Back then in 2004, if you told me that in 2019 this site would still be online I would have laughed and thought you were dreaming. Well... No dreaming required (though there are lots of blinding fast years in between). So June 15 is TamaTalk official birthday. This little community is now 15 years old... 15!!! Like any 15 year old, we've gone through many changes over the years. Uh... I guess 15 puts us into awkward puberty age... *checks for pimples on the site* It is times like this that I am left feeling very grateful. Grateful to all of our wonderful members... Our wonderful Guides... Our wonderful Angelgotchi and Lifetime Angelgotchi donors... Even grateful to Google for helping people find us for the first time. So thank you to all of you! Fifteen years is pretty amazing, in my opinion. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMATALK!!!
  4. I've been thinking of donating to TamaTalk for awhile now since it is such an awesome website. One thing that confuses me is that if I became a TamaTalk Lifetime Angelgotchi, would I be continuously donating $10 USD or would it be a one-time donation?
  5. Hi, it's Hanikamitchi. Have you ever wondered what I look like on virtual pets other than the iD L and the Princess Spacy? Well I look like this.
  6. Hello TamaTalkers! June 15 is here again and that means our little community here is celebrating another birthday! TamaTalk is now 12 years old! The Tamagotchi world has changed a lot in the 12 years that this community has been online... I'm sure the coming years will bring more changes. Thank you all so much for being a part of this place. And... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMATALK!!!
  7. so, I have been wondering, why do you like tamagotchi so much? well, I fell in love all because of my sister saying that she missed her oldone o she wanted another one. then the next day, before you knew it, I was on amazon. im kinda happy, tho. I know this wont get popular but I am wishing it will!
  8. June 15th is back and that means only one thing... It's TamaTalk's birthday! Yep. That's right. This wonderful community is officially 11 years old today. I want to thank all of you for helping to keep this place alive and special. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would be able to say that a community I helped get started would still be alive and kicking 11 years later. The credit for that longevity goes to all of you. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming back again and again... Thank you for sharing your lives and your love of tamas with us. Thanks for being a part of this little place. So... What were YOU doing 11 years ago?
  9. Hey guys! I decided I wanted to change my profile picture on TamaTalk, but I tried uploading it AND using the URL from two computers. It still won't change, and it's starting to really bug me! I've even tried using a few different pictures, yet it still didn't work. Are the links broken? Please help! Thanks a lot!
  10. Hello everyone!! I read on some topic about Tamagotchi! Tamatomo Daishu GO and I tried to watch an episode.... ...skip to minute 21:34!!! I couldn't believe my ears! XD It reads: "Uchuu de TamaTalk". I couldn't help thinking about you, guys... I felt I had to share this with you! Did you know they put this "show" after the episodes?
  11. I hope I'm not alone in this..... So now I ordered a v6/Music Star. But it took me about 2 whole months to make a decision. I was obsessively lurking around TamaTalk, watching YouTube videos of all kinds of Tama versions, and checking out logs here! So I was wondering if you guys do this too.... Now I'm planning on getting my 4th Tama before May 2015.... good luck to me!
  12. Let's find out the stats of TamaTalk! Some of these questions are already asked elsewhere but this is one big poll as a representation of the diverse TamaTalk community! Don't worry, your votes are completely private (they'll add to the results but your name won't be shown). If you want people to know your answers you can make a post. My answers Gender: Female Age group: 16-18 Residence: Australia Relationship status: In a relationship Religion: Christian This is just a stats poll/topic; no debating about religion or anything But if you think any more options should be added to the questions, don't be afraid to make a suggestion! I can't add more questions though because the limit is 5.
  13. Hello TamaTalkers! I am curious to know... Who here is currently running the Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. app on their Android or iOS device? Are you treating it like your more traditional tamas (as in taking care of it day after day and not just shutting the app down and ignoring alerts)?
  14. This weekend is pretty special... This Sunday, June 15, our little community here will celebrate its 10th birthday! TEN!!! YEARS!!! I still can't believe it myself. This place was started for fun in 2004. I had no idea it would still be alive and well ten years later. Things have changed a lot in ten years... Much like the various tamas that have come and gone in the past ten years, this community has grown and changed quite a bit... We are at over 92,000 members registered and well over 1,600,000 posts as of today... That's crazy to think about! I really want to extend my thanks to every on of our members (past and present) for helping to make this place what it is today. Thank you... From the bottom of my heart... Thank you! Now... Let's party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMATALK! Admin
  15. Here are some profile pics I made for you lovely people of TamaTalk~ I didn't draw the characters, I used the official artworks of them. I just edited them and made backgrounds Feel free to use! If there's a particular character you'd like me to make an avatar of, let me know. I can also do vintage characters
  16. **points to the top of the screen** See? It's moving! I thought it would be great to have a poll to see what people think of the animated logo. Personally I love it. It's just so cute and...ALIVE I could stare at it all day! GO TAMATALK GO! XD
  17. what is your first website/app that you open on your computer/laptop/tablet/phone/etc me on my laptop first-Tamatalk second-Youtube third-facebook phone first-facebook second-Line third-instagram
  18. I remember a time, when i woke up in the morning. Quickly logged into, and had a feeling of a race to be the first one, with the best answer to someone's tamagotchi question. It was a small pleasure to feel this sort of.. Helpful feeling. There was even a whole summer i could practically not peel away from my PC because i wanted to help so badly. This is now but a dream... A dream that past by like the night. What happened to Tamagotchis? Where are all the people needing help. Where are the post? The frequency of people logging on an posting new topics. Before now, your post would be pushed out of the recent topics within minutes. Now it may take a day, sometimes two. In this year alone, everything feels like a decline.. And it makes me sad. Tamagotchis have basically disappeared from media in North America completely. There is not a thing we can do.. I used to ask and answer questions on a daily basis about tamagotchis. Now im surprised if i can even find a topic about the versions i have. What can we do? What would we do? How could we increase popularity in Tamatalk and Tamagotchi once more? I'd love to hear any of your suggestions and answers on what you may think. Because i'd love to get back to the glory days of tamagotchi once more.
  19. Today is TamaTalk's ninth birthday! Can you believe it?! Nine years is a long time in anyone's life... It sure has been a big part of mine. I want to make sure I express how grateful I am to all of you for helping to make this community so special. You all help drive me to keep working towards keeping TT online for everyone to enjoy. Thank you... To all of you! Happy Birthday TamaTalk!
  20. Hello everyone! Over the years our rules on signatures have evolved and changed quite a bit. I have been seeing and hearing about a number of problems with some member signatures that result in major distractions while trying to read topics and stuff. I am talking about things like reading a post that includes a signature which seems to be 10 times as long as each post a member makes or including some things that distract while reading a topic. I think the time has come for some new limits to be placed on signatures. These are the new limits for signatures: Number of images: 1 image at 300 x 60 pixels Number of lines: 9 BBCodes removed: Quote and Spoiler from signatures: Quote and Spoiler Some explanation for these... Number of images: This rule remains unchanged form the current. I know many people have asked for being able to put larger images in their sigs but a signature is meant to be more a brief expression of yourself and not a big one... You can express yourself best using the fields in your profile. Number of lines: The new limit helps to control how much space a signature takes up on a page. Nine lines is about the size of the quick reply box. There is not a limit on font size since each font is different. We do ask that you keep font size reasonable. If your signature is taking up more space than the quick reply box at the bottom of a topic page, then it is probably too big. I know a lot of people like to list out their collections... Which is awesome to see... But not with EVERY post they make. I have added a 'My Collection' area to your profiles. You can add as many lines as you need to show off your collection of virtual pets. Just edit your profile to fill in your collections. BBCodes removed: These two bbcodes have been used by some and so I am sorry if this disappoints anyone. They are distracting and mostly unneeded in a signature. They can be used in posting and everywhere else like before... Just not in signatures. One additional signature thing many people have asked about is adding a 'Likes' image like the ones Graficks made for all the TamaTalk Staff. He was kind enough to make images that everyone can use in their signature. You can insert one of these into your signature by putting the bbcodes above. This only works in signatures. If you use the bbcode to insert it then this image will NOT count against your 1 image limit. Please understand that changes to rules like this are never taken lightly. The Guides and I have been discussing this for a while. We know new limits can seem cruel but please udnerstand that we are aiming for a smooth reading experience for everyone. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  21. I am very happy to announce another new addition to the TamaTalk Guides... -Ra- has agreed to join the team! Welcome and congratulations, Ra!
  22. I am very pleased to announce another addition to the TamaTalk Guides... I would like to officially welcome ichiro.malfoy to the team! Welcome and congratulations!
  23. I am very happy to announce the addition of a new member to the TamaTalk Guides... Please join me in welcoming SamJJE101 to the team! Congratulations!
  24. Hello TamaTalkers! So as part of our recent software upgrade we gained the feature of turning on a 'best answer' button. Basically, this lets the person who started a topic (or a moderator) mark on of the replies in their topic as the best answer. As an experiment to see how it works I created the Questions and Answers forum. Hopefully you all have had a chance to see it in action or have seen the general idea in other places. I can turn this feature on in other existing forums on TamaTalk. Do you think we should? If no, why? If yes, which forums do you think would benefit the most from this?
  25. Hello Tama Talkers! I just wanted to send out all the best new year wishes to you and your families/friends! I also wanted to thank you all for being awesome and making this community a wonderful place. HAPPY NEW YEAR!