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Found 50 results

  1. Everyone knows that has shut down, except for ONE user:Pink Hippopotamus . He/She claims the site has not shut down and it worked for her.Me in a nutshell: .after I knew it was fake news: WHY THE TRUCK DID YOU DO THIS?!
  2. OK, so, the app tells you that different food combinations will net you different characters as your Tamas grow, and I`m wondering just how this system works! I`ve fed two Tamas a fruit-only diet so far (apple and orange) and got Omutsutchi --- Hoshitchi ---- Nikatchi ---- Chamametchi, both times. Now, on a sushi-only diet, so far I`ve had Futabatchi --- Hoshitchi --- Hinatchi --- (we`ll see!) Fellow Tamagotchi caretakers, I need your help: post your Tamagotchi`s growth stages here, along with any notable staples of their diet (or exceptions!). I`m gonna get a spreadsheet going and see if we can eventually find anything interesting! Let's work together to figure out this app! (The fun, Sherlock Holmes kinda way, not the "get all the code and tell the world" way.)
  3. Software engineer and dedicated tamagotchi fan Luc Rubio is working to reconstruct all versions of TamaTown and make them available on the website linked above. I found this from Tama-Palace on Tumblr, here's a link to their comprehensive post on this: Rubio is detailing his progress on this project on his GitHub page: This is really exciting news! I made a status update a few months back asking, "I recently discovered that even though Club Penguin has been removed by Disney, many people are hosting rewritten versions of it on private servers. Is there any reason that somebody hasn't done this with any of the versions of TamaTown, especially the TamaGo one? I miss those so much!" I'm so happy that this is actually being done. What are your thoughts?
  4. I found a folder full of my old Tamagotchi things from 2007. I was super into tamas and especially keeping up with family lines. As I looked through all of the vacation pictures I'd printed, I was disappointed for a moment thinking I wouldn't remember their names- only to find I'd kept a list of each family member I'd taken on vacation and printed out. I thought it was a cool blast from the past (maybe just for me though lol) and didn't know where to post this. The family line featured in these pictures is actually still kickin' on my v4.5- I haven't run it in years, but I'm on generation 32 or something. I got bored of it when I couldn't seem to stop repeating the same characters over and over- perhaps a curse of running one for so long. I remember the story of that hand drawing, and for explanation, I was in 5th grade and running my V2 (my first tama). A lot of girls in my class also had tamas, and we'd have them all get married if they were the same age. My friend and I had ours mate, and then she connected with our other friend. That connection error happened where it glitches on one side but the tama still visits the other- and her tamagotchi actually had three sons (the twins with mine and then a third boy with our other friend). I never would've remembered that happening without the drawing, s/o to 2005 me. Lastly, those charts were not mine but I included them for nostalgia's sake. I really liked looking at them as a kid and could never seem to find them online again. I used a lot of printer ink, that's for sure. EDIT: didn't realize Photobucket now charges a large sum to embed. Yikes. I'm so glad the photos even worked in the preview so they could bait-and-switch. Added the pics I refer to
  5. parapadarappa333

    Found something!

    I found some SWFs of Tamatown V4!!!!1vwBiDyS!SyjPOhuZlurpd_wY7zWmRg
  6. Hello, A couple of years ago, I posted some topics with links to the games that could be played on the old Japanese TamaTown pages: e-Tamago. Ura TamaTown. Tamagotchi School. Tama & Earth EXPO. Unfortunately, it seems like the games cannot be played anymore on a browser... I am posting this so you know that in order to play now, you would need to download a program that can play .swf files. Any program should do, but the one that I use is called SWF Player, which is fairly easy to use. I hope you find this helpful, and ask me if you have any questions! Bye!
  8. gusty25


  9. Just like any other war! I know that Tamatown is gone, but if it were still alive which would you prefer? For Dream Town: go up. For Tamatown, go down. Starting from 100, if we get to 200 Dream Town wins, if we reach 0 Tamatown wins. I'll start: 101
  10. So I just got a lot of 6 figures from kurkcards on Amazon and it arrived petty quickly, all of the figures were working, but ringotchi kept playing as chamametchi instead of Ringotchi can you help me? Thanks!
  11. As many of you may know, Tamatown was taken offline about a year and a half ago. This was a complete shame, due to the fact that I enjoyed playing on Tamatown a lot when i was younger, and still did around the time it shut down. Fortunately, an organisation called Internet Archive has archived the v4 version of Tamatown and it is accessible to the public. There is one problem though; whenever you attempt to connect to it you receive an error saying ERROR, DISCONNECT. If anybody can help me with fixing this that would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you could figure out a way to be able to download the archived Tamatown from the archives, could you please tell me how to do so so I can fiddle with the code and try to make it work again? The link to the site is: Thankyou!! :-)
  12. Well, recently I bought a Tama-Go with two figures, the price was pretty cheap so I had to get it (but the shipping killed me X_x), I always wanted to have a Tama-Go since they look really great :3 I just had some little questions about it. 1. the figures, what stuff do each of them have? I'll have the Memetchi figure, the Lite Kuchipatchi one, and the Ringotchi one (+ Chamametchi & Violetchi, since they can be obtained with the Ringotchi figure ) So I would love to know what do they have inside. Also does anyone know what content do Ichigotchi's and Kuromametchi's have? I kinda like the figures they look cute lol 2. Special transformations? I've seen some pictures of the characters looking different from their default sprites in the Tama-Go, I have no idea what it is, is it a clothing feature or something similar to the heshin jo in the iD L? Also I wanted to say I'm really sad the Tama-Go got forgotten so easilly, it could have been the best version we have had overseas with all the figures, I would say is like a downgraded/cheap version of the new 4U. I read somewhere that they were planning on selling 100 figures, when they only sold 12, what makes me kinda sad Anyway I hope you can answer my questions, thanks for reading
  13. Here you can talk about the TamaTown Tama-Go's. Btw i was also wondering are the worth it because i want one and they are selling from 19.99 to 24.99 USD and i was just wondering
  14. TotallyTamagotchi

    New Tamagotchi Website?

    I was just scrolling around, and I found this page: It looks like a new website!!! But, of course, I could be wrong, because I don't speak Japanese and whatnot. Does anyone have any details on this? Thanks
  15. Hi there Tamatalk! Recently, I found an amazing listing on eBay selling all 12 of the additional "sold separately" figures that attach to the top of the Tama-Go to unlock games, food and occasionally, items. I haven't seen a lot of discussion about the Tama-Go here on TamaTalk, so I thought it may be helpful if I wrote a complete list of what each figure unlocks once connected to the Tama-Go egg. There are some slight differences between the figures because Bandai released them in 2 separate "waves", much the same as they did with the physical egg. The first wave of eggs was a green egg with Mametchi figure, blue egg with Memetchi and white egg with Kuchipatchi. The first wave of figures are shown in this photo below. The second wave eggs were a black egg with Mametchi figure, purple egg with Memetchi, and pink egg with Kuchipatchi (the one I have). The second wave of gotchi figures is shown below. There are two kinds of gotchi figures that can be attached to the Tama-Go egg. "Lite" figures which are the figures that come packaged with the Tama-Go egg. The figure that came with the first wave, whether it be Mametchi, Memetchi or Kuchipatchi, only unlocked one game; Cradles. Each of the figures from the second wave unlocked coin catch. The "full" figures, shown in the photos above, each unlock 2 games and a shop. The shops each have a total of 9 products on sale, but will only show 4 at a time. For some characters, such as Mametchi, the shop is a shop that sells items. As items weren't built into the original Tama-Go egg, the item menu is also accessed by the character icon in the top right of the Tama-Go egg's screen. The figures also come with an additional faceplate that can be placed under the clear plastic on the front of the Tama-Go egg to change its design. Here's a list of all the "Full" gotchi figures and what they unlock. #101- Mametchi Games: Hip Hop and Speed Runner Shop: Toy Shop #110- Memetchi Games: Hit a Note and Panel Match Shop: Clothes Shop #120- Kuchipatchi Games: Flag Game and Vegetables Shop: Chinese Restaurant #130- Violetchi Games: Bounce Back and Man Hole Shop: Flower Shop #156- Ringotchi Games: Monster Beater and Shape Sorter Shop: Sweet Restaurant #109- Chamametchi Games: Panel Construction and Shuffle Shuffle Shop: Toy Shop #121- Sebiretchi Games: Trampoline and Farmkeeper Shop: Mexican Restaurant #155- Ichigotchi Games: Knock a Note and Candies Shop: Bread Shop #111- Ponytchi Games: Hunting and Manhole Shop: Fashion Shop #105- Kuromametchi Games: Driving and Ball Match Shop: Sports Shop #103- Shimashimatchi Games: Gap and Gap and Hip Hop Shop: Electronics Shop #131- Makiko Games: Sound Block and Shuffle Shuffle Shop: Travel Shop Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to give you guys more information about each game and shop. I've only had the figures for a few days and I'm very busy with work. Hopefully this is informative but if you guys have any questions, comment them here or PM me.
  16. Hey all, I guess most of you are gutted by TamaTown being taken down, I am too. I played it a lot when younger and I had a look today and saw it was down. However, there is an organisation at whos mission is to archive the internet. They have archived TamaTown V4 and I will be searching fo other versions as well and I will update this post in due course. For now: TamaTown V4 (I haven't had a chance to test the login as I don't have a V4 at the moment) enjoy, and let me know of any problems
  17. MiniMango1010

    Won't Marry

    Hello! Recently my tamagotchi tamatown aged to 9 and I still cant go to the date place. In the beginning I had it paused but by age 3 it wasn't. What should I do?
  18. If it meant the V6/Tama-Go TamaTown would reopen, would you purchase a subscription for membership? It wouldn't have to be a monthly subscription; there could possibly be yearly or even lifetime subscription offers. Bandai US could also keep the guest access free as a free demo or trial, so potential customers know what they're getting into beforehand. Since no Tamagotchi toy in stores is tied to this TamaTown anymore, the site would have to be funded for something other than advertising.
  19. I revived my old tamagotchi v3 the other day and today I tried to log in and use tamatown. But every time I tried to use a password, it kept saying "error". My tama is a child, could that be the problem? Or is it outdated? I have had it for many years now, the tamagotchi. I really hope you can help
  20. Hi! So, I saw this music star that I really liked on eBay for $25 AUS and I was wondering is it still worth it with out tamatown? I heard some people say that it takes away a lot of the experience with out tamatown. What do you guys think?
  21. Now, forgive me if this shouldn't be posted here. After all, it is my first post... Anyway, I stopped playing with my tamagotchis about 3-4 years ago (I think). Now I recently fired up my v4 as I'm learning the controls all over again as I'm going to introduce them to my two cousins when I see them again. I chose the V4 as it is more similar to the V2 and V3, the ones I'm temporarily giving to my cousins. It's going great. Memories are coming back and it can get emotional as they made a big part of my childhood. I can even remember where I got each one of my models from and who was there! I however decided to check the news and went onto the tamatown website. It's down! My heart melted. The V3 and V4 and fine thankfully, but the latter two were gone. Now, I'm sure you're aware of this. However, I just wanted your opinions. I was shocked but also came to realise that my V6 would be nowhere near as good as it relied heavily on the music city section online. I hadn't been on this for years but I was one of the first to visit it. Does anyone else think the V5 and V6 will be totally different now? I'm devastated, mainly because I only used the V6 for a short time before finishing using them all. I just wanted to see what you think? Personally I believe that the V6 will be heavily affected and tamatown may never come back. Probably as it cost more to maintain than the others. I was shocked about the V5 familitchi website being down though as it was very similar to the first two. I really, really hope the V3 and V4 website are never took down. I can see it happening though if Bandai decide to announce a new tamagotchi model... Thoughts? Sorry if the post is not organised, I've been feeling ill lately and my mind is messed up
  22. Since nobody has the source code to the generator that is currently pinned I went ahead and found's copy of D-Best's page on how to generate your own. Then I realized TamaTown US has not been working for months... Finding that the Europe TamaTown still works fine I found the cgi script for the generator on that server and have updated and mirrored the page to reflect these changes. What I'm saying is you can generate passwords for your v4/v4.5 again! Visit to generate them.
  23. Hello, Me and my gf just got tamagotchi music stars but now that tamatown is down is there anyway to get the codes for it? I found a code generator for music stars via google but it doesnt work Thanks
  24. So I recently purchased a Tamagotchi Tama-go via Ebay and I must say I'm LOVING it! The tamago is the latest model to be released in the states as far as I know. The Japanese seem to be keeping the colored light screens all to themselves. But anyway the Tamago is by far my favorite tamagotchi to be released, mostly because it is very unique, not only in appearance but in functions as well. I watched a lot of promo Youtube videos prior to my purchase, mostly ones posted by tamame20 (his youtube account name) and found them extremely helpful and I do reccomend checking out all of his videos. Especially for gotchi-figure reveiws and referances. That said, I've decided to post my own, in depth tamago reveiw. So the first thing we notice about the Tamago is its appearance. Compared to previous U.S. released models it is by far the biggest. The shell and buttons resemble the Tamagotchi color in many ways. The shell is thick and has more of an egg-shaped quality to it. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand for easier button access which I find much more efficent. It does take two AAA batteries, adding to the weight but for the most part the Tamago is quite lightweight. The bottom is flat so the egg shape is able to stand upright. The button limitations remain at the traditional A, B, and C as they always have, however, the Tamago buttons are larger and made of hard plastic, unlike the small, rubbery buttons of previous models. Next is color. The first wave of Tamagos released came in 3 different colors and themes. Lime green with Mametchi, sky blue with Memetchi, and white with Kutchipatchi. Wave 2 features black with Mametchi, purple with Memetchi and pink with Kutchipatchi. I currently have the pink Kutchipatchi Tamago (But I also want the white one too.) There are other differences in the wave two Tamagos but we'll get to that later. Now we have the removeable topper, which slides on and off fairly easy. The top stays attatched to the Tamago itself by a small plastic chain. I've heard that this chain is not very durable and liable to break easily but so far it has worked fine for me, But anyhoo this is where the gotchi figure can be accessed. Here is a list of the gotchi figures currently available: Mametchi (included with lime green or black tamago) Memetchi (included with sky blue or purple tamago) Kutchipatchi (included with white or pink tamago) Sebiritchi Itchigotchi Kuromametchi Violetchi Chamametchi Ringotchi Shimashimatchi Makiko Ponytchi If you turn the figures over youll see that the connectors are heart shaped (adorable!!!) Each gotchi figure unlocks new games and features to the tamago. A faceplate is also incluted with eatch figure. The faceplates are the changeable designs around the screen of the tamago. A faceplate is made of just plain paper. A little too flimsy if you ask me. They are held in place by a clear plastic covering. Depending on which wave of tamago you purchase, this plastic covering will be different. The plastic covering for the wave 1 tamagos are smooth and plain while wave 2 tamago coverings are what some people say gemmed. This simply means that the plastic covering is shaped to have a diamond sort of appearence, much like that of the iD L. At the base of eatch plastic covering is a slit with which u can insert your fingernail to pop the covering off and change the faceplates to whatever you like. You can even make your own designs! Now lets get down to whats inside the tamago. The fist thing you'll notice is your tamagotchi actually has a house now with furniture and possibly even a window. Unlike previous tamagotchis, the tamago actually has a greyscale quality to give surroundings more detail. When you first activate your tamagotchi tamago you will see an egg moving in the center of the screen. Before you can do anything you must enter your information (birthday, username, date, time, ect.) The first icon in the upper lefthand corner is the stats button. The first slide of this icon shows you the age, weight, sex, and generation of your tamagotchi. The next slide is your hungry/happy hearts. Next up is training and friendship meters, then you'll come to a slide that is labeled "characters" and an egg that has a number on it. This counts how many gotchi figures you have connected with. The more figures you connect with, the number will rise. The next slide tells what kind of tamagotchi you have and the number of points you currently hold, and the last slide shows your username. The next icon is the chef hat. There you can feed your tama a meal or snack. Meals fill hungry hearts and snacks fill happy hearts. If you wish to get a more popular tamagotchi I HIGHLY suggest you only feed your tamagotchi treats every once in a while. Depending soully on meals and snacks to fill happy/hungry hearts will make your tamagotchi overweight and increase the chances of getting an unpopular tamagotchi. Pork and beans is always in your meal inventory. It fills two hungry hearts while all other meals fill one. Milk is always in your snack inventory and all snacks fill one happy heart each. When scanning through your food inventory, your tama will be waiting in the bottom righthand corner. If it turns around with a happy face, this indicates that the food item is one of its favorites. Feeding your tama its favorite food helps to raise the friendship bar. Next icon up is the toilet. In order to fill up the training bar, pay close attention to your tamagotchi, especially when it's young. If your tama begins to wiggle hit the toilet icon and your tama will use the bathroom on the potty. After doing this, praise it and it will fill the training bar up by two or three points. If you are too late to catch your tama and it has pooped on the floor, scold it and hit the toilet button to clean up the mess. Not cleaning up your tamas mess will make it sick. The next icon is a new one. The door icon! By clicking the door button it will reveal many options for you. The first option is game. Your tama will then leave its house and walk down the street to the game center where you can choose between either the "shoot the bug" game or "long jump". I'm not sure if all games are the same on other tamagos but those are the available games on the pink tamago. Playing games helps to decrease your tamas weight, gain points, fill happy hearts, and friendship. Another door option is the shop. Again your tama will leave their house and go to the shop. At the shop you can select to shop for food or remodel. By choosing food, you will find yourself inside the shop. A food item will pop up on the right side of the screen and the shopkeeper will appear to the left, holding up the nuber of the item. There are 4 different food items available at a time. When you decide which one you want, hit the center button and the price will appear. Hit the center button again to purchase it. In the place of the item you bought there will now be a sold out sign. The shop renews its items about 3 to 4 times a day. When you return home you can now feed your tama the newly purchased food. For each food item you buy, a number three will appear in the top lefthand screen. Your tama can eat one type of food 3 times before you run out. The remodel option at the shop allows you to change the interior of your tamas home there are 5 choices in all and each one costs 5,000 points. Once you buy a new home, the one you had previously will go on sale in the shop again. The door icon is also where your tama can go to the date place. At the date place your tama will be able to find that special someone! Your tama will walk in and another tamagotchi will appear on the screen. They'll dance and then the option to marry them will pop up. If you choose not to marry, the tama will sulk off and you will return home, free to try again whenever you like. If the answer is yes, your tamas will kiss and return home together until they have a baby. It takes about a day or two until a baby will appear and another day or two until its parents leave and you are left to care for the next generation! Remember your tama can only marry after they turn 6! Then you have the park. The park function does not do anything to my knowledge other than entertain. At the park your tama can play with other tamagotchis either on the swings, teeter totter, or the sandbox. The last top icon appears to be a Mametchi. This icon can only be chosen when a gotchi figure is attatched to the tamago. This icon acts a a portal to the unlockable games and features on the gotchi figure. Now we go to the bottom lefthand corner icon which is a speech bubble. Click this icon when scolding or praising your tama. Remember, praise it when it uses the toilet. Scold it when it poops on the floor. You also should scold it when an "!" pops up above its head and all its hearts are filled. Praising and scolding your tama correctly will raise the training bar. The next icon is the first aid kit. Only use this if a skull appears over your tamas head to treat it of its sickness. Sickness usually occurs if you've failed to clean up your tamas poop. The next icon is a heart with radio waves coming out of it. By choosing this icon you can connect with other tamagos and other versions of tamagotchi. I'm not sure which versions are compatible and which are not. But what harm is there in experimenting? The last icon is an open book. This keeps records of how many generations have passed and how many other tamagotchis you have connected with. By choosing either friends or memory, you can see the data from past or connected tamagotchis. There is one last icon but it has never been available to me so I'm not quite sure what it does. EXTRAS Tamagotchis get sleepy too! Adult tamas usually go to bed at 9pm. Younger ones go to bed around 7 or 8. Tamas wake up usually around 8 or 9 am so be prepared. Sometimes you can catch your tama brushing its teeth or showering before bed too! By pressing the A and B buttons, you can pause your tamagotchi tamago if you are at work or school By pressing the A and C buttons you can turn the sound on and off, in case you want to bring it along with you to school or work! XD I plan on posting more information regarding gotchi figures as soon as I get a hold of some. (I really want sebiritchi, shimashimatchi, and kuromametchi!) If you have any more questions feel free to ask away! (note: I do not claim any of the photos posted as my own)