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Found 6 results

  1. This is a team story in which Tamagotchi characters share a journal together and write in it. You can make any character write a journal entry, including characters that have made previous journal entries! Also, multiple characters are allowed to write in the same day. I'll start! 22 April, 2015 Hey, Lovelitchi here! This is our brand new group journal. Mametchi came up with the idea so that we could share our experiences with all our Tama-Friends! Today started off with me helping my mom at Tama Cafe, followed by a busy day of acting and performing. I'm glad I have some time off for now, but it's not over just yet! Tonight, Melodytchi and I are going to perform a Happy Happy Harmony concert. I can't wait! ~ Lovelitchi
  2. Kind of like the one word story, but this time, you can only say one sentence! Anything can happen in this story as long as it's within the TamaTalk rules. I'll start. It was a bright and beautiful morning as the sun rose into the blue sky, spreading sunshine and warmth on the land below.
  3. So, when I read the super-funny topic posted by EMF called "TamaTalk Town," I thought, hey! Maybe I should reopen that topic! But then I wanted to do something a little different. So, that's what THIS topic is about. Just because TamaTown is now disbanded, why can't we continue the awesome adventures of the tamagotchis? First, I'll write a paragraph or two about what's happening in TamaTown. The next player does the same, and soon our favorite virtual-world will be revived! okay sorry that was a bit too dramatic. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once upon a time, when everything was perfect in TamaTown, a sudden rumble shook everything. The houses collapsed, the trees fell down, and tamagotchis began to panic. "OH MY GOSH!!!" screamed Makiko. "WHAT'S HAPPENING?!! HELP! MY CURLS ARE BEING FRIZZED!"
  4. Here's how to make this team story! First a person says what happens, and that makes a list of three choices for the next person. The next person chooses one of those things, says what happens afterwards, and that makes some more choices for the next person. Open the spoiler for an example. I'll start. --- Mametchi was feeling lonely because his family wasn't at home. He decided to go and find his friends. He walks outside but little does he know, there's a hole in the backyard! He accidentally steps into the hole and falls through a deep deep tunnel... what does he find at the end of the tunnel? A. A room with nobody in it B. A dark and dirty cave C. Wonderland
  5. Well, you may think Kuromametchi is way too cool for Diary. That's a fact, he is! But does that mean he hasn't got one? Nope. Guess what? He has got one! A SUPER SECRET one, he hides it in a different place every day, so no one can find it. Rules? • He only writes in grey,bold or pink. (For Lovelitchi!) He also loves writing in italics! • Kuromametchi dosen't just sign his name at the bottom, but he signs it like this: ~ Kuromametchi - The coolest kid around • Sometimes, Kuromametchi puts pictures of him at school in the diary. • On some pages he writes: Super Secret Diary! That's it I guess! I'll start you off. 8/11/12 Super Secret Diary! Dear Diary, Wow, today was a blast. I won a race against Mametchi, HA! I'm so glad I got the trophy. Well..when I wrote it was a blast, I didn't mean it was all a blast. Memetchi and her friends were writing in their diaries, then Memetchi randomly came up to me and said "Hey, Kuro, do you have a diary?" I knew that I would say "No," right away but then this guilty feeling came inside of me. So, I pushed her and walked away. I bet that's what cool people do, anyway. When I was about to go to the Maths Classroom to get my book, I saw..Mametchi? Whut? Maths Class was yesterday, so why was he there? I WILL TELL YOU, THE FUNNY PART COMES NOW! HE WAS WRITING IN HIS...DIARY, LOLOL! Why does he have a diary? LOL! Only strange people have diaries. Wait..I have a diary..but I am still the coolest Tama ~ Kuromametchi - The coolest kid around
  6. One day Mimitchi was in a bad mood. YOU have to explain why she went mad, and WHAT she does! Make it as hilarious as possible. Then you can say how she overcomes her anger.