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Found 1 result

  1. So... I'm kinda new to this but I'm going to give it a go. At my school, everyone knows me. I'm the "emo" chic. Personally, I see no need to label me like a soup can. However, if you try explaining that to the imbecliles who attend my school it goes in one ear and out the other. All of the students at Brinkley High are idiots, every single one of them. Unfortuately however, I was heading there in an hour. I'd been lucky enough to get out of there for a year, after I was singled out and beaten by the preppy chics in the school. My father had imediately put me in a private school, but the private school had closed down, and so now I was headed back. Brinkley is the ultimate definiton of "Living Hell". I pulled on a black AcDc t-shirt with ripped skinnies and my old beat up pair of Chucks. Smearing eyeliner around my eyes, I tried to think of possible questions that the preppy snobs would ask, while giving me their best glare(although, it's hard to be intimidating when you look like Barbie); "Hey, freak, are you part racoon or something? Your make-up really fooled me." "Hey loser, did you just exit the grave or something?" "Hey idiot, why don't you go kill yourself or something?No one likes you anyways." And then, like any genius, I had a comeback for each and every one of those questions. 'Hey Barbie, are you part dog? 'Cause you're kind of a..." "Hey sweetheart, yes I did actually, and I'm seriously craving brains. Don't worry though, you're safe." "Because I at least have a chance at living a great life, you on the other hand, are untalented and hopeless, no matter what daddy says. You shouldn't always believe what papa says, like when he tells you you're pretty." Yeah, I'm kind of mean. But trust me, you have got to know how to be a little fiesty otherwise everyone will walk all over you and you'll never get anywhere in life. Trust me on this one. I've been going through this for 15 years, I should know by now. Not to mention the fact that I've been walked on for most of my life until I decided enough was enough. Now, I like myself, and I refuse to let some idiots ruin that for me. "Sarah! Get your butt down here, or you'll miss the bus again!" My stepmother yelled. Muttering some obscene things, I stormed down the stairs, grabbed my backpack, and continued out the door. Prepare yourself Brinkley, I'm baaaaack, and worse than ever before. So what do you people think? Where do I need to improve, and should I continue?