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Found 8 results

  1. I have an unreliable sleep schedule and want to alter the time on my Tamagotchi so it's awake when I am, but I'm worried it'll have consequences like something like Animal Crossing would. Will changing the time frequently affect my Tama?
  2. Hello everyone, I just unpacked my new Tamagotchi V4. And I'm experiencing some technical difficulties. The Situation: I've put the time after my radio clock, right in time. Time passed normally. I've noticed that when my Tamagotchi goes to bed, the time went faster. The next morning there was a difference from 46 seconds. During the day the time passed normally, until he goes to bed. Then the same problem happens again. For a day it is no big deal, but when it all sums up, it's quite annoying. I hope that somebody can help me. kind regards, 98mametchi98
  3. What time can I set my 6 year old v4.5 so the matchmaker will come?
  4. Please help She's still a teen Malfoy Edit: MERGED. Please avoid posting consecutively - you can edit your posts within 24 hours. Thank you!
  5. Hi y'all! I just got the new Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. (By the way, highly recommended as a throwback to the the p1) and I have a question. My Tama has been a child for 3 days. 3. Whole. Days. So... when will it evolve? It's been quite a while, and... well... I'd like to know how long after it hatches each stage occurs. Thank you in advance!
  6. Ok, seriously, I have done many generations in the past on the Tama-Go, and missed it. Now I am playing with it again, and I would like to see the parents leave at least one time. Is there a set time? I woke up today, knowing full well I had one day left with the parents, so I decided to switch the time around and put them to sleep and wake them up at night since that seems to be the time they leave. (When I am sleeping.) Anyways only a few hours after changing the time I looked at the time to see the logo "Tamatown" meaning they left already! Not only did changing the time speed things up, but I missed it again. XD The parents were suppose to leave tomorrow..I didn't know you could speed time up. Any tips on how I can catch this little event? I really hate changing the time and pausing it. (And another quick question no one has been able to answer for do you put pictures in your gallery?)
  7. So first off, I'm new to TamaTalk, so hi everybody! Second, I'm not necessarily new to Tamagotchi, this is just my first time playing Tamagotchi Connection V5.5 in a while and I want some help. So you know how in Tamagotchi V5.5(Celebrity) you have to wait 2 days after you tamas become adults to go on the dating show? Well, I wasn't sure how long it had been so this morning I changed the time to a few hours ahead, and when that didn't work I changed the date to a day ahead, but that didn't work either. So now I changed it to the correct time and my brother's tamas were able to get married (we started them up at the same exact time), so I thought in a few minutes mine would be too, since our tamagotchis evolved into adult a few minutes apart. But after waiting a while, they still aren't able to go on the dating show and now it's been an hour! So what I'm asking is, does changing the time and/or date affect if my tamagotchi can married? Like, will I have to wait another two days? --Please Help, Turtlestarf
  8. k I love looking after my tamas but recently I just don't have enough time for them *beep beep goes the tama* And I am usually busy doing something else. I try to look after my 3 tamas but they end up on pause 80 percent of the time and with school its even harder its *pause* *school* *unpause* * dinner bed * I just don't have enough time. Yet I REALLY want to keep playing with my tamas... what should I do???