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Found 9 results

  1. so the last time i playd with a tamagotchi was around 8 or 9 years ago, after that my tamagotchi broke I think and then I kinda didnt see it around nomore, it kinda got lost through the years. There were times now and then where I thought about my childhood and it often poped up on my mind, reminding me of all the good memories Ive made with my Tama. I didnt really know what version it was until I recently did a long search and came to the conclusion that it was a European v4 because I kinda had a visualization of the packaging since it was and is still an intense memory of mine (and also cause I remember playing jumping rope with it and always pressing the button at the right timing ). Anyway after I heard about the new retro tamagotchis for the 20th anniversary, my nostalgia kicked in and it kicked hard. So I decided to buy a new one. After I saw the prices on different websites for the v4 European connection (wich there were almost no European ones), I came to the realization that they are wayyy to expensive for me cause Im on a budget, but then I said to myself hey you had good times with your Tama but now you have to buy something that you can afford. And not short after that I realized that they have never been discontinued in Japan so I did my research on all those new models and decided to buy an ID L because of its colourful Display and cause I read that it has lots of stuff to do !!! Currently Im waiting for it to ship and I want to ask everyone who had an ID L for all the new features (for me they are new) that arent explained that detailed on most of the post here. Also feel free to give me any tips you have about the ID L since I really just bought it without looking for to much details. Thank youuu
  2. Hey guys! I'm getting a Tamagotchi Dreamtown soon! Do you guys have any tips or anything? I'm worried that when I wake up, it's going to die! 😂😂 Wake/Sleep times would be appreciated. Also, how do you sneak it into school? Pencil Pouch? Wouldn't it awkward if it starts beeping in the middle of class? LOL! Helpful information is needed! Thanks to whoever helps! ☺️💕
  3. Hey!! I was wondering if anyone could give me some useful tips on how to get a Mimitchi on the V4. I have never had a Mimtchi on any version, and I really want to try get her!! So if anyone has any tips they could suggest too me to achieve this, that would be awesome! Sakura-San123
  4. Soo here is my first Tips & Tricks post... here it goes! If you want to bring your Tama to school, here are my tips on when you can bring it and when you can't. Also try seeing if your teachers/principal/head allows toys in school or you want to risk it. WHEN to bring your Tamagotchi to school (of course, on mute/silent and most likely on pause): 1. When you don't have any special occassions in school, example: no Sports Fest, no Teacher's Day, etc. 2. When you aren't going to have any fire drills, or anything. Tamas may get lost in the process! 3. When you are going to have LOADS of free time on a particular day... like if you have two straight substitute classes. 4. When your annoying cousin comes to visit and may touch and poke your Tama. 5. When you are going out after school. There was a time when straight after class in the afternoon we went to the airport and flew all the way to another city, and I forgot my v7! Worst experience ever! 6. When you will be having long breaks during lunch and recess, a great opportunity to check on your Tamas! When to NOT bring your Tamagotchi to school: 1. When there are special occassions, like as stated above, especially if you will be actively joining in! 2. When you will be having a tight, busy schedule in school. 3. When you will be undergoing fire drills, earthquake drills, etc. 4. When you will be having a lot of projects to do in school (your Tamas may be a distraction if you are working projects after class in school ) IF you risk bringing your Tama even though you know you aren't allowed: 1. DO NOT, DO NOT bring your Tama on Inspection Day (our school has this monthly. It sucks.) Anyway hope this helped! Comment below if you've got anything to add!
  5. Hey. I recently got a tamagotchi go and i need some info or cheats and stuff. Could any body help me out?
  6. Hey hey!! So, i am currently running my TMGO and I would really love to get a Makiko. But I am not 100% sure how, because I'm not the greatest at caring for a TMGO XD. Does anybody have any tips on how I can raise my tama to become a Makiko??? Your help would be greatly appriceated! Also any tips in general about getting excellent care characters would be awesome as well Thanks for stopping by! Sakura-san123 <3
  7. I've recently noticed a lot of topics asking for before-buy advice for the iD L, so I decided to put together a topic on things you need to know before buying an iD L. Price: The price is an issue, but most think it's worth it. It's your decision if you think it's worth it too. Unfortunately, since the iD L has been out for almost a year, it (along with the 15th Anniversary and Princess Spacy versions) cannot be found on any safe online shopping sites besides eBay. It is not sold in stores anywhere but Japan. Features: The iD L, as you can guess from the price, has a lot of new features. The following things are available on the iD L without downloads: 2 pre-installed, colour games. The games are simple but fun and last 30 seconds each. 1 meal (rice) and 1 snack (box of sweets). Additional foods, both meals and snacks, can be grown from seeds. Seeds. These can be purchased at TamaDepa (the in-game store) for Gotchi Points, and the next morning will grow into a food or item. Cafes/restaurants. There are three cafes/restaurants on the iD L - the restaurant, the bakery and the Tama Cafe. Parent visit. Once you get past the first generation, when your Tamagotchi is an adult it can visit its parents. Park. At any stage of life, your Tamagotchi can go to the park and may find another character to play with. Happy symbols. By certain adult characters using certain items, happy symbols are obtained. Four happy symbols can be earned for each generation - three are from items, the last is from having your character as and adult for 48 hours (2 days). On TamaTalk's iD L Guide, found in the Tips & Tricks forum, you can see the happy symbols for all the characters. Interior remodels. One of the destinations you can go to is the Interior Shop. There you can purchase, for Gotchi Points, in-game room remodels. There are five rooms on the iD L which all serve a specific purpose: Main room (where your character stays when it's doing nothing in particular), kitchen (where your character goes to eat), bedroom (where your character sleeps), bathroom (where your character uses the bath) and toilet room (where your character uses the toilet). These rooms can all be remodeled so they look different. Garden. On most Tamas, you press B to go to the time screen, but on the iD L it takes you to the garden (pressing it again takes you to the time screen). In the garden, you can receive letters from Tamas you've connected to and grow plants. Clothes. When your Tama is an adult, you unlock TamaMori, a destination where you can buy in-game clothes using Gotchi Points for your adult character to wear. Travel destinations. For every four unique adult characters that obtain all their happy symbols, a travel destination is unlocked. Some of the unlockable destinations are Henshin Jo (where your character can transform into its Henshin Jo alter ego using specific outfits), Patchi Falls, Melody Land and Concert Hall. Tama Pets. When your character is an adult, it can meet baby-stage-character sized creatures called Tama Pets. Once it has met a Tama Pet 3 times, it can adopt the pet. There are 10 Tama Pets to collect, however collecting them does not unlock anything for your Tama. Downloads: Downloads are not essential for the iD L, but most of the Henshin Jo outfits are download items. It is nice to have downloads but if you are reluctant about spending money on an infrared phone, don't get them. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to PM me or ask questions on this topic! Also, if any of my information needs changing, please let me know.
  8. Hi! So, I have done this since almost the very start of when I got my TMGO, and I've found it quite useful. It's for the jumping game. Have you ever been in one of those incedents where all of a sudden a whole bunch of jumps come up with only one square to land on inbetween them? You know that button A makes a small jump, button B makes a medium jump and button C makes a large one. It looks like you'll need a medium jump for this one (two squares missing) so you go and push button b, but find out that you've jumped too far because all the jumps before it kept making your tama closer and closer to all the squares' edges! Well, If that's ever happened to you, I have a quick and easy solution! Say if it is a medium jump, like in the example, instead of pushing button b, make sure you're on the very edge of the platform and press a (the smaller jump). Your tama will still make it! I don't sugggest doing this unless you have to though, otherwise there's really no point. This helped me get better scores. It also works if you have to do a large jump, you can go to the very edge and press the medium jump button! It might take some practice, i'm not sure because I started doing this ages ago. I hope this helps!
  9. Hello there, I finally got my v4 in the mail and it is beautiful!! I would just like to know some tips on how to increase those three point systems (the pencil, star thing, and flower) so I can try to get the Tama I want and such.