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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone! I just recently received my first colored tamagotchi in the mail, that being the Hexagontchi! I've been able to figure most of it out, besides obtaining the happy items. I am aware that these are the steps needed to be taken in order to obtain the items: http://tamagotch.cha...xagon/sign.html H - visit the temple. If you get a good fortune you'll get a fortune cookie. Back at home, eat the fortune cookie E - listen to the radio X - play with the paper airplane A - watch tv in the evening G - go to the park outside the hexagon studio O - go to theatre in the evening N - plant the hexagon seed ... however, I am unsure of where to find the radio for letter 'E' , the tv for letter 'A' and the hexagon seed for letter 'N'. If any of you have gotten the happy items before or know of where to find these items, I would greatly appreciate the help. I am really stumped here
  2. I recently ordered a Tamagotchi P's on Amazon. I already own a Tamagotchi Plus Color, so I'm wondering whether or not they're able to connect with each other. They both look like they have infrared sensors.
  3. Well, I love the design of my TMGC+C and TamaGo, but the way the screen was made so round makes them EXTREMELY EASY TO SCRACTH, I mean, I've been taking the carefully inside a sock all the time I take them with me, and the screen gets scratched I don't know why. My Music Star doesn't have a SINGLE srcatch and I've taken it everywhere in my bag without a single protection, so I'm guessing is the round shape and the materials what makes them so scratchy. I recently bought some displex for mobiles with regular screen (non touch), I'm guessing that's the right one for the Tamagotchi's right? I heard it can help a lot to make the screens look like new, and I don't know anyone who has screwed their Tamagotchi's by doing so, so I guess it works? o3o Also bought some iphone protectors for my uncle (the pack of 6 was cheaper than just 1 lol) and I'm keeping 3 of them, could I cut them and put them into my Tamagotchi's after applying the displex on them? or will it do something weird? it doesn't matter if it's a protector for a touchable screen right? I hope you can help me guys, because I'm trying to keep my tama's in good condition as well as I can
  4. I love my TMGC+C a lot, and I love that you can go outside and see how's the weather, but seriously, the storms are really starting to annoy me... I get storm 50% of the days, by that I mean I have one day with okay weather, but the next one is a storm, then another normal day, then another storm. Most of the cool stuff in the tamagotchi is in the door Icon, I don't mind not being able to go to the park or the amussement park, but I wanna play with my tamagotchi, I hate giving it snacks or showers to get him to be happy Also I haven't been able to grow a tree for 3 generations now, most of them don't even reach the third stage of growth So I was wondering, is there any way of stopping storms? or at least something that can make them appear less often? And a little bit off topic, but are there storms in the iD L? I hope not, I'm just worried is going to happen the same as with my TMGC+C when I get mine =.=;;
  5. Well guys, I got my TMGC+C 2 weeks ago and I've been running it since then, It's my first color tama, so I don't know if this is normal or not, nor how to fix it you know how sometimes when you blow at a smartphone's screen inside of bed the colors on it turn blurry and weird? I think this is a wet screen or something, I don't really know how to call it, well, the screen of my TMGC+C is looking like that, blurry and with weird colors I don't know how it happened, I'm guessing is because of the humid air or the random weather changes, (it was suppersunny some days ago, and now is raining...) I just wanted to know, is there any way to fix the screen? will it go back to normal? or will I have to keep using it this way? :'(
  6. Hello tamtalk? I'm kinda new here, I usually register in blogs of the fandoms I'm in so I can keep with the news and stuff, I don't usually post much anywhere, but in this case it's nice to know what other users think, getting a new tamagotchi is something really pricey and is a decission one shouldn't take too easilly xD Well, lemme present myself, I'm Myiko, male, turning 18 in october, studying to be an artist in the future, so Hi tamatalk~ I stopped playing with tamas before the release of the tama-go, but recently with the release of the Tamagotchi LIFE app, I ended up here in tamtalk, I started looking around and found about all those cool new tamas that have been released since then, and I decided to get a new one to bring back the good memories~~ What tama I decided to choose? the Tamagotchi Friends obviously, since it was the latest release. But, once I was looking for TFs on ebay, I found a TMGC+C for 4$ less than the cheapest TF I found, even though I wanted the TF I ended up getting the TMGC+C, because I thought it would be harder to get the TMGC+C in the future, and I really wanted one... So what do you think guys, was that a good decision? TMGC+C over TF? I know the choice is done, but I wanted to know what other people think haha, I understand the TF has much more options and characters since it's newer, and it's also in english! that's important xD, but the TMGC+C has color, characters I like (I hate half of the TF's girls uh) and the best tamagotchi shell so far, so simple and not girly looking~~ I'm just worrying because of the japanese, little characters and how old the TMGC+C is, but for me it has always seemed to be one of the best tamas ever, so I hope is not too much trouble to use, I'll have to learn a little of japanese I guess Well, my boyfriend got me my blue TMGC+C so I still don't have it, but he'll give it to me next week, I can't wait Well, appart from that, I don't wanna make another thread so I wanted to ask another question. If I enjoy the TMGC+C I'll be considering on getting a new japanese tamagotchi, and I'm not sure if I should get an ID L, a ID L 15th, or a 4U. (I don't like the P's and the ID looks boring) so far the one I like the most is the 15th, since I like almost every character (and it has ura characters yay), and it has all the features of an ID L, the downside? the price the 15th version is about 20€ more expensive than the regular one. What do you think guys? are the 20€ worth it for getting the characters I like? does the 15th version have any other inporvements? is king kikitchi in both? (sorry I just love kikitchi) I'll also consider on getting a 4U instead, but that depends only in the new features and the reviews I see when it gets released, I love it so far, it's a wonderful tama with tons of customization, but it seems to focuse too much on adult stage and it will probably be even more expensive than the ID L 15 xD Sorry for the boring long topic, have a nice day
  7. Please, Tamagotchi Fans know this kind of problem? My Tamagotchi Plus Color (TMGC+C) Japan version's time is freezing so the egg can't hatch and can't play at all. I change the battery, try reset and loading still the same. The screen just display egg is moving without hatching and i check the time is not ticking. Any solution to fix it? Thanks before.