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Found 7 results

  1. Well hearing from this site and many others I have noticed that people are saying that there is MANY and I mean MANY problems with these bootlegs (Sudden resets after impact,suddenly breaks,batteries die quick and many other problems) Well this topic should cover the problems and how to fix them.(As soon as mine comes in the mail i'll be able to add more) First thing you should do is change the batteries as soon as you get it because since this thing is cheap (Not garbage) the batteries might also be cheap also and make sure to put it in right.Another thing is that if you don't want to accidently reset then you could possibly put tape (Not electric) or any NON-CONDUCTIVE MATERIAL to prevent accidently pushing that button.To (Possibly) fix the sudden resets you should put a chunk of eraser to prevent the battery from moving around (Got the idea off a teardown).When the device breaks or is already broken (If you want to) try taking it apart and see what might of got broken or (If they have a return policy) you could return it and get a new one. well that's all i have sadly until I get my own but until then see ya
  2. I dunno if anyone has come across one of these or not, but there's a new sort of Furby-like toy called a Hatchimal. This is like a Furby in the fact it is a furry animal that you can teach to talk, walk, and dance. However, there is an additional step involved. As the name implies, a Hatchimal comes inside a soft plastic egg, and it has to hatch from this egg. You have to tap and rub the shell to interact with the egg, and make the Hatchimal tap from the inside, to break the shell and be born. It looks so amazingly cute! I reserved one from Amazon, but I need to warn you up front that these toys are not cheap. It cost just under $60 to reserve one, and it won't ship out for another week or so cos supplies ran out. I'm not sure if anyone here is even aware of these new Hatchimals, but there are clips on Youtube and from what I can see, these things are just adorable! Plus, like Tamagotchis, once the Hatchimal has hatched, there is a baby, toddler, and kid stage. Each stage unlocks a new activity the Hatchimal can do with you. I can't wait to receive mine and review it!
  3. Hello everyone ! Yesterday I was in a bazaar shop in Paris and I found this Tamagotchi toy There is a ring and you can pull it, I guess some sounds are supposed to come out but it probably doesn't work anymore. I'm very curious about what it can be, I tried translating japanese and searching similar thing on google but can't find out ! Does someone have any idea about what this toy is ? Have a nice day ! Litchi.
  4. My cousins love playing with the gotchi characters from my tamago! I was wondering if anyone knew about other series of figures i could get for them. Their favorite characters are Chamametchi, Kutchipatchi, Ichigotchi, and Memetchi, if that makes any difference
  5. During my first trip to Tokyo, I found this virtual pet in a shop just 100 yen, which is about 1 dollar our ... and it surprised me because 100 yen for a virtual electronic pet was truly a gift. Yet they were exposed to so many, and not in a shop as the 100 yen shop, but in a very toys shop. I took it and threw the box because then I was not fond of Virtual Pet, and I regret it. As you can see from the picture has a slot to insert the cards with the bar code (which I still have somewhere). It works with three batteries, the 6 gems around the screen light up. Inside there Hamtaro and you have to play with him etc.. Do you know him? I have looked for information on the internet but do not even understand who has produced, the company ... and I do not really remember. The fact is that I really like the design and I find it really cute Virtual Pet =)
  6. My V6/Music Star child Tamagotchi keeps randomly playing his instrument or with his toy. I never choose the action when it happens.
  7. Ok, so I was fiddling around with my Tamagotchi V3 earlier tonight. Shugo the Mizutamatchi was playing with a robot toy I bought him from the shop (it was on sale, how could I resist?) and I left him to watch TV. I came back to turn off his light before he went to sleep...and this happened. His little robot is sitting in the corner whilst he is still asleep! I have not seen this happen with any of my Tamagotchi's before. Never. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Even though I thought it was a bit odd, it still is VERY cute! At least I know that he likes what I buy... P.S - I hope everyone likes my cupcake pyjama design. ><" Forgot about that.