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Found 3 results

  1. On the Tamagotchi V6/Music Star, when your Tamagotchi evolves into an adult, you go to the 'Away' option under the door icon to meetup with your band for their first audition. As you all know, your two bandmates will be teens at and then they, too, will evolve into adults. But if you don't really like the two characters they evolve into, you can make them evolve again! Here's what you do: - Before the band finishes their first audition and comes home, press the reset button. - Choose 'download' to continue from your saved progress. - Your Tamagotchi will be back at home. Go to the 'Away' option under the door icon again. - The other bandmates will appear as the adults they evolved into last time, except kind of cut off at the bottom of the screen. The same animation as normal occurs as if they were still teens, and then they will evolve into a DIFFERENT pair of adults! I discovered this glitch by accident when my Music Star's battery died in the middle of the audition Have fun trying to get your dream band members
  2. I have no idea how I figured this one out, but I actually discovered this when this pet first came out! I guess I had a lot of time on my hands back then... Anyway, in the 101 Dalmatians Giga pet (That's this guy here) There ARE actually 101 different puppies you can get! However, they are assigned to you at random when you start your game. But you can trick the game into giving you any Dalmatian you want! Here's how: -Hold down the "Enter" button, and hit reset. You'll hear a strong beep, and the screen will go all black. -Press "Mode", and you will go to a screen where you can enter letters. Don't worry about entering any letters. They don't mean anything and it won't effect this "cheat" at all. -Press "Right", and you will see text that says "No. 001". -By using the right and left buttons, you can scroll through the numbers, from 1 to 101. Each number represents a different puppy! -When you have selected a number you'd like to try, hit "Enter", and the game will start as it usually does (setting time/pet's name). Once you finish that, you can see what that puppy looks like! If you're not happy with him, you can start this all over again. I had a lot of fun with this little glitch as a kid. xD I hope you guys have fun with it, too!
  3. Now, you may know that the toddler your baby will evolve into is completely random. But people often want to get certain toddlers to get certain characters. For example, somebody might want Uwasatchi but she only evolves from Himeonetchi, and Himeonetchi only evolves from Rorutchi. So how exactly CAN you get a particular toddler? Simple - About one hour after your baby Tamagotchi hatches, it will evolve. So, when it is nearly time for your Tama to evolve, have a pen or something ready... When it evolves, look at the screen. If it's not the toddler you want, quickly use the pen to reset the iD L and then select "download". Your Tamagotchi will be a baby again. Now wait about twenty minutes, and the baby might evolve into a different toddler! And just a reminder, you have to press the reset button BEFORE your Tamagotchi is finished evolving. A good time to do this is when it shows the Tamagotchi getting Gotchi Points as a reward for evolving. Good luck! ~ EMF