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Found 3 results

  1. Soo here is my first Tips & Tricks post... here it goes! If you want to bring your Tama to school, here are my tips on when you can bring it and when you can't. Also try seeing if your teachers/principal/head allows toys in school or you want to risk it. WHEN to bring your Tamagotchi to school (of course, on mute/silent and most likely on pause): 1. When you don't have any special occassions in school, example: no Sports Fest, no Teacher's Day, etc. 2. When you aren't going to have any fire drills, or anything. Tamas may get lost in the process! 3. When you are going to have LOADS of free time on a particular day... like if you have two straight substitute classes. 4. When your annoying cousin comes to visit and may touch and poke your Tama. 5. When you are going out after school. There was a time when straight after class in the afternoon we went to the airport and flew all the way to another city, and I forgot my v7! Worst experience ever! 6. When you will be having long breaks during lunch and recess, a great opportunity to check on your Tamas! When to NOT bring your Tamagotchi to school: 1. When there are special occassions, like as stated above, especially if you will be actively joining in! 2. When you will be having a tight, busy schedule in school. 3. When you will be undergoing fire drills, earthquake drills, etc. 4. When you will be having a lot of projects to do in school (your Tamas may be a distraction if you are working projects after class in school ) IF you risk bringing your Tama even though you know you aren't allowed: 1. DO NOT, DO NOT bring your Tama on Inspection Day (our school has this monthly. It sucks.) Anyway hope this helped! Comment below if you've got anything to add!
  2. Hello, I've got a few Tama-Tricks got to do with the time... If your Tamagotchi wakes up a lot earlier than you, just set the Tamagotchis time earlier so that it won't die in the mornings while you sleep. 24 hours after your Tama-Go character has a baby, set the time to 11:59pm. When it gets to 12:00am, the parents will leave the baby. Then set the time back to normal.
  3. Basically this cheat is all about planting trees and making them grow up instantly. If you don't like fiddling with the time... oh well. 1. Buy and plant a seed. 2. Set time to 11:59PM. 3. When it's midnight - and this is very important - set the time to one minute BEFORE YOUR TAMAGOTCHI WAKES UP. If you set it to any time in the day it will not work. Usually Tamas wake up at 7:59 4. When your Tama wakes up go outside and the seed will grow up and give you a goodie. 5. Do it millions of times to get millions of goodies. If you get doubles, that's okay because you can sell them at Tama Market and make tons of gotchi. I think this cheat should work for other versions with trees too. ~ EMF