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Found 12 results

  1. Hello I'm new her 😊 I'm currently playing a Tamagotchi v. 4.5 and I'm really would like to know how to get a Ura Violetchi. My little Tamagotchi is in the child stage and is a Hitodetchi. What could I do that it will evolve to a Ura young Violetchi amd then to Ura Violetchi? I mean I once succeed by getting a Kuribotchi. But how could I get a Kuribotchi again? Is there a Trick or something? And if not how can Hitodetchi turn is a Meme Family Tamagotchi to get Ura Violetchi? I'm very very thankful for your help!
  2. I have spent days online trying to figure out why my kakeibo will not connect to my uratama or entama (including on tamatalk). Does anyone have detailed information on what to select on the kakeibo to get it to connect with my tamagotchis? I've tried everything with the information that I've found online and nothing is working. I'm starting to wonder if my kakeibo is a lemon (though I bought it new from a very reliable website).
  3. So a while back, maybe half a year ago, I was running a couple with my V4 and V4.5. The V4 was a male who eventually ended up an Androtchi, but the V4.5 was a little behind, so she was only an Ura Young Memetchi when this happened... I had connected them all the time, made sure their friendship was to the max, and as soon as they both reached adulthood, I would connect them again to get them married and make babies. However, as I said before, my V4.5 was a bit behind, so when my V4 reached adulthood and turned into an Androtchi, my V4.5 was still a teen (an Ura Young Memetchi to be specific). I connected them again to keep up their friendship, but suddenly they know, they got married anyways. So it was really awkward for me, seeing my teenage Ura Young Memetchi... ...having babies... ...with an adult Androtchi. ._. But yeah, that was my weird experience that I really don't know where to put, category-wise. Has anyone else ever experienced a teen getting pregnant with twins in a Tamagotchi before? If so, leave a comment. I'd love to know if this wasn't just a one time thing for me. XD Anywho, thanks for reading! Adieu~
  4. Hi guys! I am thinking of getting a Japanese version connections, but I don't know what to get. I currently only have a uratama and I am enjoying playing with it. Any recommendations? EDIT: Sorry, I also have the Japanese Angel/Morino/Mothra/Ocean/TamaOtch
  5. started primarily for my own pleasure Plans: Pictures will come up someday. I probably won't abandon logging as easily as before.
  6. Hi guys! I've had my Uratama for 2 days now, but I found something a little bit weird, He is still a toddler, I started it up the 9th at 7 AM, and right now it's 5 PM on the 11th, so it has been like 2 days and a half, and he is still a toddler. Are toddlers 3 days on this version? or is it there a glitch or something? I changed the batterie once, but I don't think that would delay the evolution process over 1 day, right? O.o
  7. Just something random that I wanted to ask you guys Out of all the non-color tamagotchis, These two are the ones that get my attention the most, mainly because I love most of ura characters over the regular ones. As I've heard both versions are pretty much the same when it comes to adults-teens, but the baby-toddlers in the V4.5 are regular ones from the V4, also the V4.5 doesn't have special bikuri characters, they have the regular non-ura characters instead xD Character wise I prefer the Uratama since I wouldn't have to take care of other tamagotchis I can find in any other versions, and the babies and toddlers on it are much cuter~~ I would like to buy one sometime in my life, but I'm not pretty sure if they have exactly the same features or not Also I'm not sure if the screen will be easy to see or not since it's blue xD So Guys, wich one do you like the most? Uratama or V4.5?
  8. So I was using EnWarehouse for my EnTama and I bought the Berry Town tickets but when I use it it just sits there and looks at it. But it didnt decrease from 3 to 2... Why isnt it going to Berry Town EDIT: How do you bin items, just in case I cant use the tickets
  9. I do not understand the cooking feature on the UraTama I have various foods under the third option of the second icon. They have the different skill symbols on them. I chose two of the foods with the same skill and it showed my Tamagotchi with some kind of flag but then the food exploded! Help me understand.
  10. I have been CRAVING to run my new Uratama but its always more fun to do it in a group! So this hatch will take place on August 3rd and will run for TWO GENERATIONS. The last day to sign up for the hatch is July 30th. You may hatch ONLY an Entama or Uratama, if you're not sure if it's an Entama or Uratama, it's probably not either of them.
  11. I've had a set of mame city travel tickets for a while now, and I haven't been able to use them to travel anywhere. When I use them, my UraKuchipatchi Tau just looks at them. But since I got three in one buy, I believe that they are supposed to be used up somehow. I was guessing I needed something more to use them, like a vechile of some sort, so my question is what do I need to use my tickets? Today I also spent 99 999gp on a flying saucer, and it's the same as with the tickets, Tau just looks at it happily for a few seconds. Is the flying saucer just a souvenir or can I actually use it somehow? What do I need to use my travel tickets and my flying saucer?
  12. Ok so I've thought about this for a while now and decided to finally ask. Tamagotchis namned v1, v2, v3, and so on up untiltil tama-go are called Connections, or Connexions for the european counterparts. As many of you know, there is a group of similar, paralelly released tamagotchis in japanese, such as the tamagotchi +, ketai (or keitama), akai ketai, entama, uratama, hanerutchi, hanerutchi 2... My question is simply if there is a known group name for these non-vintage, non-colour, connection-similair, japanese tamas. I find myself referring to them as "japanese connections" and it just doesn't sound quite right...