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Found 69 results

  1. I couldn't find a solution to this problem so i hope to find it here. When i had 4 gen i wanted to view family history but i couldn't i thought that i maybe need higher generation to view it. But now im on 7 gen and it's still unavailable... I remember that when I played this tamagotchi last year i had another family and i could view family history on 4 gen. Help me please!!
  2. First of all, I am a new user here. I look forward to my time here, and hope I can get answers to some of my questions (I have quite a lot of them ) Anyway, the title basically explains it; I never get any of the Kuchi teens on the V4.5 (Kometchi, Ura Young Yattatchi, Boxertchi, and Yakantchi). No matter WHAT I do, I always, without fail, get Daiyatchi or Ura Young Memetchi from KuchiTamatchi, and Ura Young Violetchi from Kuribotchi. I've tried searching this problem, but haven't really found anything. Does anyone know if there might be anything I'm doing that could be causing this, or if there's anything I could do to prevent this? Because I never used to have this problem until recently, and I don't have this problem at all on the V4...
  3. Hi, As you can see above this photo, my keychains are completely broken. I want to replace them so bad, but I want to do it myself, manually. I used to like my tamagotchis to look like this, but I hate it, SO MUCH. I am thinking of buying a new V5 (the design) so I need help on the V4.5 and V5C. Is there anyway I could fix this? I hope I could fix it or i'll get really upset and replace them all. I know it sounds stupid, but I get super bothered by this. ._. - TamaTamatchi
  4. So I got the letter offering the jobs, and I open it. The problem is, I took too long in deciding what job I wanted and it exited out of the screen! Does this mean my Tama will be jobless? Or does it give you another chance to pick? Oh, and if anyone has any information on what spiritual jobs there are and how to play them, that would be awesome. Thank you so much!
  5. Here's a picture of James. :3
  6. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Tamagotchis ar really sucky parents! I'm not exactly sure how it goes on other versions, but for V4.5, it goes a little something like this. The Matchmaker brings several partners for you to pick for your Tama. Once you've found one suitable for your virtual pet, the matchmaker introduces the two. They immediately fall in love and get married. They also immediately, decide to have a child. One of the two parents decides they didn't want a child, leaves it with their partner, and is never to be seen again. You're left to care for your Tama and it's new baby. At first this isn't so bad. The parent that was left caring for the child is doing their job, and the most you've had to do for the baby is give it some medicine. Night approaches, you fall asleep, wake up on the morning only to find the baby all by itself, as orphaned as can be. You've spent DAYS keeping the parent alive and thriving, and this is the thanks you get? I love you too Mametchi... I'm actually really happy that this happenes though. It saves you the heartbreak of letting your Tama die just to raise a new one. It's also pretty darn adorable. Yes, I know you can call the parents of the child on the cell phone but still, why'd they leave? Oh, while we're on the topic of calling parents, if your Tama is on its first generation, try giving the parents a call. The number is AABA CCBB (for V4.5). Have you done it yet? No? Well if you can't for the many reasons there are, you'll be greeted by a very sad little Tama and beeps that sound as if nobody is answering a phone. Your Tama is sad because they know you're calling their parents and they know nobody is going to answer. Isn't that wonderful? If I'm missing some explanation on to why this all happens the way it does, please tell me in the comments. I'm just a ignorant little child, so please enlighten me. Oh, don't think I'm complaining about anything, I absolutely love my Tamagotchi and I wouldn't change it in any way. I hope you enjoyed me ranting over nothing, and have a wonderful rest of your day. Or night. Whenever you're reading this.
  7. AnniChu


    Here's a better shot of my Tama. (I'm not sure why the thumbnail is upside down)
  8. I found a folder full of my old Tamagotchi things from 2007. I was super into tamas and especially keeping up with family lines. As I looked through all of the vacation pictures I'd printed, I was disappointed for a moment thinking I wouldn't remember their names- only to find I'd kept a list of each family member I'd taken on vacation and printed out. I thought it was a cool blast from the past (maybe just for me though lol) and didn't know where to post this. The family line featured in these pictures is actually still kickin' on my v4.5- I haven't run it in years, but I'm on generation 32 or something. I got bored of it when I couldn't seem to stop repeating the same characters over and over- perhaps a curse of running one for so long. I remember the story of that hand drawing, and for explanation, I was in 5th grade and running my V2 (my first tama). A lot of girls in my class also had tamas, and we'd have them all get married if they were the same age. My friend and I had ours mate, and then she connected with our other friend. That connection error happened where it glitches on one side but the tama still visits the other- and her tamagotchi actually had three sons (the twins with mine and then a third boy with our other friend). I never would've remembered that happening without the drawing, s/o to 2005 me. Lastly, those charts were not mine but I included them for nostalgia's sake. I really liked looking at them as a kid and could never seem to find them online again. I used a lot of printer ink, that's for sure. EDIT: didn't realize Photobucket now charges a large sum to embed. Yikes. I'm so glad the photos even worked in the preview so they could bait-and-switch. Added the pics I refer to
  9. AnniChu

    My Tamagotchi

    A picture of my only Tamagotchi. Who knows, maybe I'll get more someday.
  10. I just found out the trick to use codes in shop, but when I try to use the honey and clone codes the store manager stops looking surprised. The code for the clone (CAAC BBCB) doesnt work for me when I put it in on the second to last button © it stops taking my code. Same for the honey (BBAA ABCB) on that last C it stops taking my code. What do I do?
  11. Maybe it's odd to start logging these guys in the middle of a generation, but I'm weird like that, so let's go. Welcome to my Connection log. The primary star here will be my green V2, which is currently the home to a fourth-generation boy named Cy. He is three years old and a Hinatchi: He should be evolving into an adult tomorrow. I've been taking good care of him and his training bar is full, so I'm expecting him to become an above average - perfect care adult. He is the son of a Mametchi named Aja - I actually can't remember what she ended up mating with but it might have been a Nyorotchi. His grandfather was a Marumimitchi named Chris who is currently featured in my avatar. The second star of this log, for now, is my pink V4.5. I've got a V3 on it's way so this one will be decommissioned when it gets here, but until then my V4.5 is home to a fourth generation boy named Ki. He's three years old and he just evolved into a Yasaguretchi. He is the son of a Hanagatatchi named Ari. The matchmaker, for some reason, took longer than usual to come to her so I don't remember what she mated with since I was so eager to get her a mate when the matchmaker actually came. Haha! His grandfather was a Celebtchi named Asher, who I loved - he was so cute! I'd love to get that character again some day because it was one of my favourite V4.5 characters. That's basically the intro to my current running tamas. I'll update later if they do anything interesting, or I'll for sure update tomorrow when Cy evolves. Bye for now!
  12. Hello everyone, and welcome to my brand new log! I used to be on this forum a lot more often, but life often has a way of getting ahead of me. I still have some of my old tamagotchi, but I had put them on the back burner while working through life. When I first made an account on here I was getting through high school - now I’m working through college to be a special education, and I have a beautiful girlfriend who I live with! I was thinking about Tamagotchi recently - I had my Osutchi, P’s, and v4.5 sitting on my dresser. After coming back to this forum and reading a bunch of logs, I felt inspired to write my own! I also spoke with a friend of mine who was quite into Tamas back in the day and we decided to start ours up together today! This is going to be my log to document my adventures. -- Because I wear a keychain and I work a busy job, I opted against starting up my P’s, and my girlfriend owns the Mesutchi to my Osutchi, and I don’t think she’s currently interested in running those with me. The rest of my tamas are packed up in a box somewhere, so I decided to start up my v4.5! I started it up at 8am, and in no time at all out popped a girl Tsubutchi. I named her Gemma! I forgot just how intensive raising a baby Tamagotchi is - it seemed like every time I looked away would be just the right time for her to poop on the floor. It wasn’t long before Gemma grew into a beautiful Tamatchi. It’s said that Tamatchi are cheerful but talkative, and are described as nosy chatterboxes. I worked 10 hours today, and you can bet Gemma, true to her nature, was very intrigued. Carrying plates to tables, making drinks, taking orders... I think before long she'll become an excellent speaker! I tried to shield her from the ruder customers who came in. Some people even asked about her! I even helped a customer find a place to purchase a Tamagotchi for herself, which I'm sure made Gemma's day. That's all for now!! Thanks for reading, if anyone's out there!
  13. I intended to replace my silent V4 with one that had functioning sound in order to have the full experience of this version. I came across a listing on Ebay that seemed to be the cheapest there was and though the seller listed it as a V4.5, I spied the packaging they were selling with it clearly said "V4". I bought it and later when I looked up the shell on Project Tama Shell, I realized it was indeed a V4.5. This isn't a loss for me since I did indeed want a V4.5, but I was wondering, is the sound of the V4.5 the same as the V4? The sound being the same is a feeble way to preserve the experience, but a little coincidence like this would be nice.
  14. Hiya, it's Fuzzy! So I've finally decided to do a Tamagotchi Log just to get into the flow of things. However, due to the fact that I don't have a good camera compatible with this computer as of now, I will have to do a log without any photos. I'll still try to keep things as entertaining as possible otherwise, but if you find it lacking or boring, then do leave a comment so I can improve upon it and make sure my future logs are fun for everyone here! Anywho, without further ado...let me introduce the two Tamagotchis that I'm currently running!! First off, we have my lovely... Tamagotchi Connection V2: MARS Say hi, Mars! Mars: Howdy!! :B She's my 2nd Gen Tama right now on the V2. Just to shed some light on the situation, here's my Gen 1 growth log: Mars: That's my mama! I miss her... I do too, Mars...anywho, today wasn't a very eventful day for Mars. She basically just sat around, ate food, and played Slots all day. But hey, at least we maxed out our Gotchi limit! Mars: Wowee, 9999 Gotchi is a lot!! That's true, not to mention we bought some cool new Wings for her, too~ Mars: I look purdy with butterfly wings! So here are Mars' final stats for the day: Hungry: FULL Happy: FULL Training: [|][|][|][|][|][|][|][|][|] Age: 5 years Weight: 55 lbs Generation: 2G Gotchi: 9999p Anyways, she also did get married today! Mars: I got a lil' baby girlie now~<3 You may be wondering how she married a Minotchi... Well, I decided to run a V4 as well while waiting for my m!x to come in! Tamagotchi Connection V4: GENJI This is Genji, my lucky-unlucky V4 named after one of my favorite Overwatch characters! Genji: Mmhm, that's me! The poor guy has it rough... ...he's been sent Snakes in the mail multiple times throughout the past week. Genji: And that BURGLER who keeps stealing our hard earned Gotchi... Genji: He's gonna pay for it! B-But not literally... ¬_¬ Aside from that, though, I am lucky to even have this guy! It's my first time ever getting a Kuchi family character on a V4. P.S. He's my favorite out of all of them. <3 So anyways, today I used all the V4 shop codes and got him some fun items to mess around with. Genji: ...what is this weird !! item and why does it clone me? ._. I dunno, Genji...why is it so fun to watch you dance around with it? XD Genji: ...good point. ಠ_ಠ' Genji and Mars got married today, and Mars had two baby girls. Genji: Now we both have a precious little baby to care for~ Other than that, Genji graduated school and just got a new job as a Teacher! Genji: With all this extensive knowledge cooped up in my brain... Genji: ...I feel that I can't keep it locked up... Genji: ...and I must share it with children of the Tama World... Genji: that they can spread their knowledge and gain their own, too... Genji: ...that way they can truly develop as civilized and intelligent Tamagotchis... Genji: ...and we can all live in a world of peace and serenity. ...thanks for the speech, Genji... And I think that just has to do with the Training bar anyways. XD Genji: Oh, come on...humor me, will you...? are Genji's final stats for the day: Hungry: FULL Happy: FULL Training: [|][|][|][|][|][|][|][|][|] Skill Points: Intellectual: 450 Arts: 63 Social: 63 Age: 4 years Weight: 99 lbs (Yikes, I need to play some more games with him.) Generation: 1G Gotchi: 1270p Well, that seems to be it for now! I really enjoyed sharing my Tamagotchi experiences with you guys, and I'll try to keep up with daily updates the best that I can! But...before I go, I'll be doing something's a Question Of The Day! (Or QOTD for short) And so, the QOTD (brought to you by Kusatchi himself) is... < What should Fuzzy name the new baby V2 and V4 girls? Comment below with your answers, and I'll either choose the ones I like best or do a randomizer instead to pick the names for me! Anyways, thank you for stopping by and reading my Tamagotchi Connection log! Do you all like the format? Leave a comment on what I did well or on what I can improve in the future! But for now...adieu, my friends! And... Fuzzy is out~
  15. So a while back, maybe half a year ago, I was running a couple with my V4 and V4.5. The V4 was a male who eventually ended up an Androtchi, but the V4.5 was a little behind, so she was only an Ura Young Memetchi when this happened... I had connected them all the time, made sure their friendship was to the max, and as soon as they both reached adulthood, I would connect them again to get them married and make babies. However, as I said before, my V4.5 was a bit behind, so when my V4 reached adulthood and turned into an Androtchi, my V4.5 was still a teen (an Ura Young Memetchi to be specific). I connected them again to keep up their friendship, but suddenly they know, they got married anyways. So it was really awkward for me, seeing my teenage Ura Young Memetchi... ...having babies... ...with an adult Androtchi. ._. But yeah, that was my weird experience that I really don't know where to put, category-wise. Has anyone else ever experienced a teen getting pregnant with twins in a Tamagotchi before? If so, leave a comment. I'd love to know if this wasn't just a one time thing for me. XD Anywho, thanks for reading! Adieu~
  16. I am trying to mate my tamagotchi v4.5 with my friends by making them friendly. They both have 4 hearts now under friendship and are too young to currently mate. Hers is a boy and is 2yrs. Mine is a girl and is 3yrs. I was watching hers and it had half an egg with a baby boy it looked like sitting in the egg shell above her tamagotchi, but when she presses the middle button the time screen came on and whem she went back it was gone and went back to normal. What was this?
  17. We both have tamagotchi connects v4.5 but it won't let ours visit each other or anything. Mine is Mukimukitchi and hers is Kometchi. We click on v4/4.5 on the friends thing and both click visit, line our infrared sensors up and nothing happens. Help!
  18. Hello! I am a long time lurker of TamaTalk, it's helped me through many a difficult times in the past, so thank you for that! I just made an account so that I could ask a question, since I haven't seen anything like this online before. I have a Tamagotchi Connection V4.5 with a 3 year old Oyajitchi. He's the 8th generation and I consider myself pretty well-versed in the ways of the Tamagtochi V4.5 by now. My dad also has a Tama, and we bring them together to play all the time. I decided I wanted to give his Tama a present, so I wrapped up a piece of Pizza and sent it over. But the Pizza never showed up. It wasn't a huge deal since it's not like Pizza is rare or expensive, but still kind of disappointing. I decided to try again and this time wrapped up a Muffin. This time it gave me a "list full" error, even though my list wasn't full. I tried to delete an Ice Cream, but it didn't delete. I tried 3 times, and I found out it deleted my Fish, my Pasta, and my Cereal! Scone, Sushi, Bread and Cereal are the 4 basic items that don't run out, and I've never been able to delete it before, so I'm really confused why deleting an Ice Cream deleted my Pasta, Fish and my (I thought) undeletable Cereal. Another weird thing is that when I go to wrap/delete another item, it shows me Fish and Pasta(which I no longer have) and then 8 Ball items in the Food section. Ball isn't a food, I don't have 8 Balls, and I don't have Fish or Pasta anymore! In summary, a weird glitch deleted my basic Cereal item. Is there any way to get it back? Thank you for your time!
  19. Hi! I tried to start a log a few weeks ago, but never kept up with it. Well here I am bored while babysitting, so I'm going to try again. One of my favorite versions is the 4.5, so I am running it for the summer. My ultimate goal is to get every character at least once, and then an oldie for as long as possible. Short term goal is to reach at least 10 generations (thats my record from when I was a little kid) and then raise an oldie. I go back to college in September, so I might not have enough time to get every 4.5 character, but we'll see! Today I hatched Jeff. (that's my boyfriend's name, and he just left to spend the rest of the summer with his family. So I'm sad, thinking about him, and named my tamagotchi after him). Thanks to some help from CBLS, I have a picture of baby Jeff for you! He played lots and lots of Climb - at his minimum weight the whole time! He is now a tamatchi. He likes going to preschool- he has gone 4 times now. Skills: Humor: 27 Beauty: 4 Spirituality: 21 Already we're seeing an inclination... PS - no comments, just so I and others can read this like a story -but please message me with comments/questions, I WILL reply!
  20. Okay so i made a status about this, but i thought i'd make a post too so i could add the photo. So ive got a male UraMametchi on v4.5, and today the matchmaker visited and offered up a male Mametchi? (As far as i know Mametchi's can only be male?) So i agreed to him, and they both had a baby girl. But my Tama is male, and the other was a mametchi so im p/sure my tamagotchi is gay has this happened to any of you before? @_@ (Sorry for the quality of the photo, i was so surprised i just snatched my phone and took a FAST photo, i just messed with the contrast a little so you can see it better - also, sorry the image is huge)
  21. Yesterday while I was watching Tv, I checked on my v4.5, only to find it staring at some weird thing in the center- I have a celebtchi, and this happened an hour or so after he turned into an adult today. He seemed to be staring at some sort of screaming baby tama in a cup???
  22. Okay so- Earlier today I replaced the batteries on my two tamagotchi connections v4.5 and v4, set the correct time, and tried to connect them via visit, but they wouldn't... I'm pretty sure it's the v4 that wont send the signal thing properly, 'cuz the 4.5 will try to connect but will end up with a failure, and the v4 will keep on saying connect until it'll eventually say fail, normally 30 seconds later than the 4.5... The battery for it might be a little old, I don't know... Anybody know whats wrong? I really want to connect them so I can marry them soon...
  23. A little backround knowlage, I haven't started my V4.5 ever since about August of last year, and I decided I wanted to start it up again.Now, I don't know what's happening with my V4.5...I tried to put in a new battery (mind you, it came from an electric tea candle) and it made a REALLY wierd noise, the pitch was going from up to down really slowly, and then again at a higher faintness. I don't know if its just the battery, or the V4.5 itself. I fixed it the star on it recently with hot glue, could some of it have gotten on the insides and ruined it? I'm not sure...Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  24. What time can I set my 6 year old v4.5 so the matchmaker will come?
  25. When I donate money it keeps track of how much I donate. So what happens when I donate a bunch cuz I heard something about getting a special prize.