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Found 7 results

  1. I found my long lost tamagotchi and i found out it was version 5.5 and my friend would like to play but it seems that version 5.5 tamagotchis are now rare especially in my country. So... i would like to know if version 5.5 tamas could connect with versions 5, 4 and 4.5 thanks in advance~
  2. **Specifically v5** Hi so first I hope this is i the right forum. Well now that's said, on to my question. I was on eBay today, looking through the and searching for Tamas. I was planning on a v5.5, and couldn't find direct sellers from the US (all v5.5s were from Taiwan or something), so anyway, long story short, I ended up searching for a v5. When I looked, there were a bunch of used ones, which I'm totally fine with getting.. except for one detail. The username. The username being the name of the owner of the Tama when you first open up a Tamagotchi, not your pet's name. Just to clear stuff up. I'm iffy when it comes to usernames. I want it to be my name and my name only. I don't want someone else's Tama with the username 'Terry' or 'Cat' or 'Jake' or 'Help' something. Which made me thinking, is it really possible to change usernames on Tamagotchis? Because if I am to get a second-hand Tama, I want the username to be mine only. I have a v7, and it doesn't seem to be able to have the ability to change usernames. My v4.5 as well. I've reset my v7 two times, idk if the changing username option is just not there or I'm not looking for it. never reset the v4.5 yet though. So anyway, don't mind my type-babbling, just please answer the question? Can you change a Tamagotchi connection's username, regardless of the version? Specifically v5? And finally is the Tamagotchi v5's family name the same as the username? 'It will ask you to name your family. As long as you don't reset your Tama , your family name will always be the same.' as quoted by the Tamagotchi v5 Guide. Thank you!
  3. I just bought these...$T2eC16V,!)sFIYuU)cDQBSVf7NWrpg~~60_12.JPG I know the one in the middle is a connection V4, correct? But the 2 on the outside are driving me crazy. I can't tell the difference between V5 and V5.5. Help! I want to say V5.5....
  4. Hello everyone! I really need help. I have 2 fake connections (a V1, a V2) but now that they got me pretty addicted, I feel like trying the authentic experience of owning a real tama I went on Ebay... And gosh they're so expensive!!! 25$ for a 2004 toy... Is this expensive? I got my fakes for less than 10 dollars... Where do you buy your tamas? Also, I thought on getting a connection V5.5! A royal edition lol! Does anyone here own a V5.5? What other versions do you like? The V.6 doesn't seem that good... Becoming a music star, I dunno... Someone gave me an giftcard so I'm planning on getting eather a Tamawatchi with Mametchi or another fake V2... Is the Tamawatchi big enough to fit a growing teen? It's so cu-u-ute!!! Thank you very very much in advance Mozaique
  5. I've been having this weird problem with my v5 celebrity. Every time I go to the memory icon to try and see the past characters I've had, it makes a beeping sound and doesn't let me access it. I have no idea why this is happening because I'm on my fourth generation! Ever since I bought this tama I haven't been able to use the memory function. Any ideas why? Thanks!
  6. So I recently got a v5.5 and have been trying to connect it with my tama-go. I know it is possible to connect them I just don't know how! On my tama-go I go to the icon and select others, and on the v5.5 I select v5. Then I put them together and push the b buttons. My tama-go then says failed and the v5.5 gives me the option to either download or reset it.. (I select download because I don't want to reset it! ) I have no idea what's going on. Am I doing this wrong, or is the v5.5 glitchy? Thanks in advance!
  7. I can not for the life of my figure out how to log my celbrity onto Tamatown, I could do it before but the iption is no longer there. Any help?