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Found 3 results

  1. The Batteries of my tamagotchi ocean have officially died. This is the oldest tamagotchi I have and the screws seem smaller than the newer ones; however, I am blind and cannot tell. What sized screwdriver do I need? Anybody have any tips on getting them out? How quickly do I need to get the batteries out before I may start expirance get problems? it is a Japanese tamagotchi if that makes any difference.
  2. I'm debating purchasing a new tamagotchi. I haven't finished my collection of Connections yet (need a V1, any .5's and a Music Star, then any Japanese 'connections', I just don't know what to really call them generally) but I think I would like a vintage right now to be honest. I have a lot of free time when, I have free time, as I'm a senior in high school so I still have to attend all my classes and whatnot. I'm curious if a vintage tamagotchi would be good for me or not... I don't think I want a P1 or P2 (though I'm not opposed), and I know how busy an Ocean is so I'm not even gonna try. A Devil would be nice but those are so expensive I'm not gonna mess with it, but on the other side of that I think I would enjoy an Angel or a Forest! Maybe even a Mesutchi and Osutchi, I'm not sure. My schedule is this- During the school week, from 8am to 4pm, I'm at school. I always set my connections to sleep in until 10:30am because my first period classes are too demanding for me to bother my Tamagotchi's, so I can easily set my time on Tamagotchi's a bit late. I usually only care for one tamagotchi at a time while I'm at school because they click together on my belt loops, but if I can figure out a way that they don't make noise I can easily care for multiple at a time. After school I'm free until I go to bed. Sunday mornings I have work (9am to noon, I'm usually not busy though and have taken fine care of Tamagotchi's during work before). Sometimes I have DnD in the evenings but my other players know that I play with my tamagotchi's so that's not a distraction from the game. If a Vintage wouldn't do well with my schedule I'm curious what other Tamagotchi's would do well with me. I already have 2 M!Xes, so I'm good on that front... Plus I just, don't want another color tama for now. Any tamagotchi suggestions? I'd also take tamagotchi cousin suggestions too, like I think qpets are really cute and I'd honestly order the dog one if I knew where the find it... In short, I'm a senior in highschool with a lot of free time looking for another Tamagotchi. I would prefer a vintage but any other Tamagotchi or Tama Cousins recommendation would be just as good as well. I am not looking for a colored Tamagotchi. Thank you so much!
  3. I bought myself a Mothra for Christmas <3 Right now, I have the batora grub teen and I was just wondering if anyone knew at what age do they go into their cocoon form or become an adult? My little guy is 10 years old (really I've been running him for like a week or so; I had to put him to sleep a few times while I went out) and I thought surely he would have evolved by now! Does anyone have any pointers? Thanks <3