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Found 46 results

  1. Hello everyone and welcome to my log! I would like to start this log by saying happy new year to all of you and wish you all the best in 2021. I'm sure last year was rough and we all struggled during the unexpected pandemic so please stay strong and safe because clearly the fight is not over, and I hope that this year is going to be the end of it and a beginning for all good things. As you can see from the title that I'm going to log here about my Magical Witch and the Devilgotchi which I am so excited about and for some reason worried at the same time! I will be logging while I'm exploring these two fascinating toys and yes it took me SO long playing with them for what is going on in world, but the time has finally come and I hope you guys will enjoy this post. So today is the day that I finally decided to put some batteries into my new evil babies and the excitement I felt when I turned them on! Starting with the Devilgotchi: when I removed the tab I immediately saw to what appears to be like a smoke that lasted for a few seconds until the bat showed up as you can see below: the bat just kept flying and flashing for about 2-3 minutes and then it evolved to Deviltchi: a new Devil is born, without really realizing the consequences of raising a devil has just begun! 😈 I took sometime figuring out the menu and of course fed him and tried to fill his both Hunger and Happy meter. Right after that I played the 'Catch' game, all you have to do is throw a star for your devil to catch it. You need to collect 4 stars in each round to win. As far as I know the game doesn't end unless you press C or lose but I'm not sure about that. I actually spent good amount of time playing the game until... he.. slept during one of the rounds and made a very evil sound, not gonna lie I was caught off guard when I saw him sleeping and then suddenly he started smiling while the screen was inverting. Took me a while when I realized that this is him being mischievous and he wouldn't let me continue playing! By that time he stopped doing it so when I went and checked his Devil Power or DP is increased to 50, that means 10 more points were added because I didn't take any action quicker! After that happened I thought I need to keep an eye on this little devil because I'm not allowing this to happen again, so I did that and made sure that every time he misbehaved and tried to be mischievous I will discipline him which is exactly what happened This is him being naughty and not allowing me checking his health status after he beeped: that was the only time I was able to take a pic of how often and quickly he will pull pranks on me which makes me laugh every time I see him sabotaging the games, not allowing me to check his status or even rejecting the food when he calls for it! That helped me reduce his Devil Power a lot a long with 'Shaking Hands' with him. Randomly he will beep while looking at me and giving me a lovely little evil smirk which basically means that he is being friendly and wants peace: Ultimately, all I want to trigger is a 'Good End' and a good looking character when he reaches his final stage, all that can be done if I manage to discipline him and make sure the friendship level between us is good. Only time could tell we should just wait and see... The Magical Witch: After inserting the batteries oh my I couldn't believe I'm actually starting my very first Magical Witch that happens to be the air witch, also called Baluluna. After setting the time I waited for about 5 minutes to finally have my witch arrive! Also I would like to say that the animation is beautiful when there is a moon on the side of the screen that keeps rotating until your witch arrive, thought that was a perfect intro that suits the theme of the toy She was hungry and wasn't feeling well (as she should be I mean who take 5 minutes to show up) I fed her some seeds and snacks to fill her meters up. After settling her down, I went and searched about mixing the ingredients to create potions because that's what Magical Witches are about, using magic to either curse or cure another witch. I tried the first time mixing the very first potion that you can make and things did not turn out well... the first attempt as you can see above didn't end well, while using the mixing bowl my witch looked funny when suddenly the potion exploded at her haha! She looked a bit sick and it took me a lot of time to actually figure out how to cure her from the explosion and turned out one of the seeds she has in store can actually cure her but needed to be used multiple times. I decided to give her a break for few minutes and go for another try one more time. This time she did well by mixing the ingredients well and we got what we wanted for our very first mix which is mushrooms: Each time you successfully mix the ingredients you will get three pieces from the same mix. I gave my witch another break and made sure she is fed and healthy before going for the second potion she has to make. The second mix went very well and it took only one attempt: As can be seen, the second item she obtained is a broom, which will help us obtain the third item/food that we will try to mix tomorrow. Paying attecntion to her MP or Magical Power could give us a really good results with the witch behavior and how well she could produce different mixtures, if there's another witch involved that will help it increase even faster but we should be alright with just one. The End: That was all it for today, I personally am enjoying them both equally and I believe the more is yet to come. Although my Devil keeps beeping while it's asleep as I'm writing this it beeped more than 5 times (now it's 3am where I live) I've always loved the fact that you need to take care of a Devil and that didn't disappoint especially that I have terrible history with vintage tamagotchis but this one is different I can tell. The Magical witches don't necessarily function as a Tamagotchi but they do look alike. For example the icons are similar, the buttons and how they respond is the same and I think the overall it's simpler gameplay wise. Definitely excited to see what we can do tomorrow so stay tuned. this is the end of today's log, hope you guys enjoyed it please feel free to comment about anything.
  2. Welp, I got Charitchi on my P2 a couple weeks ago and he's aging. Won't be much longer, as it's a heart loss every five minutes. Don't know if anyone here has had him before, but he's a cool character with personality for sure! 24 years with no pause/time set. Imgur link to pics and video- Edit: today, at the age of 25, Charitchi passed away. All day, his heart loss rate was one every three minutes...
  3. So upon weirdly timed battery insertion, I managed to bug the heck outta my American P1. Started by letting me set the time with the hour as 0:xx, which then the egg screen was just forced lights out dark. Then when it "hatched", the character is literally sleeping stardust... I've never seen this before, or any significant bug like this for that matter! 😂
  4. Well I recently got the Ocean's secret character, Ningyotchi, for the third time except this time the little mermaid lived for three days! Previously I was under the impression that she can only live for 24 hours at this stage, since the other two times I got her, there was a seemingly unavoidable, hard coded polar bear attack exactly 24 hours after evolving. She just passed this morning at the age of 9. Just thought I'd share this major breakthrough in Umino care! XD
  5. Hi everyone, it's a pleasure to be here. A little about me - I am a 36yo who never had his own gotchi back in the 90s (my sister had the chimp and kitty Giga Pets - the only ones our parents could find😅) At this stage in life I am longing for my own family but it hasn't happend, so... I have picked up virtual pets as a hobby! First I got a series 2 original Tamagotchi reissue, then a lavender Wonder Garden On. But my biggest obsession is Piccolo/Namekians from Dragon Ball Z, and in the absence of licensed DBZ pets, I have been looking at other units that allow you to raise aliens (want the alien Giga pet but y'know... EBay prices😑) But in my online browsing I found the Wave UFO from Bandai in the 90s, and something struck me on the back packaging... One of the alien transformations looks JUST like Piccolo! (I can't upload pics to this message maybe bc I'm new... Haven't used invision forum software in years) So now I have my pet alien that sometimes transforms into Piccolo when the device pics up a signal from my phone or the WiFi! (The fact this is from Bandai and 1997 let's me pretend the Piccolo design was accidentally on purpose a shoutout to Big Green Dad👽🐌💚
  6. Hi! New here (I might make an introduction post later). I've been trying to ID an old Virtual pet and thought someone here might be able to shed some light. When I was a kid I was given a Dinosaur virtual pet. I remember the shell being red. I seem to remember it being chunky like a dinky dino, only when I looked into info in the Dinkie Dino it seems like it wasn't the same. I remember my dino would change into different things depending on how you cared for it, like a Pteranodon or a Sauropod (whose sprite was so big you could only see its neck and head) and I don't think Dinkie Dino has those kinds of evolutions so I wonder if maybe I had something different? It would be interesting to know if other people had this vpet.
  7. I recently bought a P2 and have been looking for more information about them. I've found tons of growth charts and websites with tips, but I can't find any information at what hours do the characters go to bed and then wake up. I like to know these so I know when to pause them, I sleep in a lot. Thanks in advance!
  8. So I found this Morinaga P1 and I can't really find any information about it. I've only found some stuff about the white Morinaga P1, mostly from some posts made here in like 2006. I even tried doing reverse image searches with pictures of it and I haven't been able to find anything. So has anyone seen one of these before?
  9. I was browsing Ebay a short while ago and I came across this shell design: I thought it was a rather pleasing, especially since vintages are rather plain. I've seen the usual burgundy with yellow shell design before but never with numbers, and also ProjectTamaShell doesn't have it listed either. I suppose it might be an uncommon shell, if not rare.
  10. Hey folks! So I've gotten Ningyotchi once before, and I'm on my way to getting her again from Kaitchi. But I found on someone's umino growth chart an interesting way to get her and I don't know if its accurate/true. It states that once you have Kaitchi, bump the weight up to 40, then wait 40 minutes then it will evolve into Ningyotchi. Now I know that Ningyotchi's base weight is 40, so I'm wondering if that's where this might have become a rumor. I'd hate to test it and ruin my chances of getting her, plus having to play so many games to get its weight back to 10 if it fails! Thoughts? Here's my last time I got Ningyotchi~
  11. My new Japanese Ocean just evolved into Ningyotchi, folks!!! Very proud to say she's doing well! (and that I even got her) Well as long as I'm here, anyone know how long she lives? I know secret characters often live long but I'm unsure about the ocean.
  12. Hey folks! So I had recently bought a brand new Japanese P2, and I just got my first adult raised on it. Now here's the thing- I was going for Pochitchi. I tended to all but one of its discipline calls, and gave it otherwise perfect care. So you can understand why I was shocked to find it evolved into KUSATCHI. Don't get me wrong, Kusatchi is my favorite character, but HOW I got him with the care I gave it puzzles me to no end! Thoughts? :|
  13. Hey folks! Let's talk... Polar Bears. So I got a Japanese Ocean earlier this week, and all was going fairly well. I got Otototchi, then suddenly the Polar Bear attacks (again...) I made the attempt to scare it off like usual, but it had no effect! Otototchi comes back on screen dead as a doornail! So is it really just a gamble with the odds that sometimes your scare tactics will fail no matter what?
  14. So a few weeks ago I somehow managed to "cheat death" on my P2. I had Tongaritchi, and he started to do the dying beeping. Then I did some button pressing (no clue what though), and he stopped beeping, and went back to normal, hopping around the screen without a care in the world. Anyone know what the heck happened here?? Very curious, as I'd like to try this on Kusatchi!
  15. My boyfriend told me a while ago about an off brand tama he once owned, and how much hed like to find one like that again Im hoping someone can help me The shell was shaped like a pawprint, it was purple and it had the nanopuppy sprite 4 buttons, round. and he said it came with a keychain and a wristband like a watch strap and it was definitly bought in the 90s. If someone has any info about it, know if i can get it somewhere or just have a pic, please tell me. thank you very much
  16. Hey, I have been fiddling with my old p2 tama and I have come to think I'm doing something wrong. See, as a kid, Kusatchi was always my favorite character. I Managed to get him twice now, but I never had the p2 as a kid, just the gameboy version. So since i got Kusatchi, it died at 7 years... I know its an "unhealthy" character, but is dying THAT young normal for Kusatchi? And is it possible to neglect enough to get this character, but care for it enough to keep him alive for more years?
  17. Anyone know what brand and type of batteries work with these vintage tamagotchis? Just wanna know which work the best~
  18. I want an Arukotchi the most. The TamaWalkie (Another pedometer Tamagotchi) is absolutely fantastic, so I bet the Arukotchi would be, too. The characters are adorable, and who can resist the dating theme? So cute I wish they weren't rare and expensive. What vintage do you want the most?
  19. In the spirit of successful experiments like "Twitch Plays Pokemon," the popular live streaming site Twitch is now raising a vintage tamagotchi. In order to make it work, viewers vote in the chat section for pressing either the A, B, or C button, and then a mechanical arm will press the winning choice. This thing just got started on Thursday, December 10th at 1PM EST. You can watch it at This is a really interesting idea. Good luck, little tama (I think you will need it)! I first read this info at the Tama-Palace tumblr which is a really nice one to follow if you're not already doing so (
  20. What was the first vintage Tamagotchi you ever owned? When did you get it? I got my first vintage three years ago. It was an orange English P2.
  21. Just curious I call them vintages, but I call the P1 and P2 (gen1 and gen2) originals.
  22. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum (Hello everyone!!) but not new to the world of Tamas! I am however, relatively new to owning a Devilgotchi! As a collector of the vintage Tamas (reliving my childhood) I have always wanted a Devilgotchi and have finally been lucky enough to get one! I've been playing with the little guy for awhile but I always seem to get the same character, (the bird, Debiru Dori), every time I raise the little pixel! I really want something different this time (Devil Mametchi! OMG SO cute!) and have looked everywhere online for tips on how to raise to get certain characters but it just doesn't seem to exist! So I wondering if there are any Devilgotchi owners on here that have been playing with their little chaps for sometime and could give me any hints on what level of care brings what character, particularly how to get Devil Mametchi?! Thanks guys! :3
  23. Hey guys! So I've had this tamagotchi for a little bit and iI've used it before, but now it won't hatch! It's been in it's little UFO Thing for about 4 weeks! I don't know what to do!
  24. What are the rarest shell designs for the vintage tamas? And which ones are your favourites?