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Found 9 results

  1. (Sorry for being very inactive :-'( ) I saw people before having the same problem that's why I first checked everything I found before open this topic again. It's about getting violetchi on the music star. I just don't manage to get her! I once had a chamametchi which I really try to neglect (but not too much) overweight and increased the stress and it still does evolve to mimitchi! Then the next time I got Ichigotchi. I try the stuff out what I read and everything went well (like fem. Petition>Hitodetchi>Ichigotchi) but still even if I neglected more than before (just only fed it when they had two or one heart on ther happy and hungry bar and rarely played with it only making poop away when it was beeping and letting it even sleep with poop) it still became Mimitchi HOW!? Could this maybe a glitch for trying out this reset method to get more instruments?? I hope not 0_0 So currently I am trying again. This time with only feeding when it either beeping or only have one heart and no playing games at all. My tama is currently a tamatchi would this maybe increase the chance to get violetchi??
  2. Hello! I'm aware these are no longer sold in stores. However, I've been looking for the Violetchi Tama-Go figure at a reasonable price online for years with no success. I'd like to buy it singular, used or new, for a cheaper price (this means under 10 dollars). Does anyone know where I can find this? Thank you in advance! - Keegan
  3. Alright, after years I finally found batteries to power my tamagotchis. Since I was little I was aiming for a mametchi, this time I have done a lot of research to get one though. Any every page said something different. One said, that it has to weight 22LB when it evolves, other say that I need to set a certain time (??) and some recommend to feed certain foods and play certain games. I don't want to waste time trying ALL of them, because I'm afraid that most of them don't. I have two version 3, I restarted them on Monday, determined to get what I want. They are becomming alduts today, but something makes me feel like they won't become what I wanted them to. I want the male one to become a Mametchi and the other one to become a Violetchi / Leaftchi. Here are the stats and how I took care of each one: The Male one: Baby: Teletchi Child: Tamatchi Teen: Young Mametchi Aldut: - I check on it every 10 minutes, in fact, I even took it to school. It weights exactly 22LB and whenever I feed it I play games so that it weights 22 again. It goes to bed at 8PM, and wakes up at 9AM. It never lost more than one heart in each bar. I only play the game "Heading" with it (that's what one of the instructions said) It's training bar is full, and I never missed a cry. Yesterday I couldn't check on it before it wanted to sleep, and it had one Hunger-Heart missing. When I was home I set the time back, fed it and set the time back to normal again. I hope that doesn't affect it. It's in it's first Generation, means it's in an Odd generation. The Female one: Baby: ShiroTeletchi Child: Tamatchi Teen: Patapatatchi Aldut: - I also took it with me to school and check on it every 10 minutes. It weights about 29 to 30LB. I've read that people even had it overweight and it turned into Violetchi, but I don't want mine to be overweight, so I try to stay at 30LB. It also goes to bed at 8PM and wakes up at 9AM. It also never lost more than one heart in each bar. I mainly fed it Sushi and apple, sometimes I forgot though and fed it something else. Instructions I've read before contained that the diet should be Sushi and Apple. I mainly play the game "Get" to get it to loose weight quickly, but also other games. The training bar is also full, and I never missed a cry. Same like above, I couldn't check on it before it wanted to sleep, I also set the time back in order to take care of it. Am I doing everything right (if there even is a right way)? And if there are any set ways to get Mametchi / Violetchi for version 3, please let me know. I'm really desperate and determined.
  4. the rule you SHOT Laser beams in someone's face Let's the Game begin Let me put my mask say hiiii Laser beams in Hayden,it's teri,Khipmunk,supah cow,Violetchi,tamafan325 face!!!
  5. Today I reset my Tamago. I got a baby boy on 1st genaration. I put on my first figure, Violetchi, and a dresser didn't appear in my room like it usually does. So I went to the figure icon and only the Game option was appearing. Violetchi is supposed to have Game, Shop and Item. When I clicked Game it showed an animation of my Tamagotchi going to the arcade, like when you go to play the games that are built into the Tamago. It didn't show the usual animation with the carriage going to see Violetchi. Then it showed me all of the games I could play. It gave me one called "Coin Catch." You just press A and C to move a basket across the bottom of the screen to collect coins. I am sooo confused! Violetchi is supposed to include Pingpong and Manhole! So I took off the figure and put it back on. Then it gave me all of the stuff I'm supposed to get with Violetchi. I'm just so confused by this...I can't get it to happen again...So it must be a glitch? But I don't understand how "Coin Catch" can randomly just become a game!!! The instructions on my Tamago say nothing about it, and neither do my Violetchi instructions!!! Does anyone know why this is happening??? Has this happened to you??? Also I'm not sure if "Coin Catch" has been on previous versions. All I have other than a Tamago is a v4.5 and a v6 MS. And there was no game called Coin Catch on either of those!!! OMG Whats going on?!?! lol
  6. Why did Bandai/whoever change the name so many times? I always just want to refer to it as Furawatchi. And also, its coloring has changed as well. I know it's purple now, but I'm fairly certain it was pink and/or orange. Does anyone know what the deal is? Same with Zuccitchi/Zukitchi.
  7. OMG I just restarted my V2 instead of pressing download! R.I.P ollie To see more head on to my log.... ..... .... ... .. . My log is on my signature WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
  8. I have a Violetchi at 80% bond on my version 5 and I want to get the Violetchi family. But what characters can my Violetchi marry in order to create Mamavioletchi, Violetchi, Kizatchi, and Papakizatchi? I hope to get 100% bond soon and I want to find out who Violetchi should marry because I REALLY want to have her family.
  9. Dob-2/14/12 Dop-2/17/12-2/21/12 Name-Angel Type-violetchi Comments- I will never leave my tama at school for a three day weekend ever again! I'm not even sure if she's dead or not, let's hope not