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Found 32 results

  1. Hi everyone, it's a pleasure to be here. A little about me - I am a 36yo who never had his own gotchi back in the 90s (my sister had the chimp and kitty Giga Pets - the only ones our parents could find😅) At this stage in life I am longing for my own family but it hasn't happend, so... I have picked up virtual pets as a hobby! First I got a series 2 original Tamagotchi reissue, then a lavender Wonder Garden On. But my biggest obsession is Piccolo/Namekians from Dragon Ball Z, and in the absence of licensed DBZ pets, I have been looking at other units that allow you to raise aliens (want the alien Giga pet but y'know... EBay prices😑) But in my online browsing I found the Wave UFO from Bandai in the 90s, and something struck me on the back packaging... One of the alien transformations looks JUST like Piccolo! (I can't upload pics to this message maybe bc I'm new... Haven't used invision forum software in years) So now I have my pet alien that sometimes transforms into Piccolo when the device pics up a signal from my phone or the WiFi! (The fact this is from Bandai and 1997 let's me pretend the Piccolo design was accidentally on purpose a shoutout to Big Green Dad👽🐌💚
  2. Hello! Recently I've been debating on purchasing a AngelScope virtual pet. Whenever I look up any information on it though, there's very little on it. One being from this site many years ago stating that it's a fortune teller? So I was hoping to make a more recent post on it and see if anyone has anymore information on it! Any bit helps! One of my own personal questions is, what is the purpose of the three holes on the side of it? Thank you!
  3. So I recently got a QT Rabbit Pet! All the pixels work, it's cute- but sadly there's two things wrong with it. 🥺 It's touch screen yet it doesn't work at times and sometimes it does if I'm lucky. It's also suppose to play music, which I'd like to try and fix too, but if not I would really like to get the touch screen working. I was wondering if anyone here would be able to help/suggest anything! Thank you in advance! ALSO! Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this in- I didn't know where else to go and ask this and thought this was my best bet!
  4. I remember owning a penguin virtual pet around 10 years ago, but I have no clue what it's called and have had zero success finding it online. It was white and the shape of an igloo, I believe about 4 inches long. It had a fairly large screen and a few buttons below the screen (I think there were 4 or 5?) I'd love to know if anyone owns one of these or knows what I'm referencing! I don't have a photo of it unfortunately.
  5. So, back in 1998 or 1999, my mother had gotten me this virtual pet from Avon - I know nothing about it, besides what it looks like [sadly I don't know where it is at the moment, so I can't take a reference image]. It was blue and green, round, and came on a rubber wrist strap, that made it look like a chunky watch made to resemble the earth at first glance. I don't remember much about it, besides the fact that it could evolve either into a T-Rex or a Pterodactyl, and the discipline option was particularly disturbing to me as a child, because it showed a person shouting and shaking a wand of some sort at the dinosaur xD. I know this isn't a lot to go off of, but has anyone else ever encountered one? I've done some googling and couldn't find a trace of this particular virtual pet anywhere online, although there are so many in existence that I'm not terribly surprised.
  6. Much like The Works did in December of 2017, the UK discount chain Poundland is currently selling cheap virtual pets. However, unlike the ones sold by The Works, which cost £3 or £4 at the time (before later being reduced to £2), the Poundland ones are, of course, cheaper! This is the first time that I'm aware of that it's been possible to walk into a mainstream British retail store and buy a virtual pet for £1. They're marketed as Digi Pets (and, in French, Animaux Pixellisés), and are distributed by a company called Keycraft Global. The packaging indicates that these are a 2018 release for this company. Naturally, the software used on this virtual pet is the oh-so-common 168-in-1 program that's commonly found on counterfeit Tamagotchis. However, as you can see, this virtual pet isn't trying to fool anyone into thinking that it's a Tamagotchi, so it's not a fake itself. The packaging carries fanciful pictures of generic-looking pixel animals along with the name Digi Pets/Animaux Pixellisés, and the generic heart-shaped shell carries similar pictures along with the name "Jia Yuan", making it clear that it's just a cheap, generic virtual pet. I actually already have a penguin-shaped 168-in-1 virtual pet, which I've written about before. However, because of the pictures on the Digi Pets packaging, and because the packaging doesn't state that it's a 168-in-1 pet (or claim any number of pets at all), I took a chance on it to see if it has any changes from the usual 168-in-1 software. Whilst the software is largely the same in what it offers, this virtual pet uses a slightly different revision of it to the one that I reviewed before, which was a nice surprise for the gamble of £1! These are the differences that I've found so far with this version; 1: The pet sometimes gets sick, which doesn't seem to happen on my penguin-shaped 168-in-1 pet. 2: Weight-loss works correctly when your pet takes part in activities that should cause them to lose weight, such as games and work. 3: It doesn't poop as much, though it does still sometimes do so several times in a row, calling you again immediately after you've cleaned up the previous poop. 4: The display stays on for much longer, meaning that the unit doesn't go into sleep-mode every few minutes. This means that the pet is active and able to call for your attention for longer periods of time (something that it cannot do when it goes into sleep-mode). 5: It appears to actually keep time - and fairly well, at that. The penguin-shaped version that I have forgets what time it is after a little while, but this one doesn't seem to have done so yet. I haven't found any more differences yet, but these changes alone make this version a little bit more fun than the 168-in-1 pet that was already in my collection. The other main difference is outside of the software, though - the casing, and the printing/painting on it, is a bit better-made than my penguin-shaped one (which, ironically enough, cost me £3, so it was £2 more expensive than this one). As I said back when I reviewed the penguin-shaped version last December, I find these cheap generic virtual pets to be fun for what they are - a weird, non-complex virtual pet that you can buy for pocket-change. I still feel the same way. These are never going to compete with a Tamagotchi, but they're clearly not supposed to - they're just a random oddity. Still, if any British collectors around here want to add a strange little virtual pet to their collection, Poundland is the place to go right now! These do seem to be the first-ever £1 virtual pets to be sold by a big national chain, after all!
  7. Hi! New here (I might make an introduction post later). I've been trying to ID an old Virtual pet and thought someone here might be able to shed some light. When I was a kid I was given a Dinosaur virtual pet. I remember the shell being red. I seem to remember it being chunky like a dinky dino, only when I looked into info in the Dinkie Dino it seems like it wasn't the same. I remember my dino would change into different things depending on how you cared for it, like a Pteranodon or a Sauropod (whose sprite was so big you could only see its neck and head) and I don't think Dinkie Dino has those kinds of evolutions so I wonder if maybe I had something different? It would be interesting to know if other people had this vpet.
  8. Hi everyone! Its that time again! Time for Porg to make yet *another* thread asking for help. I’m so sorry about this guys, I am convinced that this site is going to be covered in threads made by only me before long. *Facepalm* Right! Onto the issue- I am basically looking for answers as to whether or not this particular virtual pet is salvageable or not. The pet in question is my Super-Sized Super Gyaoppi. I’ve been very eager to play with this again, especially as when I received it, it was right at the end of my initial run, before life got busy. I haven’t opened it up before now and oh my goodness… I wish I had! The back of the case was stained with a weird deep chestnut brown colour- which thankfully came off very easily. Much to my horror, that same deep brown stuff was inside on the battery terminal- mostly on one side. I’ve been scrubbing at it with white vinegar and rubbing alcohol- and I’ve managed to get quite a lot off, yet not all of it- given its on the spring coil and behind it and I don’t want to ruin anything. I have no idea what this brown stuff is- I assumed battery corrosion or rust at first. I’m assuming it is not rust, given when I scrub it off, the contacts are silver underneath. After scrubbing at it to a point where I was willing to try some batteries, I popped them in and to my delight it beeped. Success! Or so I thought. Upon turning it over, the screen appears to have pixels missing and is pretty much unusable because of it. Buttons and sound are good, however. Now, whilst scrubbing at my pet, I felt the case creek a little- so I am wondering two things- the first of which is, is this pet salvageable? And if so…. What can I do to save it? The fading I will just have to put up with, as I am assuming this is due to age, yet the missing pixels are another story. Is it possibly caused by the remaining stuff left on the battery component? Or is it something to do with the screws holding the pet together (in which case, should I tighten them or open it up? I haven’t done so yet, as the screws are hidden in incredibly deep holes in the back). Is there something I can do internally to solve this- or is it simply down to the battery area (I am assuming not, given the sound works and it does turn on now). Or is it simply that this Virtual Pet is… Well… Sadly done for? Any advise would be fantastic and very much appreciated. I am a worrier by nature and I am gutted to see that a pet I was looking forward to playing with isn’t working as desired- especially not as I have had issues with several pets I have booted up recently. I am really hoping that this is simply down to something as simple as tightening the screws… Thank you in advance and sorry again for posting so many ‘help’ topics! I’ve posted pictures below of what the screen looks like and I have tried to take a photo of the brown side of the battery area. Unfortunately it doesn’t look brown on my camera, but it was hard to get it in the right angle to take a photo. You can see where I have cleaned it and removed some of the offending substance.
  9. I was shopping around on Amazon the other day, and I found this. It's a Zhu Zhu pets virtual pet. Does anyone know anything about this or happen to have one because I can't seem to find any information on it. Thank you!! Link:
  10. BanDai is releasing a new, color-screen pedometer virtual pet based on their recent anime and toy series, Himitsu no Cocotama. It comes in pink and blue - You can be friends with Luckytama or Melory. - Built-in pedometer function, and the more you 'walk', the stronger your friendship with the Cocotamas will be. (Or you could just lightly shake the toy) - With higher friendship, more items are unlocked and the Cocotamas will do more cute animations and activities. - There are six different mini-games, each one played with a different Cocotama; so, besides Luckytama and Melory, Oshaki, Geracho, Kirarisu, and Mogutan also appear. - You can have different furniture in the rooms. - 14 Cocotama appear on the device. You can preorder it here: I'm personally really excited about these since I love the Himitsu no Cocotama anime! The graphics on the virtual pets look really nice.
  11. Okay, so this is gonna be an odd one, but I am going just about crazy looking for a name to put to this old toy. When I was younger, I had a handheld toy that was kinda squash-shaped, with hair and lips - the eyes were a rectangular LCD screen that you could play games on, but you didn't really raise them or anything. I've attatched a rather crude drawing from what I can remember of them, but I honest to to god cannot remember what they were called and I won't rest until I've found them again. I figured people who had been just into handheld virtual pets as I was would be my best bet....
  12. Hello friends. Who here knows about the Chinese virtual pet called Nana Moon? It's original name is 梦月精灵, which means 'Dream of the Wizards' or something like that. I don't know much about these pets but the characters look ULTRA CUTE. There are two videos on Youtube about them. Video of the Mini version Video of the Maxi version I don't know much about them but I still want one so badly because of the characters. There's also a cartoon based on these pets; unfortunately it's Chinese, while only two episodes are dubbed in English. Here's one of them - [Amy's in her fully evolved form in the OP, but she doesn't actually evolve in the anime until season 2] It's about a girl called Cocoa who gets transported by her virtual pet to a magical world called Nana Moon. She befriends Princess Amy and must save Nana Moon and all its Moon Genies from upcoming disaster, but meanwhile, Liza and her minions are jealous of Amy and because they want to rule the kingdom instead. It looks a lot like anime and the characters remind me of Tamagotchi. X3 You can find the Nana Moon virtual pets on Tamagotchishop, Aliexpress, or Taobao. I wish there was a full sub/dub of the cartoon. ;3;
  13. Hello everyone! I purposefully got a fake virtual pet just to play around with 'cause it was only $2. Upon starting it up, it said "168 in 1" and I could choose a pet, starting with a bunny. I scrolled through the pets, seeing a variety of animals and people, as well as things I couldn't make up because each "pixel" is huge 'cause it's actually made up of four pixels. I saw random stuff like boats and robots, but I also saw random cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star, Megaman, and various Digimons. But best of all I saw some Tamagotchi characters with horrendous sprites. All the Tamagotchi characters appeared one after the other instead of mixed throughout the pets. And I also realized a Mametchi/Mimitchi creature appears on the case of the toy. XD Here's a pic of all the Tamagotchis. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU MEMETCHI I chose Young Mimitchi and to my surprise, the virtual pet made an explosion-like beep and an explosion appeared on my screen...and then, Young Mimitchi appeared. What a violent way to be born. BTW you can name the pet but you have to choose from a variety of 3-letter names, like Jim, Bob, Eve, Joy, etc. The Status and Select buttons both do the same thing (they serve as Tamagotchis' "A" button). The icons are identical to that of the Tamagotchi Version 4. I played around with it and on the Heart Icon, instead of connection, it has random activities for the pet to do. I tried playing on the computer and for some reason I got 37 "Gold" which is used to buy stuff at the shop. I went to the Shop but it doesn't say the prices of the items, so I have no idea how much I need to buy something. XD When I feed my pet it shows a Babytchi eating and for most of the other animations, it shows a bird. There are two games; one is catching frisbees and the other is flying a spaceship and avoiding other spacecrafts. I also noticed that under the chest icon, besides the toybox, there is a place for entering codes. But of course I have no way of knowing what the codes are. The pet is simple and silly but okay to have a bit of fun with. Sorry for typing so much but basically I want to know if anyone has seen a knock-off with this specific coding before, or even seen the shell before. Note: It wasn't the common 49-in-1 guts, as I also have a knock-off with that coding and it was different from this. Kinda similar but I'd say this one I've written about in my post is better.
  14. I have ordered this V-pet from Japan and does wondering does anyone have English instructions for it or if they currently have one? thanks =)
  15. Hi guys, As a little kid I once had a "My Sweet Pet". It's a virtual pet with like a lot of different animals you can choose and can take care of. I lost mine a long time ago and I hope to find it again. I am from the Netherlands so it can be that it is European only (I am sure it's not only sold in the Netherlands because the game was english) Sorry for the horrible and small picture, but this is the only picture I could find. It's always this shape but comes in different colors. I believe it says "My Sweet Pet" on the top but I am not sure. The sides have paw prints on them (also not sure about that) Anyway I really would like to find this pet again so if you come across it someday on eBay or something please message me Thank you for reading
  16. Hello! When I was about 10 years old, maybe younger, I saw a digital virtual pet/device in Target for pretty cheap... I think it was $10 or less. But anyway, I only saw it ONCE and the next time I went to Target, it wasn't there. I've never seen or heard about it since then, and I even looked through some of those oddpet websites but I don't think I found it... I'm not sure if it was even a pet, maybe just some other random animal-related device. But anyway, I remember the toy or packaging being mostly red. It was rectangle-shaped, with only two buttons, and it was at a 45-degree angle in the packaging. I thought it was called "My Pet Shop" or something similar, but I googled that and couldn't find anything accurate. I think there was a building on the packaging, presumably a pet shop, and there were some pixelated animals including a bat. Does this pet ring any bells? I doubt it, but it's worth a shot asking.
  17. Hello! So when I was younger between the years of 1997-2000 I had a virtual pet dog toy. I can't remember what the shell looked like or what it was called but I remembe some of the monochrome animations. It had a dog house in background for some of the time it walked a little back and forth. You feed it bones and cleaned the poop up through shower like normal virtual pets and I believe you couid play socceer with the puppy. Sometimes the puppy would give you gifts I believe...and instead of dying, there was just an animation of a dog house that was empty and it might have said that the dog ran away. I know this isn't a lot of information because there are tons of dog virtual pets but maybe someone can give me a list of the ones that came out inthis time zone that fit this description so i can try and see which one it was Thank you so much to anyone that helps! Much appreciated and again sorry not a lot of information!
  18. I saw the commercial of this virtual pet a few weeks ago and since then I've been looking all over the place. I finally found an online site that sells them and bought it right away . It still has to arrive in the mail though. Does anyone have experience with it? The description says it had a touchsceen and backlight (which is a BIG plus!). The shape of it is a little head of a cat, dog or a pony (I got the dog since it looked the most adorable but too girly). You can also talk to it, apparently, and it comes with a little pedestal-thingy. All in all it sounds promising and fun and that's why I wanted to know if others know about it already and what they think.
  19. A Spooktacular Tamagotchi Hatch (Hatch organization thread) Greetings, hatchers! Please log about the progress of your pet here for this hatch which starts Friday, October 24 (maybe the hatch has already started for some of you, depending on your time zone)! Please try to keep everything on topic and as friendly as possible. Thanks, everyone, and I'm looking forward to a great hatch! Here's to Halloween! Image from
  20. I have two pets I know little or nothing about and would like to know what they are and how accessible they are today. This is a particularly odd one, had it when I was a kid and know it's all mashed up, but cannot seem to find anything similar to this available today to replace it. Also, the back battery cap is gone so cannot read any info from there. Here it is: And this is the second one, looking like a duck. Do you know anything about this one?
  21. Hi all Tama cousin lovers, I have recently decided to expand my collection and was wondering what are the best places online (in your experience) where to buy them? So far, I have been eBay (UK) bound. Cheers! xo
  22. For those of you who don't know, DMPC (Digimon PC) is a program that allows you to run a virtual pet in the form of a Digimon on your computer. It is reminiscent of the real Digimon virtual pets, though it isn't quite the same. Features include: -Choosing a specific Digimon family to raise (ex. Deep Savers) -Playing mini-games which also equal as training to raise your Digimon in specific ways that lead to different evolutions -An online battle function that allows you to battle with other users over the internet via a Hamatchi server -Care taking features such as feeding and cleaning after it -And in DMPC Pro, a coliseum mode that serves as sort of an in-game battle function (it isn't that great honestly .-.) So, the reason I am posting about this program is because the number of people who are using the program are fading away. Not many people are still interested in virtual pets, or Digimon for that matter. I am hoping that by posting here, more users will start to use the program and enjoy playing it. I would post links to sites where you could look for information, find downloads to the programs and such, but I don't want to unintentionally advertise and end up getting this topic deleted (it happened on another forum I posted on unfortunately..). So, if you want more info on this virtual pet, you can do a Google search, PM me, or something. There are many YouTube videos that show off the game as well. Now that that is all out of the way, are any of you using DMPC currently? Or are any of you interested in playing it? EDIT: Here are a few things to take note of: -DMPC Pro is the latest version, but not as stable as 3.1.3-3 -The bugs that DMPC Pro has include the new Mood system, that isn't in 3.1.3-3, doesn't work very well, and there are some unknown errors that come up from time to time that cause the program to malfunction. This malfunction can sometimes be cause to download a new program unfortunately. However, you Digimon will be safe as they are saved in special .dpmc files automatically every 5 seconds that can be opened with any DMPC program (depending on if you used 3.1.3-3 or Pro, I am not sure if backwards compatibility is a thing). -DMPC Pro has more Digimon than 3.1.3-3. -You can customize the color of the outer shell of your DMPC 3.1.3-3, but not Pro. Also, here are some pictures. The first two are from DMPC Pro, and the others are DMPC 3.1.3-3
  23. Found in the classifieds for $50 (negotiable) He says it's a Tamagotchi "from the early 90s" but I personally think it's from the LATE 90s Anybody know what virtual pet is and how much it's really worth?
  24. Fellow Tamatalkers! I need your help! I recently came across some odd shaped virtual pets while surfing the internet. I edited the photos so you guys can see them more clearly. This star shaped one I found on (Japan Auction Center). The listing just said they assumed it was a virtual pet or junk. The artwork shows a dog on top with speech bubbles on the sides. Could be a dog virtual pet, maybe? These other three pets I discovered when I was researching Gyaoppis. The picture came from a post on a Russian Tamagotchi Message Board/Forum. They only described them as dog, cat and bunny virtual pets. Each only has a single button on the front and shaped as the corresponding animal. The animal shaped ones seem really interesting, especially the bunny. I love bunnies. Never had a bunny vpet before, just a real bunny. haha. If anyone can help identify these mysterious virtual pets for me I would be really grateful.
  25. Information about the virtual pet iOs app, Hatch! Basically, Hatch! consists of a virtual pet called a fugu. They can be personalized to be your favorite color, and hatch from an egg much like a tamagotchi would. They may have various markings present from birth. This include stripes and spots in either a lighter or darker shade of the color designated as your favorite color when the app was first run on your iOs device. In some rare cases, the markings may be a different color than the main color specified. Like tamagotchis, they need to be fed and played with. They will be disappointed and run away if not fed or petted for 2+ days. The trust level you build by caring for it will correlate to the percentage chance of your fugu being found, under such circumstances. They show affection when petted. You can stretch or pinch their faces, and they will jump, dance, or play peekaboo from time to time. Just like tamagotchis, fugus will beg your attention, and you'll occasionally need to clean up their poop.