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Found 6 results

  1. My v4 connection is 42 pounds. Can someone give me or point me towards a guide on how much weight your tama loses when you win a game? Thanks, Lyssie
  2. I have a Tama-go that is 4 yrs old and it is on the second generation. The problem is that I think that my Mametchi is over weight (58 lb.). It only has 3 hungry hearts full, but I don't want to feed it or else it will be 61 lb like before. I don't want my Tama to die of starvation, but I don't want it to die soon because of obesity. What should I do!?
  3. Ok so I just purchased a tamago but am not sure of one thing what is a healthy weight for my tamagotchi as they get older so if you could please help me fill in this chart and repost it back to me. Baby: Toddler: Teenager: Adult: Thank you for helping me!
  4. My tamago pet grew in to a bad care teen (chuchutchi) because I kept her running over night on accident. She started out at 25 lbs now I can't get her to weigh under 25 lbs! Please help!!
  5. When my V2 tamagotchi gave birth to a baby girl last night, I LOOKED AT IT'S STATUS AND IT WAS 99lbs! I'm kinda freaking out that my baby will die! Is this a glitch because I'm playing games with it so many times and it still isn't loosing weight? HeLp!
  6. I am trying to take really good care of my v4 tama to get a mametchi (and I got highest in intelligence skill points too) but I need to leave it for a long time so I have to pause it. I have some questions: 1. Others suggested that I put it to sleep instead but will that be considered "bad care" and the tama will envolve into a universal chara instead? 2. Also, is the minium weight for a tama also the healthy weight for it? Because I have a habit of keeping it at that. If not, how much? Thank you so much because I really don't want anything to go wrong!