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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I am new here and this is my first topic. First of all, I wish you a happy new year! I would have several questions about very different things but I decided to write just one topic, I hope I was well inspired xD. Feel free to answer even just one question, anyone's help is precious. 1) I like Flowertchi very much, the small rose bush-like one from V2 (not Violetchi/Furawatchi). But I have difficulties to find information about how to get it (care), as most of the time people refer to Violetchi (Flowertchi is the name of Violetchi in the English anime)... I just read that it can be found on even generation. 2) Why is there no growth chart for v2? I looked for it here: 3) In the growth chart for v3, there is no indication about care... Why? My understanding is that it plays a huge role in v3, doesn't it? 4) Concerning favorite food and what they dislike, is this of any particular signifiance? Or is just fun to know it? 5) Similar question about weight: one can read on the tamagotchi wiki (for example) that Kusatchi's "base weight is 30". Just good to know or important in any way? 6) Same question for sleeping times. Ideally, please let's avoid vague guess without any solid source nor serious experience, that would benefit no one ;). Lots of love, Me
  2. Ringotchi123

    V4 Weight Loss?

    My v4 connection is 42 pounds. Can someone give me or point me towards a guide on how much weight your tama loses when you win a game? Thanks, Lyssie
  3. Tamagotchi<3

    Over weight Tama

    I have a Tama-go that is 4 yrs old and it is on the second generation. The problem is that I think that my Mametchi is over weight (58 lb.). It only has 3 hungry hearts full, but I don't want to feed it or else it will be 61 lb like before. I don't want my Tama to die of starvation, but I don't want it to die soon because of obesity. What should I do!?
  4. oleed1

    Average Weight

    Ok so I just purchased a tamago but am not sure of one thing what is a healthy weight for my tamagotchi as they get older so if you could please help me fill in this chart and repost it back to me. Baby: Toddler: Teenager: Adult: Thank you for helping me!
  5. My tamago pet grew in to a bad care teen (chuchutchi) because I kept her running over night on accident. She started out at 25 lbs now I can't get her to weigh under 25 lbs! Please help!!
  6. When my V2 tamagotchi gave birth to a baby girl last night, I LOOKED AT IT'S STATUS AND IT WAS 99lbs! I'm kinda freaking out that my baby will die! Is this a glitch because I'm playing games with it so many times and it still isn't loosing weight? HeLp!
  7. I am trying to take really good care of my v4 tama to get a mametchi (and I got highest in intelligence skill points too) but I need to leave it for a long time so I have to pause it. I have some questions: 1. Others suggested that I put it to sleep instead but will that be considered "bad care" and the tama will envolve into a universal chara instead? 2. Also, is the minium weight for a tama also the healthy weight for it? Because I have a habit of keeping it at that. If not, how much? Thank you so much because I really don't want anything to go wrong!