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Found 13 results

  1. As some of you know, IM REALLY OBSESSED WITH DEATH NOTE. Has anyone else watched it and what did you think? My review/opinion *CONTAINS SPOILERZ* Note: PLZ DONT PUT RANDOM SPOILERZ HERE WITHOUT WARNING!!!! Use the spoiler button thing or at least include a warning! Thx
  2. SO MANY THREADS WE SHOULD ALREADY HAVE BUT DONT!! My favourite movie is Maleficent because it broke the basic law of the universe that movies cannot in any way influence my feelings. (yes you read that right, the fifth word in that sentence was NOT Frozen!) What's your favourite movie and why?
  3. i just got a v1 today yay but i also have a v3 v4.5 and a v5. so i hatched it ad got a babytchi! i named it josh. so it was REALY hungry and REALY unhappy so i feed it and played some games with it untill it was full on both. it lost harts quick and went to the potty 4 times when a baby. well 1 hour later it evolved. yay its a yellow blob tama but on the game it looks like a big shronibabytchi. it pooped 2 more times as a totler. it also got 1 training bar!!! ill add more tomorow.
  4. I was really amazed by the fireworks this year and they were all so amazing! Even though I personally loved Sydney's one, I was a fan of Dubai's display. And I loved London's as well. So I was wondering what everyone's favourite displays were. Feel free to post photos and share your opinions! And of course, Happy New Year! 2014!!! Dubai London Sydney
  5. So, what did everyone get for Christmas? I got a couple of things which I'm really happy about I got the Adventure Time Videos from my parents, the watch was from my Secret Santa, the duck was from my brother, and the other gift cards were from some of my cousins and my mums friends. I also got cash and some books and clothes but I don't need to put those in there XD Although I got a Tin Tin book which was the last one I needed to complete my collection of Tin Tin books I still really want an ID L though and I might be getting it soon
  6. YAY!!!!!!!!! I was so excited when my TF arrived! Okay, now.... Brought: 18th of Dec. Shipped: 21st of Dec. got: 2nd of Jan. I'm so excited!!!! I like how there's games from the older versions (V3, V4, etc.). It's pink with hearts! It costed $67. 00 (Because I brought it 1 day after the TF was realeased) but it was worth it! I cant wait until Tamatown opens! I got a girl. I started it up a lil' while ago and the sprites are C U T E. I wonder what adult I'll get... (Thanks TTD for the evolution times!) -Tamacass
  7. Pocket Trains is a game similar to Pocket Planes and by the same company. It was released yesterday. Does anyone else on TT play Pocket Trains? If you don't, I recommend it because it is dolphinny even though it isn't purple.
  8. This is another really bad random poem that I will regret posting 2 minutes after posting it. Yay. However this poem is not sad because I'm fed up of sad poems. When you're alone, no-one can break you When you're alone, no-one can take you When you're alone, no-one can make you Do things you don't want to do. When you're alone, nobody holds you down When you're alone, you belong to you and no-one else When you're alone, you can look after yourself I like to be alone because I can be myself.
  9. What's your favourite Tamagotchi character couple(s)? Mine are Himespetchi x Mametchi (both cute characters I like) and Doyatchi x Coffretchi (both make-up-obsessed weird things that should leave the anime and might as well do it together). What about you?
  10. Epic Fail died a day after being started up because I lost him. He is still lost. R.I.S.I.M.H. (Rest In Somewhere In My House) Epic Fail.
  11. This may seem greedy, but I am just asking you to send any unwanted, used, or even new items, so I can review them / unbox them on YouTube. I will give credit to you, if you do ship some. Anything from art, to games, to trading cards to technology, to accessories would be greatly appreciated. Books and anything else would be fine too. If you have a username on Tumblr, Twitter, TamaTalk, or YouTube, I can also get a link to you so people could check you out! Item: Photo or Description: Condition: (Used, New, Fairly Used, Broken) Username on other site: (OPTIONAL) * removed - site rules*
  12. Sorry for the lame topic title but I couldn't think of anything else to call this. I don't even know WHY I'm making this topic - perhaps it is because of Pat Lambie using Clear for men. Okay, for those of you who do not know, Dazzmina is coming to Australia sometime at the end of August and I live in Australia and we could possibly meet each other. Sadly, I'm an antisocial loner so this is gonna be tough but anyway... Dazzy-Wazzes is gonna give me her iD L Princess Spacy Version for free as a present and I don't even cheesin' know why. Awesome. Of course I am going to give her something as well, but they'll be cheesy compared to her present. And I'm, like, yippee. End of story.
  13. So, this topic is basically meant for people to vote in the poll and tell us what kind of art they do. I do papercraft, as in origami and papercraft making, but I do sketching/drawing the most. :3 BTW apologies if I forgot something significant in the poll. I'm half asleep atm.