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I'm in a HUGE pickle

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Okay, so as some of you may know, I went out with this boy. Let's call him A. As soon as he dumped me, he went out with this girl... B. Well, here's the situation.


I've been really mad at A for playing me like that. I gave him the silent treatment for a while, but then he started acting out and calling me inappropriate names. This angered me even more, so I talked back.


But now, it's more serious. Someone set me up.


A and B broke up not too long ago. I thought there was probably some dumb reason behind it. But apparently, the reason was me.


A accused me of sending a message to his girlfriend telling her he asked me out. I NEVER did this. I told him it was a lie, but we don't trust eachother anymore.


Everyone is finding out about this now, and they all think I'm desperate and I still like A. I have NO idea what to do. ;)



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