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P2- Japanese series one and two designs

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I know for a fact, in Japan, that there were two 'versions' of the P2, which included different characters, shell designs, and packaging for both. What is the different between the PACKAGING of the series one and two of the P2's? What are the different designs of the two series?


Thanks in advance for helping me! ;)



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The Japanese P2 came in series 1 and series 2 designs.


Series 1 shell designs:

  • blue logo ("tamagotchi" written in yellow hiragana down one side)
  • white with blue characters
  • lemon yellow (yellow with orange buttons & orange around screen)
  • skeleton green (transparent green)

Series 2 shell designs:

  • red with white lettering all wrapping around the screen
  • milky white (semi-transparent)
  • dark blue (with spaceship at top)
  • skeleton yellow (transparent yellow)

The P2 package background card was mostly light blue & green (the earth) with a white background.

Series 1: "Tamagotch" written at the top, red blob above the Tamagotchi toy

Series 2: "Tamagotch" written at the top, blue blob above the Tamagotchi toy


Note: both Series 1 & 2 later sold with "Tamagotchi"* written at the top, and a blue blob above the Tamagotchi toy.


*notice the i on the end

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